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    On Friday, the birds were released in Glen Alda, 90 KM from the loft. The sky was clear and the wind was from the north. They were home long before I was. The first bird in the clock was the last bird home from the day before. Sorry boys. The first place bird in the 100 cm dash is owned by Andy Lewandowski. Congratulations Andy.

   Friday afternoon the birds spent going in and out of the loft, flying a bit, swimming a bit and a lot of picking in the grass. Today they will also be out as we are doing loft cleaning this morning. No time tomorrow as the birds will be going to Maynooth, 140 KM. Hopefully, a bit more time on the wing. Good luck to everyone.

   Your activation dues are to be in by Sunday evening. Please do so and let me know please. We will publish the prize list on the message board and the web site when we are ready. 

Thanks, Rick


The birds were released at 10 AM.  Traffic was light, I was fast.



   Hi   Bet your all wondering what this old Dutchman has been up to. Too much. We have checked every band again and solved our problems once and for all, I hope. Several were missing and a couple had split. We completed the chore this morning and decided a short toss was in order. They were released at 2 PM. They did not hang around. Small groups pulled away and disappeared el pronto. A larger group made 2 circles and headed south east. The weather was cloudy with a strong wind from the south west pushing them into the east. The last to arrive home had to dodge a few rain drops.

   The first 2 birds in the clock slipped out of my hands as I was fitting the GPS bands onto their leg. They don't count. As an aside, the other two that went with the band on, first time on their leg, came home in good time. The third bird home was from the last toss. Todays winner of the 100 CM dash is Ray Rowan, Bonnetterre Loft. Congratulations. Now you can buy your old dog a new coat.

   Tomorrow, if the weather gods will let us, we are going 90 km. Sunday to Bancroft, 120 km or so.



   On Monday, the birds were released together 46 KM from home. Congratulations to Carlos Teixeira. His bird won the 100 cm dash and beat 34 other birds that landed on the drop. Good shoes matter.

   The birds were released at 9:15 AM into a sunny sky. Our release point is higher than the surrounding country side and you can see for a long way. South, along the lake, there was a bit of haze. The winds were from the south west at 18 KM, pushing them to the east. When released, they formed 5 groups. Two left rather quickly but the rest decided to join together and circled a number of times before heading south east. At home, they arrived in small groups and singles, coming from all directions untill 15 minutes after the first group landed. After that, all came from the east. Tuesday, weather is crappy so loft flying and R&R.




    The birds have open loft and spend the better part of their day flying. The wind off the lake is cool and I am sure it is more comfortable up in the air. They have three bath tubs to pick from and I think they use each one of them.

    The plan has changed because of this heat. There are about 800 birds in the loft. Today we'll set the clock and let them go through the traps to take a count. On Monday and for the rest of the week, or at least untill the humidity is lower, we will take early morning short tosses. All will be released together and the $ 100 for first still stands. The bird with the best track shoes will win. 

   This week we will take inventory.



   The birds were released on Thursday at Jacsons Farm, 90 KM from the loft. The sky had lots of clouds in it but it was bright both at home and at the release site. They had a cool wind on their right  shoulder from the west. All cleared quickly, heading south east. They were released in 6 groups. about 150 per group. The first group was released at noon and all were in the air in 15 minutes. They came home strung out like a string of pearls but in small groups, landing in front of the traps and going in quickly. They came from the east, north and a ton from the west. As always, we have the late comers, almost all coming from the west. 

   The next few days are to be hotter than hot. Today rest and a bath, tomorrow the combines race and we stay home and Sunday, if OK, we;ll go again.



   The birds spent Wednesday in and out of the loft. The sky was dark and the wind was strong. The storms we were to have did not happen. The birds spent a lot of time in the air and at one point almost all were in the grass. They have bath water on the landing deck and no matter when you look, birds are in the tubs. Last one in will still be a dirty bird when he comes out.

   Today we will go to Jackson's farm, about 90 KM. The birds are more than ready. They will be released in small groups today.



   The birds were released this morning at the cemetary near Havelock. That is 46 KM to the loft. They were released in 6 groups starting at 10:15 AM. The skies were cloudy with lots of sun peeking through. They had a stiff head wind. The first 3 groups left very quickly, no circling or messing about. They went south to the loft. The 4th team circled and then went west. The fifth went straight for home and the last release went east. You figure out what's on their minds. 

   The gremlin invaded the clock and it wasn't till this afternoon that Terry set it straight. Even he wasn't quite sure what it was all about. 

    The birds were released this afternoon, had a bath and then loft flew for the longest time that I have ever seen. Tomorrow calls for rain so  I will let them rest. Next stop, Jackson's farm, 90 KM. There we will be one release in small groups and then a total all out the door release. All tosses will be all birds at once after that. To make it a bit more fun, the first bird in the trap gets a $ 100 bucks. That's for every toss after the next one.



    The birds most be activated by the end of the second weekend in August, Sunday 12,2018 by 6 PM. The cost is $175.00 CDN or $ 150.00 US per bird. Send by Pay Pal, email or mail. If pokey mail, please inform me that it has been sent. If the bird does not go to the 180 mile race, your money will be refunded. If you do not want to activate your bird let me know. On Sunday evening we will put up the list of available birds on this message board and others may activate it and claim any winnings. 

   There will be a loft pool auction Saturday evening after shipping. Those not sold that night will be sold on Sunday morning, before lunch. You have the option of purchasing your loft before the auction at $ 100.00 CDN. The auction birds will start at $ 50.00 CDN. I will post a pool sheet that you can download from our site for those who can't be at the main event or I will email it to you.





   The birds went 45 KM on Monday. Their trip took 45 minutes for the majority of the birds. It was sunny with dark clouds on the horizon. The birds had a side wind from the west. They were released starting at 10;30 AM. Most came from the west. In the afternoon, the birds were released at 1:50 and they also came from the west. To the east, there was a bit of rain earlier. The afternoon birds clashed with another flock. Plenty of strays. In the late afternoon, the birds loft flew for almost an hour.

  Our new trailer has had production delays and should be ready in a week or so. Last night I made arrangements to borrow baskets and lucky for me, we can now take all the birds in one toss. If the weather holds out, I will take them to the same spot today.


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