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LOFT UPDATE 05/22/2017
We will be letting groups 1-8 out this week.  An inventory has been completed and Missing or Lost birds have been updated. Please check your inventory status. We've had a slightly higher challenge with the area hawks this year. Please check the inventory to see if you need to send a replacement.

We will be taking birds and replacements until Friday, June 2nd which is only 11 days away.

If you have prepaid perches and your birds are not here I have sent out a missing bird email as a reminder.

Birds are coming in daily. We still have perches left. Don't be left out!!!
Mike Belus
LOFT UPDATE 05/18/2017

The birds are coming in daily. We only have 27 perches left. Don't be left out!!!

We will be taking birds and replacements until Friday, June 2nd which is only 15 days away.

We have let groups 1 – 6 out and have now added groups 7 & 8.  An inventory has been completed and can be viewed under “Training”. We’ve had a slight challenge with the area hawks. Please check the inventory to see if you need to send a replacement.

We are very excited about this season. With the new addition done and our capacity increased to 800 birds, it is going to be a nice size race with more prize money than ever! 

I want to thank everyone for your continued support in making this race grow every year. 

Mike Belus

LOFT UPDATE 05/08/2017
The birds are coming in daily. We have taken in 685 birds. 

We still have 36 perches left. Don't be left out!!!

For those of you that are smaller scale breeders or have had a rough breeding season do to weather, We have extending the cut off date of accepting entries and replacements to May 30th(same as last year). 

We have done another inventory and notified breeders of any missing birds that need replacing. We will be opening the loft up again this week and will do another inventory at the end of the week.

We are very excited about this season. With the new addition done and our capacity increased to 800 birds. It is going to be a nice size race with more prize money than ever! 

Just over 16 weeks till the 100 mile Qualifier!

I want to thank everyone for your support in making this race grow every year. 

Mike Belus
LOFT UPDATE 03/1/2017

The weather has improved here in the bay area. We are finally having some dry days. We haven’t been able to get much done with the loft addition due to all the rain we have gotten here. The area where the new addition will be, has a loft in the way that has to be moved and that will been done this week. Then I will be able to really get moving on the addition. The addition should take about 3 weeks. The existing loft is ready to go.

We have only 59 perches left!

The birds are coming in daily. We have taken in 115 birds for the month of February. The quality of birds coming in are looking good.

This is what happens when the birds arrive

1.            Birds get logged in the log book

2.            Birds get an electronic chip

3.            9th and 10th flights are clipped

4.            Birds get 1st vaccine of PMV/Pox/ Respiratory.

5.            Each bird is given a canker pill.

6.            Birds are observed in quarantine cages for 10 days.

7.            Birds are given a PMV/Herpes vaccine and a Paratyphoid vaccine.

8.            Birds are then moved to the main loft.

We are very excited about this coming season. Don’t be left out!

Mike Belus

LOFT UPDATE 02/12/2017

It was brought to my attention that some breeders noticed that I had 10 birds in the race under my name and was wondering why I have birds in the race. Let me explain what this was about. This year I will try GPS tracking on the birds to see the route the birds are taking home from training tosses and races. Since it would not be fair to attach the tracking system to some birds actually in the race I have a group of birds left over from last year’s season that I will use to attach the system to. For Winconpanion to register the bird’s arrival time it must be registered in the clock. Also, since each GPS chip cost $100 I thought that putting them on birds that made it thru all last year would better my chances of retrieving all my GPS chips. I have since changed the Loft name to “G P S Tracking”. I am very excited to experiment with the GPS tracking system this year. We all wonder what route the birds take when they don’t arrive on time. The key to this system is that the bird has to make it home for the chip to be retrieved to upload the info into a program that plots the bird’s route on google maps. I hope this answers any questions. I am only trying to gain more information on what our birds do when in the air and I know we all want more info.

Birds are coming in. We have 23 birds in this week and more coming every day.

We have only 118 perches left! It is going to be a very exciting year.

I would like to thank all the participating breeders for their ongoing trust and support

Mike Belus

LOFT UPDATE 2/1/2017
We are accepting birds for the 2017 season. As a reminder send birds to


Ken Johnston
2425 Willow Av
Antioch CA 94509


Call or text Mike at 925-759-2644 to give us a heads up when you ship your birds, so that we can look for them.

Time is flying! We are already 8 days into the New Year.  The first birds will begin to arrive for the 2017 season in just over three weeks.

Additionally, SFBATC will be breaking ground on the Loft expansion as soon as the rain stops. There are existing lofts to move and this process has begun.  As the loft progresses, I will post updates and pictures.

To date 487 perches have been reserved and paid out of the 650 that will be available in 2017. If you haven’t pre-paid your perches yet there are only 163 perches still available. As a reminder, the new loft addition will accommodate a total of 650 birds.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

With retirement from my home remodeling business, I now have the opportunity to dedicate even more time to the SFBATC.  I have the ability and relentless focus to strive for and ensure a standard above all other races.  Of utmost importance is bird health, successful race returns and consistent communication to and with breeders.         

Stay tuned for more updates and always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

First I would like to thank all the breeders that had participated this year in the San Francisco Bay Area Triple Crown, because of you this race has grown every year and has become one of the Top One Loft Races in the Country. We are looking to even making it bigger in the near future.
Our final race is over and we had a great turnout for lunch and the waiting for the arrival of the birds.
The weather at release was partly cloudy, south winds 4mph, and 36 deg. The head winds did pick up to 10-15mph as the birds flew home making for a tough race.
Congratulations to all the winners!!!
First Drop
Drama Queen Loft
Michael Groe
Fassio Loft
Bronze winner - Michael Groe
Silver Winner - Michael Groe
Gold Winner - Michael Groe
2016 Champion Bird - Jb & D
Amazingly close! Baldwin and Tilson was only behind by 50.3 seconds
I will need a completed W-9 from anyone receiving $600 or more in winnings. The form can be found on the main page under the “info” tab.
Also, some winners are prepaying perches and leaving money in their account towards entry fees for next year. That way you can lesson or even avoid a 1099. So let me know if you would like to do the same.
Because of our limited space we will once again offer perches on a first come first serve bases. You can guarantee your perches by prepaying them online. And like last year we will discount the perches if purchased by January 1, 2017. We will ONLY be taking the first 525 perches this coming year. So get your perches early and don’t miss out.
I will be putting the clock on training mode and keep it running this week so people can see all late birds arrive. I will be sending birds out October 31st and November 7th. Checks will go out November 8th. I will reconfirm mailing addresses before then.
Again thank you to all the breeders for making this race great,
Mike Belus
San Francisco Bay Area Triple Crown
We basketed the birds and the truck left at about 5:20pm. Birds then arrived at the release point around 1:00am. The birds get to rest and will be watered around 7am. We should be able to release the birds at 8:00am. The birds will be experiencing light winds from all directions along the race course today.
Good Luck to all.
LOFT UPDATE 10/12/2016
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Race #4 will be postponed.

Race #4 was scheduled for this coming Sunday, October 16th. Because of rains along the race course forecasted Thursday thru Monday. We will hold race #4 on Sunday October 23rd. 

I am hoping to road train the birds

Monday 40 miles
Wednesday 60 miles
Friday 40 miles

Race #3 had 3 birds on the Drop and split $4000. 

Rossi Loft LLC
Fassio Loft
Henry Lindsey

Bronze winner - Rossi Loft
Silver Winner - Richard Norgrove
Gold Winner - Richard Norgrove

Congratulations to Race #3 Winners
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