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We had a 70 mile training toss this morning. There were 94 birds shipped and 93 returned. Still learning to use the M1 clock. We inadvertently stopped the race prior to inserting the information on the training toss, so we will provide it here. 

Terry will post the training list showing the birds and their arrival times.



Weather at release point - Clear 72 degrees Wind NE 2

Weather on arrival - Clear hot 80 degrees Wind NE 5

Release time -  09:25:00


First bird clocked at 10:56:44   Approx. Speed 1343ypm.





We were finally able to get a 50 mile training toss posted. We did not get everything correct as far as time as the clock was not yet set up correctly and we had not entered all the proper information. The important thing is you can see the order of arrival and the list of remaining birds in the loft. We also had a 75 mile training toss last week but we somehpw managed to lose the information.

We plan to take the birds at least 50 miles tomorrow and hopefully all will go well and we will have the results posted by Thursday.

This is our first season and it certainly is a learning experience. We appreciate your patience as we slowly but surely become familiar with things.  The birds are doing good at this time and we plan to hold the 100 mile activation race early next week. 

Foe those not that familiar with using the website, the training toss is found under results, which is listed at the top of the website.




Still having issues getting Benzing program to download training toss from M1 to computer. Will be calling Seigels again in the morning to see if we can get these issues resolved. Hopefully we will be successful tomorrow and we can get information posted.


 Had 75 mile training toss on Wednesday and a 40 mile training toss Friday. Returns on both tosses good. Plan to train 50 miles tomorrow.

 Please send your e-mail address to "" and we will send you a copy of training tosses until we resolve issues with downloading to website. 

 Plan on having 100 mile activation race Wednesday (9/27) or Thursday (9/28).





Birds trained 20 miles Saturday. Planned to take 50 miles;however, due to fog and concern for getting caught up in a race release only trained 20 miles. Plan to take to 50 miles Monday. 


All birds trained 35 miles this morning. This is the first time all birds have been across the mountain. Returns were spread over 20 minutes but it appears most if not all have returned. Plan to take 50 miles Saturday or Monday depending on the weather. 


All birds have been trained to 20 miles. Will continue increasing distance. Plan to inventory and install electronic bands next week.


Went over to Frystown, Pa. to observe CJC release this morning. Evidently they moved their release point this morning and delayed their release until 8:15AM instead of their normal early release (6:30/7:00AM). Thinking that I had missed their release I went home and released my birds at the loft at 8:00AM. Three hours later they started to return and had stray race birds (NJ) mixed with them.

As of tonight all have returned but 15. Hopefully more will work their way back tomorrow.

Will wait three or four days and then inventory the birds to determine which may be missing.



Older group (half) trained 20 miles again on Saturday. Trained 27 miles on Sunday. This was their first training toss which required them to cross the mountains. Took them 1-1/2 hours; however, all but three in drop.

Younger half continue to be loft flown. Did not get them into shipping boxes yesterday as planned. Will try for Tuesday and take for short toss. 


Older group (half) trained 13 miles yesterday and 20 miles today. Returned in good time.  Plan to take 25 miles tomorrow or Saturday depending on weather conditions.


Younger group loft flying. Plan to place in training boxes Saturday and give them a short toss to begin their training.

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