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  My computor has crashed. Tomorrow I will replace it and then write a full report. Hats of to all the birds that won you money and gave you pleasure and hats off to the birds that are still coming home. Kudoos to Cruz and Vaco for being first.



   This was a difficult decision to make. In fact, I asked the help of 3 other pigeon fanciers who I respect and trust to help me make the best decision.

   The birds were released at 8:00 AM. No rain is expected from La Sarre into Ontario. That gives them 200 miles of great weather to give them a great start. Once in Ontario, the chances are there for isolated showers and thunder storms. It is expected to be clear along the lake later this afternoon. 

   Good Luck to every one.



PS  Just had a call from the driver, the birds left quickly with about 12 leaving on their own, just ahead of the flock.



   The birds are doing well. Their schedule has been changed a bit. Now, morning has one hour loft fly and bath then everyone back into the loft for food and sleep. The sun hits the back of the loft from 12 noon on and with the new shutter system, it fills up with sunshine and fresh air. I find almost all resting on one wing or canoodeling in a corner for the complete afternoon. It has helped bring them back into top condition. At 4 PM its fly time again and at 5:30, back into the loft. When they are out, 95% are in the air. The late ones are not quite ready for full participation. 
   I have been asked about the moult and as I go along I check various birds. Most are on their 6th or 7th flight. Some are close to dropping # 8. The later birds are just starting # 6. The bodies of course, are done.

   Shipping on Saturday will start at 10 AM and when that is done, we'll eat and then do the loft auction. You can come and handle your birds, please do. There will be some campers on site and maybe a trailer or two. Lots of folks have found rooms in our area.

   Race day is iffy at the moment. Every site I check has a different forecast and everyone I speak with has their opinion. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.   

   Pools are coming in and I see I made a mistake. Last years sheets say $ 75.00 to buy your loft Pool ahead of time. That's what it will be. Any extra I receive re the loft pool, we'll return. So Loft Pool is $75.00 to pre buy.



   A little clarification on Sundays loft fly. Bird 1 and 538 in the trap were late home from the 240 race. They didn't fly at all, except home.  Both are tired and worn down but may recupe.

   The pool sheet will not be on our web site. Mark, my buddy, is out of town and cannot get it done. I will email them to you. Just ask.

   The basketing of the birds will begin at 10 AM on Saturday. We have a lot to do and its a long drive to La Sarre. We have refreshments and burgers for dinner, The loft auction will begin late afternoon and go into the evening. Those not sold will be auctioned on Sunday morning, same as last year.

   You may pool your birds on Saturday or Sunday morning. 

   Today, the birds flew well. All had a fair bit of time on the wing. They need a little time without stress to give them time to stoke up their furnace and I don't think a toss will be needed. Loads had a bath and it will be out for them to use for the rest of the week.

   At present, there are 551 birds in the loft.



The birds all flew this morning. Very few needed encouragement. The birds were let out at 8;45 and we let them back down about 9:45. The last batch to come down flew almost 2 hours. Check from 498 on and see if yours is in that group. As the birds landed, they went in. You can calculate the length of time your bird was up in the air. 



    I hear through the grapevine that I am not very smart and that I let the pigeons up in an area that has a lot of smoke from the fires in Northern Ontario. I am not the sharpest stick in the bundle but let me assure you, I am not stupid. These accusations are usually from people whose birds do not perform as they expect and I know how frustrating that can be and quickly blaming others is the result. 

   Before I arrive at release sites, I have checked maps, reports, and as I travel, I speak to locals at gas stations, resturants and also with police and ministry workers when I spot them. For several weeks, combine members have been concerned for the well being of their birds and the ministry has been consulted re air quality. We share our information.

   There was smoke in the North Bay area four weeks ago. It was high and not a health risk. Quebec also had a bit. At present, none. 

   There are four of us dabbling at one loft racing in this area. We are competitors yes, but we are civil and we do share info. On top of that, phone calls from all parts of Ontario keep us informed. Do be concerned but also be assured.




   Congratulations to the first ten in our 240KM race.

1st............................Pretty Bird Loft

2nd ......................... Sutton and Wogan

3rd .........................  Silvercreek Loft

4th .........................  Sunshine Loft

5th.........................   Manuel Canto Loft

6th ........................  Teixeia Loft

7th ..........................Mario Rea

8th.......................... Pretty Bird Loft

9th.......................... Fanway Loft

10th ........................First View Loft

Congratulations to all of you who were so close.


   As I was leaving for the release point yesterday afternoon, I received a message from Oscar at the Dutch Touch OLR. I learned they were also having a race and it was due south of our release point. I spoke with Oscar and I agreed that neither of us would have a problem. As I started on my journey, I changed my mind. Mishaps occur when you least expect it so why set one up. The second problem I had was with the strength and direction the wind was predicted to blow. This week I am gathering up birds from 200 KM west, next week I don't want to be 200 KM east. I grabbed my map and soon found what I wanted. A spot, same distance away but north west of Oscars release point and far enough west that I didn't have to worry so much about the wind.

   The birds were released at Belleterre, Quebec at 8 AM. The sky was perfect, the air was cool and the wind was dead calm. The birds came out of the trailer and left straight for home. I did not run into any wind untill 11 AM. It came up from the west and increased in speed as I went south. It stayed that way untill I came home. The birds were as fit as a fiddle and the few I handled when I got back are still in that shape. In the last few days, almost 20 birds have come home. All handle well. We will do a loft fly and set the trap to give a count so you can see who is here. The Falcon is a bastard and has struck every day but today.



       By the end of the morning, I will have assessed every pigeon in the loft. I handled about 350 birds yesterday in the late afternoon and evening and shortly, I will start to complete the rest. Ninety percent of the birds are in excellent condition. They have great colour, are blown up again and are ready to race. They were out twice yesterday and flew almost an hour in the morning and an hour twenty minutes in the afternoon. Not all will go to the race. We have birds returning everyday and they will now stay in a seperate compartment and be prepared seperated from the main group untill they are ready to join in again. There are a few with bumps and bruises that need a few more days to regain their strength. 

     Birds are being reported every day. All are to the west with the furthest being in Grimsby. All will be retrieved on the weekend with the hope they will be ready for the 340M special.     

    The birds will be released tomorrow near Dorval Lodge, Quebec, at or around 8 AM depending on the weatherman.

Good Luck to all of you.




   More birds arrived yesterday. Theses are tuckered out. The earlier group loft flew yesterday and got the ride off a life time. A Merlin falcon chased them two times. The only time I have seen pigeons that frightened is when a Peregrine attacked my birds in Montana. Two birds flew to me and hid behind me. I was sitting on the landing board. Unfortunately, the second time around, he was successfull. The birds will exercize today and tomorrow we will compile the basket list and prepare for a race on Friday.

  Birds are being reported that went missing on Sunday. Most all are 200 KM west of us.

  Six cheques have been mailed back to entrants for birds that were not activated.

Thanks, Rick


       Master Breeder Prizes are:

       First........................$ 2,400.00 plus Clock donated by Bernie Bedard.

       Second....................$ 1,000.00

       Third.......................$ 1,000.00

       Fourth.....................$    400.00


       Total prize money is $ 4,800.00


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