News and Updates
AUGUST 2ND UPDATE We have started training and it has been a little rough going so far. Tuesday we went 17 miles for our 5th toss. I have been trying to let the birds out later than normal to help avoid as much conflicts with other groups of birds. The only draw back is it has been in the mid 90"s everyday in the afternoon, so if the birds make a mistake it is rough on them. We let the birds rest on Wednesday and went back to the 17 mile spot this morning. I left 27 birds home that returned on Wednesday. The birds took longer but in all had better returns. I will go back to the same spot tomorrow and let the birds rest Saturday.

Today we had our first toss, 2 miles. They birds did pretty good. We will go back to the same spot tomorrow.

LOFT UPDATE 07/25/2018 This morning we reattached the chute and chased the birds out thru it for their morning fly. We will chase them out through the chute again this afternoon. Tomorrow we will load them on the truck and trailer and release them from across the yard both in the morning and in the afternoon. We hope to start training to the 2 mile spot on Friday. The birds are looking really good. Their health looks great and they are flying good. I have been letting them out later in the mornings when it is a little warmer and in the afternoons to help them deal with heat. It has been in the mid to upper 90's daily here.
JULY 15TH UPDATE Pulled the 10th flight on all birds yesterday and did a hand inventory. Today I will inventory the birds in isolation (4 or 5 birds).
JULY 13 UPDATE Well it is Friday the 13th. So far so good!

I installed 2 new Lazer "SPEED" antennas. I had come to the conclusion one of my antennas has a bad field. I am always missing a couple of birds. This has always been the case since I first bought the system from Siegel's years ago. Once I blocked off the bad field I have had no more problems. So I replaced both antennas.

The birds are looking good. Flagged the birds up for 30 minutes this morning. 

JULY 11 UPDATE Birds were scared up several times this morning. Then let out in the late afternoon so they can start to get used to flying in the heat. It was only 90 degrees this evening. 
JULY 2 Today got all the birds out and scared them all up with the flag one time. Will do this each day longer and longer working up to 45 mins.
06/30 It is supposed to be over 100 today. The birds will be kept in today and tomorrow and back out Monday. This way they can all get good food and water for those who don't come in like they should or have gotten chased off by the hawks and don't return till the afternoon.
06/28 Today all birds forced out. We scared the birds up and birds looked like bees swarming in the air. Loft was cleaned and sprayed while birds were out.

All birds forced out today for open loft. clock set to do an inventory. 6 birds are back in isolation. All in all the birds are looking good.

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