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JULY 2 Today got all the birds out and scared them all up with the flag one time. Will do this each day longer and longer working up to 45 mins.
06/30 It is supposed to be over 100 today. The birds will be kept in today and tomorrow and back out Monday. This way they can all get good food and water for those who don't come in like they should or have gotten chased off by the hawks and don't return till the afternoon.
06/28 Today all birds forced out. We scared the birds up and birds looked like bees swarming in the air. Loft was cleaned and sprayed while birds were out.

All birds forced out today for open loft. clock set to do an inventory. 6 birds are back in isolation. All in all the birds are looking good.

We are starting the 2018 season with 742 birds

As a bonus anybody that has a lost or a missing bird as of Today will get a free perch for the 2019 season.

I attempted to do a hand inventory on June 7th and 8th while pulling flights and ran into some technical difficulties trying to upload the results. while troubleshooting the problem I lost the inventory. Problem is fixed and will do another inventory the end of next week.

I just started letting the birds out again after introducing the next group of birds in with the main flock last week. The last group just got vaccinated yesterday and moved to their own section in the main loft. Birds are looking real good. 

The last couple of days it has been in the mid 90"s and it has not seemed to phase the birds as they got in the air and flew for a bit, landed, and got up again.
YESTERDAY Yesterday was loft cleaning day and the loft is clean and disinfected. I have introduced the next group into main population. I will run all birds thru the traps today to do an inventory.  The birds are looking great.
LOFT CLEANING DAY Today is loft cleaning day
OPEN LOFT The birds had open loft yesterday and enjoyed the sunshine. They will also have open loft today. The weather is going to be great for the next 10 days.
2017 BIRDS AND CHECKS Checks will be going out this weekend. If you have more than $599 coming to you, you must turn in a completed W-9 before I will send out a check. So, if you have not done so already please email me one asap.

I need to know if you would like your bird back or not. I have about 70 birds not claimed yet. After this Sunday all birds not claimed become property of the SFBATC. Shipping can be deducted from your winnings or pay online thru the online store located on the "home" page and click on the "store" tab.

Also perches for 2018 are available for a discounted rate till December 31st like last year. Perches are first come first serve. The way to guarantee your spot is to prepay your perches. We will only take in the first 850 birds this coming year. We already have almost 100 perches paid for 2018.

Thank You
Mike Belus
UPDATE 10/18/2017
I would like to thank all the participating breeders for making this an even bigger year than last. This race has grown every year and we owe it all to you.  It was great to see so many of you at the final race.  The day was filled with delicious food, laughter and shared stories, all for the good of the sport.   
Well, now the dust is starting to settle and the 2017 season is coming to a close. We started the season with 770 birds, and after close to 2,200 road miles (1228 training and 975 race miles) 236 birds were shipped to the 4th and final race of 350 miles this past Sunday. We had 38 birds on the day and after 3 days we have 141 birds clocked.
After having two very fast 200 and 275 mile races the birds worked hard during the final race and after 7.5 hours, we got two birds on the drop.
A - Race Winners
PASO 0841 BBWF owned by J & M Partridge Loft winning $22,500
WSJ 0542 DC owned by Curt Gammil winning $22,500
B - Race Winner
SG 0405 DC owned by Sebastion - Jose - Beto winning $17,556
Champion Bird A - Race
WSJ 0542 DC owned by Curt Gammil winning $14,000
Champion Bird B - Race
GFL 0361 BB owned by Ganus Family Loft winning $4,000
Over $167,000 in prizes paid out
Big Money Winners
Curt Gammil $36,500
J & M Partridge Loft $29,500
Sebastian-Jose-Beto $19,189
Ganus Family Loft $16,784
Baldwin & Tilson $7,653
Luis Medina $7,500
Hayloft $6,576
Anybody with more than $600 in winnings is required to turn in a completed W-9.  You may also  apply winnings towards 2018 for discounted perch fees and have the difference sent to you.  Stay tuned for 2018 news and announcements. 
2018 Discounted perches if paid by January 1st 2018.
1 - 4 perches $115 each
5 or more $95 each
Also, if you would like your birds shipped back you can pay with credit card, send check, or I can take it out of the winnings. $60 for first bird and $15 for each additional bird.
Thank you
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