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UPDATE: JULY 3, 2016
So, since the last update we pulled the 9th flight, did a hand inventory, and just started letting the birds out again on Friday and Saturday.

We will continue letting the birds out daily for only a couple hours each day.

This coming Wednesday we will start to scare the birds up to work them up to loft fly for an hour everyday.

We are looking to pull the 10th flight on the 24th. Then we will do another full inventory.

Road training is scheduled to begin the 18th of August.

The 100 mile Qualifying toss should be the 16th of September.
UPDATE: JUNE 8, 2016
We have stopped taking in birds.  The last group has been vaccinated for pox today and will be let in with the main flock in one week. Till then, we will be forcing all the other birds out daily. Since we have had some hawk attacks we are not giving the birds all day open loft. We are letting the birds out for a few hours each day alternating mornings and evenings.

We will be pulling the 9th flight on the weekend of June 17. Birds are looking good and are coming along nice.
12 MORE DAYS Birds have been going out daily this last week and are doing well.  To check to see if you have lost birds, and you haven't gotten my email from wincompanion that may have gone directly to your spam folder, go to your breeder inventory and see if you need to send a replacement bird.

You can Check your inventory by following the below steps

Go to
click on breeders
scroll down and click on your loft name
look in the "Eligible" column for "Lost" in red

We will be taking birds and replacements for 12 more days. If you haven't gotten your birds in yet, get them in quick.

WEEK IN THE LOFT 5/03/2016
Time is moving by fast. You have till June 1st to get your birds in if you haven't done so already. That is less than 30 days!

The weather here is warming up. Perfect for locating the birds.

Also, Be sure to check the web site to see if you are missing a bird. You have till June 1st to send in replacements.
WEEK IN THE LOFT 4/17/2016
We now have 445 birds in at this time.

We did a full inventory and Breeders have been notified by email to send replacements. We will do another full inventory at the end of April. Birds are doing well and will be going out every other week. The weather has been mostly clear and in the 70's to 80's with a day of showers each week.
WEEK IN THE LOFT 4/10/2016
We now have 395 birds in at this time.

We started letting the first 3 groups of birds out last week. The first couple days seemed to go well but the coopers started to come around by the end of the week. The birds will get locked up again for the next week while we introduce the next group into the flock. We will also do an inventory to see if we are missing any birds and we will contact the breeders to send replacements. We will continue this one week out and one week locked up till June comes and all birds have been received. That’s when the real fun will begin.

WEEK IN THE LOFT 3/27/2016
In the month of February we have received 120 birds. 
So far in the month of March we have received 190 more birds.
That puts us at 310 birds in so far.

When the birds come in they are entered in pidex and chipped, they get there 9th and 10th flights clipped, they are then put in a holding section, once 50 birds have been received we vaccinate the group of 50 with a PMV/Pox vaccine.  Birds are then held for 10 more days and then moved to general population.

When sending birds be sure to ship out birds on Monday or Tuesday only. Birds are taking 48 hours to arrive from just about everywhere. It also helps to send birds when they are at least 40 to 45 days old. That way they are able to handle the stress much better.

Good luck to everyone and here’s to a successful 2016.
WEEK IN THE LOFT 1/17/2016

Week in the Loft 1/17/2016

First, I would like to thank all the breeders this year that have shown interest in our one loft race by taking the time to register this year.

Second, I am proud to announce that the San Francisco Bay Area Triple Crown is full for 2016. We have 504 pre-paid perches already.

We will be prepping the loft for this year’s young birds that will start arriving in just a couple weeks.  As the birds come in they will be chipped and entered in the computer, get vaccinated for PMV and Pox, and get their 9th and 10th flights clipped.

Good luck to everyone and here’s to a successful 2016.

UPDATE 10/30/2015 Good Morning Breeders,

I would like to thank everybody that had participated this year. I have gotten an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on the way the birds were handled and trained this year. All the feedback is welcomed. We are intending on handling and training even better for 2016.  

We will be sending out the first batch of birds and checks on Monday. We are still waiting for W-9 forms from a few winners. You can print out a W-9 form off our website if you go to the “info” tab.

Also, some winners are prepaying perches and leaving money in their account towards entry fees for next year. That way you can lesson or even avoid a 1099. So let me know if you would like to do the same.

The web site is ready for 2016, you can reserve perches and prepay your perches. Prepay your perches to guarantee you perches. We will be taking the first 475 paid perches. We already have 78 pre-paid perches for next year.

If you prepay your perches before December 31, 2015 you only pay $90 per perch and you are guaranteed in. Don’t miss out. With all the positive feedback this year we are sure to fill up.

Again thank you all for your support and particapation

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