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Hi all,

We hand scanned all birds yesterday and put them in the trailer, they were in the trailer overnight and released this morning. There are a few missing on the clcoking list as there should be just over 450 birds. We will run it again tomorrow, clock them going out and back in to make sure there aren't any missed and have an accurate start.

Birds handled very good with some finishing up their moult yet and this should all be done in the next week or so. Training up the road will now start as soon as weather allows but that could take a couple of days as it is still very hot and humid with heat index of over 40C or 105F and T-storms forecast all day for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday after which the temps are suppose to be more reasonable.

Best of luck to everyone, the fun is about to start. Cool


Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I had a set back that greatly affected my mobility, it's been hard to get around and get things done the last 3 weeks, things are getting better and we are ready to get things rolling.

The birds are looking great and getting better each day as they finish their moult. They are locked out for 4 to 6 hours a day and flagged the first 1 to 1 1/2 hours, for the rest of the time they are up and down in various sized groups. We will do a e-band check while doing a hand inventory as we are loading the birds into the trailer. The weather has been far warmer than normal and far from ideal conditions to start the training, it is suppose to get better starting tomorrow but even the forecast still has plenty of days at 30C+ (86F+) with heat index of 35C+ (95F+). 

The fun is about to start, there are plenty of fantastic looking pigeons here so it should be a great series.

Best of luck to all participants.


Hi Everyone, 

Today we start putting updates here.

It's been a while since we last did an update, it has been extremely busy and at this stage there has not been much to report. The birds are out pretty much every day for 4-5 hours and are starting to fly well. They are still on the dark and are in varying stages of the moult but in the next few weeks we will start ramping up the loft flying before they are put on the trailer.

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