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Good morning everyone,

First congratulations to all the winners on the main race. It was a nice & cool day, everyone had a great time and really liked the food catered in. The race was a little hard to predict as the driver called and said he drove through rain for a while. They had a great start so we were sure they would come. One bird came, followed by 1 more just short of a minute later, as the 2nd was coming down, 5 more came together. 21 minutes after the 1st one we even had a drop of 24 birds. It was a really fun day and we are already looking forward to next year !!!

Now we are gearing up for the 400, remember the prize pot started with $11250, with 75 birds entered the total prize pot is $21375 and with 100 birds entered it is $24750. This will be a very exiting race.
Please let us know right away whether you want your birds in the 400 or if you want us to put it aside for return to you at a later date. We have to started training shortly and we need to seperate the 2 groups. If we do NOT hear from you, those pigeons will stay in the active group and be trained and if we still do not hear from you by shipping day, those birds become available for other fanciers to enter. Please send us an email, text or FaceBook message, I need it in writing. Thank you.



Good morning everyone,

It was overcast early and cloudy down the line but it started clearing out nicely and the birds were released in Val-Paradis at 08:45 with mainly sunny skies and a light North wind (tail to side tail wind) We went to Val-Paradis (to the East) because it was suppose to clear out earlier there and the line home would be better. About 2/3 of the way home it will be mostly cloudy with a 40% chance of a shower, but with a tail/side tail wind that should not be any problem. The birds were in fantastic conditions so we are looking forward to a great race. For people that can not make it here we will have our live video feed. We will start running the live-stream around 14:15/14:30 and can be viewed here:

Best of luck to everyone !!!


Good evening everyone,

The main race is on for tomorrow as planned. The birds are on their way there and we expect the release to be around 08:30, the conditions look good but it will be cool, or actually cold, early in the morning it’s suppose to be around 0C (32F) there will be a light tail wind for most of the race and at home an afternoon high of 17C (63F) It seems we are going from one extreme to another 🙄🙄

The tent is back up and all is set, we are looking forward to a great day 😎😎😎

Pay-outs are as follows:

A series

1st 20000, 2nd 12500, 3rd 7500, 4th 5000, 5th 4000, 6th 3000, 7th 2000, 8th 1250, 9 & 10 1000, 11-15 600, 16-20 500, 21-30 300

B series

1st 7500, 2nd 5000, 3rd 2500, 4-6 1000

Average Speed

1st 4000, 2nd 2000, 3rd 1000, 4th 750, 5-8 500

Remember to activate your birds for the Long Distance Special after the main race, we are looking to have that race 11-12 days after the main race, the prize starts of with 11500, with 100 birds in it that will grow to 25000. This should make it a great race.


Good morning everyone,

So far the weather has not cooperated to even get a short training toss in. Yesterday low heavy clouds all day, they loft flew real good until the falcon showed up. I was inside the loft and all of a sudden I see the whole flock roaring straight toward the front of the loft (landing board) a bunch dove under the loft, others crash landed on the landing board a some crashed into the windows. It seems the pigeons know what to do, with a hawk they take off and try to go high, with a falcon they go down as fast as they can and hide, falcons will not go on the ground. Right now it's raining but is suppose to clear in a couple of hours, if not to late we may get a toss in today. tomorrow looks like a wash-out with strong winds and T-storms.

The forecast for race day has been back and forth but all weather models now have Sunday for sun & cloud to mainly sunny but cool. The wind is suppose to be N & NE which will be a side tailwind to cross wind, I call it side tailwind from the wrong side as races never go as well with the wind from that side. Release temp is suppose to be around 3C or 37F and arrival 17C or 63F.

We are getting everything ready for race day, the 65ft x 45ft tent is already in place and today we will get all the chairs and tables etc. We will have lots of prizes to be won again from prizes for ladies and different feed mixes and all different pigeon products from BEYERS

Check back daily for more updates.


Hi everyone,

First congratulations to the birds that did really well, a special mention to 18209 & her breeder Mary Lou for scoring 2x 1st in a row, we have not seen that before and I would assume it is not common at all. This is her 2nd year in pigeons.

It would be a HUGE understatement to say that the last 2 races have been strange, disappointing, discouraging. Last week the weather appear to be near perfect with near calm and cool conditions. The first birds did 1400 mpm so things looked good, but than it took 6 minutes to get 2 more and an other 6 minutes to get 1 more. I knew than that it would be a strange type race, but I have no answers as to why, some think a falcon may have hit the flock or it was atmospheric or ???? 

The birds had 2 tosses this past week, 44 miles on Wednesday & 52 miles on Thursday and looked fantastic. Unfortunately we could not get Thursday's trainer posted as we kept getting error messages. I spoke to Terry and it turns out that Wincompanion was being moved to a new and better server and there were a couple of hic-ups. The birds came real good but with the last group of birds landing and on the landing board a hawk hit them. I was inside at the time and not sure it got any but there were some birds missing and some returned the next day.

Yesterday started great with the first 62 in under 10 minutes but after that, totally scattered. Again it is hard to understand as to why or what happened, they cleared great and all left as 1 big group. One thing is for sure, it has been a very challenging year for OLRs and club and combine racing with unheard losses. hoping for a much better year next year or I am not sure we want to continue.


Hi everyone,

Tomorrow Friday Sep. 07 we will have Race 3 from Corbeil, this is 331.250km or 205.705 miles. The weather looks to be sunny with a light NW wind, so after the first 2 races being headwind and side headwind races tomorrow's race will be a light tailwind race. The first 10 birds clocked tomorrow will win a free perch fee and next weeks 387.870km or 240.867 mile race will have the first 15 birds win a free perch fee. I will post all prize pay-outs shortly.

Best of luck to everyone !!


Today we had the 2nd race from Gibson Lake. The birds were released at 08:10 with clear skies and a very light SE wind (see video on our FB page) On the way home they faced increasing East (side headwind) wind and at home it was 15 gusting to 25 km/h or 10 gusting to 15 m/h. The first drop was 18 birds, as they came a falcon came from ???? and took a run at them but the birds hooked over the roof onto the landing board, as I was there he did not continue but went up higher as 4 more birds came, he was to far away but I slammed my stick against the back wall and he seemed distracted and those birds hooked onto the landing board as well. When I came back to the front most birds of that 1st drop were still sitting on the landing board frozen, I had to push them with the stick just to get them to move to & into the trap. Birds continued to come in at a steady pace and had about a 100 in the first 10  minutes and 200 the first 20 minutes.

Congratulations to all the top birds and breeders and soon we will focus on the next race from Corbeil (331 km or 205 miles).


Hi all,

There are 20+ more birds back today but can not unload them right now as there seems a bit of a problem somewhere. For some reason 2 birds got suffled to the bottom and their time changed, the position and time to win is correct. Everything on the clock is correct as well. I will have to discuss with Terry first.

Remember, this was the first race which counts for the average.

Pembroke (Aug. 19th) was the activation race and the Loft fly/Inventory of Aug. 21st are the birds that need to be activated.

Have a great weekendSmile


Good morning everyone,

We had the 1st race yesterday and they large majority did fantastic again, there were 105 on the 1st drop, congrats to all in it. Then there were some that came in the middle of the day floating in, clapping and gliding like widowhood cocks and some of the last ones coming in this morning starting shortly after 06:30. We had to get the race off as very unsettled, hot & humid with risk of T-storms for the next 4-5 day. We did a hand basket Thursday evening and had a couple of dead bands which were replaced.

The next nice day (according to the forecast) is Thursday, if the forecast is correct we will likely race the 2nd race Friday Aug. 31st from Gibson Lake, 252.703 (156.929M)


Good morning everyone,

We had the activation race and the birds performed outstanding. They had a very light (1 m\h) sidetail wind (N) at release but 15 miles into it that turn to East (side headwind) and at home it was ESE at 6-8 m/h. We expected them between 10:25 & 10:30 and they did better CoolSmile. There were a few early 2nd day birds that were not uploaded as I inadvertantly turned the clocking system off at night.

Yesterday they loft flew and we did an inventory. They were rocking it, smaller and larger groups disappearing out of sight and coming back, about 45 minutes into their loft fly there was not 1 pigeon to be seen, they had all ranged out of sight, they are obviously feeling GREAT.

For the activation, please go by the loft fly / inventory list on the number of birds you have available. All birds must be activated in the A series ($200CND or $160USD). Then there are 2 optional choices, the B series ($300CND or $240USD) and the average speed ($75CND or $60USD) With both optional series, you can enter non, 1, all or any number in between. You must indicate which bird(s) you are entering in these series. The 1st race will likely be Friday, please send cheque or money order this week OR use the easy online payment system.

If you have any questions, please send an email or text as I often can't answer the phone.

Best of luck to everyone, it will be a very interesting 5 race series with 120, 160, 200, 240 & 325+ miles in the next 5 weeks. The cream will rise to the top, the average speed will be great series with 5 races, make sure your birds are in it !!!

The main race will be on Sunday the 23rd of September, lease let us know if you plan on attending so we can get a fairly accurate count or number of plates we need to order with the catering service, thank you.


Best of luck to everyone Money MouthMoney Mouth

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