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Well the hot days of summer are upon us and the birds like to be in there loft while the heat is high during the afternoon. Early morning they are let out and they are enjoying the flying while its cool. Most of the birds are just getting through the end of the moult. The 9 and 10  flights are either in or coming in nicely.  I have been taking them out in the trailer for short distances to get them used to the traveling and anything else that is to come with the trailer. We well start the longer training in August. For now everything is just letting them progress little by little. 

The birds health is great. I handled every bird yesterday and all seemed to be healthy.  


Well I think we are finallly through receiving birds. I can try to get them all on the same training schedule. Up till now we had new birds arriving and it is difficult to get the young birds at the same stage as the older.   We have turned off the lights and are trying to get the birds through th moult. 

 I have got to admit that it has been a difficult year as far as health. I have struggled to keep every ones birds up and going but I think we are past that stage and they are doing well.  We have all birds flying daily up till now and about 90% of them are routing . Going through the moult well slow our flying for a bit. 

We have done another inventory today. The last one was not very correct. We had computer problems so check and see if your birds are in the clock. I think we have the bugs worked oout .  Thanks to all and good luck    The Evolution team


The weather has been great and the birds are liking it. We fly them daily and are getting them out in the trailer for short distances.  We have a inventory from last week on line so take a look and see if your birds are still around after all the flying they have done. 

 We well keep on receiving birds for a couple of weeks but be aware that we well not be able to get them through the moult as easily as the older birds.   Thanks for all your support   The Evolution Team


Today we did an inventory of the birds along with testing to see if all the birds were in the system correctly.

 If you checked you have probably noticed that we still have a few problems. We well try to get this taken care of. Also if you do not see your bird and you sent it the last couple weeks it may not be banded yet. I have contacted all those that have had issues with health and a lot of you are sending a replacement.  If you do not see your bird and it has been here for a while there is a chance that it has been lost. When I let those young birds out I have no control on what they do and what happens to them. All birds go through the same setteling and are all allowed to go in and out Many  many times before they are released.  

Our team is working hard and putting in a lot of  hours to make this year the best year yet. We appreciate everyones participation     Thanks to all The Evolution team


Well more birds are arriving daily. It has been a very busy couple of weeks getting the loft flying done and moving birds into different sections. Trying to get the new birds used to the loft. The birds are looking good. We have had a couple of deaths though. I have had a couple go down to the local hawk population and another hit a fence. Then we have had a few get sick. Nothing too serious but these things happen! I have notified all breeders that have had these issues and they are sending replacement birds. if you have not heard anything that is good. 

 We have got about a month to  send in your birds. If you need more time because of breeding issues let me know and we can work it out. Just be aware that if a bird comes in later it is difficult  to get it through the moulting before the races begin. 

Thanks to all   We are working hard to be our best year yet!  The evolution team


As some of you noticed. Yesterday we tried to do an inventory on line. Well about half way the computer decided to do an update and shut it all down! Myself not knowing much about computers didn't know what to do so we well have to do it again soon.  Sorry about the problem

UPDATE 4/7/19

All is going well here ! The birds are coming in fast and are doing good. We show reservations well over 300 birds so we are about half way there. 

I have got most of the birds loft flying and they look strong. I have had a couple come in with a few scrapes and bruises. Sometinmes they get a little carried away and don't watch where they are going. I have also had a couple of birds die. Nothing too serious, I guess they were not strong enough to make it .  I well be doing an inventory soon to see if any of the birds have just decided to fly off . I havn't noticed any missing but there aree so many that its hard to tell. 

 If you are still planning on sending. The post office calls me every morning at about 8:00 if I have birds. Most of the birds are coming through in about 2 days. 

 We are really excited about the year and think it well be the best season yet. Talk to your buddies and tell them about us. I would really like to get about 400 birds. Thanks to all and good luck  The Evolution team


The weather is finally changing and spring is near. All the birds are doing very well. Last time I looked we were in the 70s that have arrived . They really like the flight pen where they can get out and be in the sun and take baths. I like it when they go out because it is good training for the new birds to learn how to get in and out of the loft. When the time comes and I let them out to fly for the first time they know how to get in and out. No fly offs! 

 We have been trying to update everyone on the arrival of your birds. We also have been putting updates on facebook and eric well send out emails also. If you are not getting these emails ,please contact Eric and make sure you are on his list. 

 That well be all for now . Not really much to pass on at this point  Thanks to all The Evolution Team



We are doing great here!This is an exiting time.  The birds are starting to roll in and the weather is turning a lttle warmer.  I have spoken with a lot of you and it sounds like most have birds close to sending.  The birds I have are looking good and spending a lot of time in the flight pen looking at there surroundings. This is good for them because they are also training on getting in and out of the loft so when I let them fly they well already know where the entrance is and how to enter the loft. 

 I am excited to get started. It has been a long cold winter. ITS TIME TO GET ROLLING! Thank you to all of you and good luck.


The Evolution Team


Well our breeding season should be under way or close to it. We are all trying to figure out which birds to send out , hoping that they prove to be the best! I was out in the loft thinking obout what I have learned over time with the birds that I received for the Evolution race and thought I would pass it on. 

 Sickness is our worst problem by far in the loft. Birds come from all over the country and beyond bringing all sorts of viruses with them. Some birds resist better than others. I think a couple of easy steps can help you r make it through. 

 1. Vaccinate your babies with PMV and Pox in your nest at about 22 days old. We well also give them another booster when they reach our loft. 

2. Make sure they are eating well! Meaning they can handle large seeds.

3.  Make sure the youngsters are at least 40 days old to ship. They handle the stress much better than the 30 to 35 day old birds.

  I have been listening to one of our top Vets that specializes in pigeons. He was saying that if you see a bird in your loft that is not looking good. Pull it out immediatly [Which I always do] Watch it for a day and if it doesn't look better destroy it! Guys this is exactly what we plan on doing. A bird that is sick can destroy a whole loft  and it certainly well never win a race! I well then contact the breeder and they well have the option to send another replacement . 

  I hope this well help in your decision making and bring your birds to the top. We plan on having another great year. Lrt your buddies know about the Evolution race. We can always use a few more breeders to join in on the fun. 




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