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     Good Morning. I am approximately 14 KM north of North Bay. The sky is clear, the weather map shows very little happening all the way home. A bit of cloud around Peterborough, that is all. There is no ground fog for as far as I can see. No wind, but they predict a slight head wind on the way home. It is daylight now but I m waiting for the sun to rise over the tree tops. The birds will be on their way at 7 AM. Good Luck Everyone.


PS   Here is the sun now!

180 RACE

  Sorry for the confusion. The race will be held on Sunday, August 19, released at 7 AM , depending on weather of course.


FRIDAY 08- 07, 2018

   The basket list is up. Look under races on wincompanion, check Empire 2018 180M and click complete race report. I could not put the total shipped in but hope it will be changed tonight. There are 754 birds on the basket list. Good luck to all.



      The Empire 180 M, , 1st of Triple Crown races, prizes are;


1st    Complete Benzing M1 clocking system

2nd   Complete Benzing M1 clocking system

 3rd   Complete Benzing M1 clocking system   

4th   Complete Benzing Express G2 clocking system

5th  Complete Benzing  Express G2 clocking system


   Congratulations to Griffen Pigeons for winning the race through the traps on Wednesday. It's not that I forgot about you, it's just that I didn't remember.

   I watched the last dozen or so birds come home last night. All came on the same path from the south east. The strong wind pushed them east and a few KM from the farm, Prince Edward County juts out and gives them 30 or so more KM of land before they hit water. I am sure they get to the lake and sit down and ponder whether or not to turn around and go back to the guy who feeds and waters and herds them up and down the hallway with his stick or to just thrown it all to the wind and live off the land. I found myself at that same spot when I was 16.

   Today we picked up our new trailer. It's a work of art, Thank you Bill Weima.

   Tomorrow, the basket list.



   The birds were released today at 12:00 noon, 46 KM from the loft. The skies north were dark, south slightly overcast. The temperature at the release and at home was 26 degrees. The wind at release was from the west and somewhat strong. At home, the wind changed and blew north off the lake. By 2 oclock, the wind had shifted to blow east and was quite strong. The last home will have to work hard. Thuderstorm clouds rolled in but they did not produce rain or the expected storm.

Friday is the day we make our basket list for the first race on Sunday. That will be the tally for the activated birds. At present, about $ 23,000 has been collected to add to the prize pot.



   The birds are having fun. I am not. The weather is enough to make you scream in frustration. To hot, to cloudy or it's going to storm soon except we can't tell you when. On Wednesday we will take the birds for a toss, not a race.

   Each day they spend hours flying around the loft. They are travelling for miles. They are ready to go any where, any time. I am not about to waste them on an iffy day. At present, Sunday is when they'll go. Hope for the best.

   I am still receiving activation money and will post a tally as soon as possible. It looks like 24,000 extra in the pot at present.



   The birds were released 1.5 KM north of Maynooth. The were gone in a flash. No left turn, right turn just dead ahead and gone. The wind was from the north-east at a slight clip and the sky was clear. At home, the wind pushed them east and we had some high clouds. Congratulation to Pete the breeder and the Battlefield gang for being first through the hole. As always, the ones with get up to go home were here in excellent time. Linda watched and said it was a continues stream. The wanderers are living up to their name. Some are still out there sight seeing. 

   At 2:30 or so, the birds were let back out and locked out while Linda and I refreshed the feed and water. Plenty made use of the fresh baths and took their sweet time getting back into the loft.

   If the weather doesn't cooperate, we will fit in tosses to keep them loose. If it does, we will be at 180 miles on Wednesday.

   I have a pile of letters and cheques, emails and text messages to sort out. As quick as I can, we'll post this years payout on the message board and web site.



   Saturday night and all is well. Just went to lock up the loft and was surprised to see one drop out of the sky. As it went for the trap, another that was huddled on a window sill was motivated to get off her wing and toddle in with the new arrival. 

   On Sunday we'll take the birds for their 140 KM toss. A few are a bit tired and will be basketed seperately and released 50 KM from home. That will help them more than being forced to fly a longer flight. They will go again Monday or Tuesday for another toss to bring them up to par. We hope to fly the first race this week, maybe Wednesday. It all depends on the weather.

   If you haven't activated your extra birds, please take the time. If you know someone who isn't on line, please tell them. I am going down the list and calling those who as yet have not responded and hope to finish the list tomorrow afternoon. 



   Just a reminder, please activate by Sunday night your extra birds. Time is running out.


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