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   The birds were released this morning at the cemetary near Havelock. That is 46 KM to the loft. They were released in 6 groups starting at 10:15 AM. The skies were cloudy with lots of sun peeking through. They had a stiff head wind. The first 3 groups left very quickly, no circling or messing about. They went south to the loft. The 4th team circled and then went west. The fifth went straight for home and the last release went east. You figure out what's on their minds. 

   The gremlin invaded the clock and it wasn't till this afternoon that Terry set it straight. Even he wasn't quite sure what it was all about. 

    The birds were released this afternoon, had a bath and then loft flew for the longest time that I have ever seen. Tomorrow calls for rain so  I will let them rest. Next stop, Jackson's farm, 90 KM. There we will be one release in small groups and then a total all out the door release. All tosses will be all birds at once after that. To make it a bit more fun, the first bird in the trap gets a $ 100 bucks. That's for every toss after the next one.



    The birds most be activated by the end of the second weekend in August, Sunday 12,2018 by 6 PM. The cost is $175.00 CDN or $ 150.00 US per bird. Send by Pay Pal, email or mail. If pokey mail, please inform me that it has been sent. If the bird does not go to the 180 mile race, your money will be refunded. If you do not want to activate your bird let me know. On Sunday evening we will put up the list of available birds on this message board and others may activate it and claim any winnings. 

   There will be a loft pool auction Saturday evening after shipping. Those not sold that night will be sold on Sunday morning, before lunch. You have the option of purchasing your loft before the auction at $ 100.00 CDN. The auction birds will start at $ 50.00 CDN. I will post a pool sheet that you can download from our site for those who can't be at the main event or I will email it to you.





   The birds went 45 KM on Monday. Their trip took 45 minutes for the majority of the birds. It was sunny with dark clouds on the horizon. The birds had a side wind from the west. They were released starting at 10;30 AM. Most came from the west. In the afternoon, the birds were released at 1:50 and they also came from the west. To the east, there was a bit of rain earlier. The afternoon birds clashed with another flock. Plenty of strays. In the late afternoon, the birds loft flew for almost an hour.

  Our new trailer has had production delays and should be ready in a week or so. Last night I made arrangements to borrow baskets and lucky for me, we can now take all the birds in one toss. If the weather holds out, I will take them to the same spot today.



   Linda and I spent Saturday and Sunday catching, inspecting and verifying the birds. The list was placed on Wincompanion by Terry Gilmour. This is the list we will use to activate your extra birds. There are 861 birds in the loft. When my list was transferred to Wincompanion, Terry noticed a couple of instant changes. Therefore, when we clock tomorrow there may again be corrections to make. A gremlin is hidden in the program and Terry thinks his name is Rick. All will be ready and perfect by race # 1. As we go along, we'll double check and try to keep on top of it all. 

   To find the list go to resuts/trainers then Hand Inventory July 28 and click Select Breeder and find your name or click View complete Report and scroll down the list.

   When I was young, the old timers taught me that pulling a tail feather or two would stimulate the health of a pigeon. A lot of you are lucky. I stimulated a lot of birds in this last session. Just in time for the long training tosses and perfect timing for the races.

   Half the birds spent Saturday loft flying and playing in the grass. Today, the other half had their turn. This afternoon when we were complete, all flew and had a bath. An awful lot spent their time in the freshly cut grass. Almost the whole field, ten acres in all had birds over it. My Sunday helper commented on how many were pecking at the grass. I explained that in order to save me money buying feed, they were grazing. Don't think he believed me.

   I,ve been told that I make mistakes, both in my gran=mmer and speelling. This stuff is written by a 71 year old guy who stopped learning long before he graduated and has and still does silly things like putting my underwear on backwards. [You always discover it when it is almost to late]. I have a wife who knows it all and can help, but she has a husband who thinks he knows it all and doesn't need it.

   Monday the birds will go 45 KM. It will be online. Best of luck to you all. Remember, releases are in small groups and we make 2 trips.


 PS   As we go along, this week, I will fill you in on Pooling, Loft Pool, shipping day and the race day activities.


  !. Morning overcast along the lake and rain.+ 2. Overcast, heavy clouds north of the ridges. + 3. Strong head winds off the lake. + some Late and tired pigeons = Loft flying and R and R for the birds today. Saturday and Sunday we are doing hand inventory plus electronic band replacements. 



   The birds were taken for a toss today and released at the 30 KM station. The first group was released in 5 minute intervals starting at 10 AM I was a little slow today. I was dragging part of my anatomy around. The sky was bright, had a few high clouds and the birds had a head wind. They cleared quickly and when I read the clock, the morning group entered the loft without much hesitation. Linda watched them come home and all landed in front of the trap, none on the roof top and no fielding. The second batch were released at noon. The sky had become a bit cloudy, the wind was the same and the temperature was also about the same. The first groups cleared asap but the last ones circled back and joined together. The did not clear very quickly and did not arrive at home as one. Trapping was not as neat and fielding was on their mind. The last group is turning out to be a pain. I think I'll let them out with the first group from now on.



   On Wednesday, the weather simply would not allow for anything but loft flying. Having said that, the birds flew for more than one and a half hours in the rain. The duck led the way. In the late afternoon, the sun started to dry things out and the birds enjoyed their afternoon fly without having to have a shower at the same time. Today, 30 KM in the morning. Again, possible storms in the afternoon. Two birds showed up in the morning, F&D and Swanson. Total in the clock 861 birds.

   First prize for the main race [340 Miles] is $ 40,750.00 CDN. There are 163 teams entered. We have started receiving activation funds for the extra birds. When all is collected, we will post the payouts for each race. 

There is an extra team on the board called Empire GPS team. These are extra birds sent by accident and they will have GPS bands on them giving us the opportunity to track the longer flights when they start.



   The birds were released yesterday at 22 KM from the loft. Skies were overcast and there was a head wind. At the loft, the sky was much brighter. The birds were released in groups of 50 or 100 and did not hang around at all. At home, it was another story. It seems playing in puddles takes priority over trapping. Some didn't enter till late in the afternoon. Our birds are never without some food so hunger isn't a driving force. Treats are the only thing that motivates them. Apparentaly, puddles are better than treats too. Please do not pay attention to the times. When they got home is hard to say. The last ones in the clock were late. Better late than never. Hopefully, lessons were learned.



   Saturday, the birds loft flew and had a bath. The bath salts I use has pottasium permangamate in it and it makes them soft and shiny and keeps lice away {makes them harder to catch}. Between the Virkon over spray, Konk air spray and the baths, no lice. 

    Sunday was again loft fly time. Very low and dense clouds and a ton of rain put a stop to training. We will look for a chance to train between the rain that is forecast for the first half of the week. 

   We are going to do hand inventory for the end of the month. All bands that are blue and red will be changed to the black rings [ 90 or so ]. As of nine oclock last night, we had 867 birds in the Tauris clocking system. Last bird home belongs to Texiera Loft.

   Activation of the extra birds will start in August. Your payment for the extra bird will be refunded if the bird that is activated goes missing before the first official race. The bird does have to be activated before Race one. If you decide that you do not wish to activate your extra bird, you must email us the list of your primary [4] entries. 

  We are in the process of setting up our main race weekend. We have a larger tent and want to provide a bit more to do for those who come to watch. This year, we will have booths for vendors to provide info and products. Tentatively we have the CRPU, Ropa, Benzing Clocks and Baden Feed as participants. We also have used loft fixtures such as feeders, baskets, perches, nest bowls, nest fronts both wood and plastic, drinkers, medication, water bowl heaters, loft fans and much more. The meal on Sunday is being catered. We would like an idea of who will be there to participate in the feast. Please email us the number in your party that are coming. We don't mind a bit more food but hate to be short. Saturday shipping gives you the time to handle your birds and because of the numbers, we'll start at 10 AM. Also, we will have pooling, same as last year and also our loft auction pool. I can email the pool sheet to you if you want a copy.

   We hope to see you here first of September and that there will be much more for you to do than just stand around and tell each other fibs.




I am in the loft at this moment [8:18 PM]watching birds going through the trap but not being recorded. Very frustrating. I guess we have to catch each one and check them again. Will do that, just not tonight. Our system has 854 as read and I know of some that I watch enter and were not recorded. Might also have to change the traps themselves.

Birds were released at 16KM from home. They had a slight headwind but the breeze off the lake was nice and cool. The first group, released in small bunches, were all in the loft by the time I was back. The second group, Hour and a half late,r for the most part came quickly. As allways, there are those that fart around.















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