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All is well ~~!

Birds are healthy and enjoying our 80-90 degree weather from the aviaries this week. Currently we are limiting each section to 60 birds until the loft starts to fill up. Unlimited access to Jovatti Grit minerals, Versele Laga redstone and Grit, probiotics...probiotics...probiotics and the best Versele laga feed.

Our final race of the Old Bird Season (175 miles to 540 miles) is next week - I will summarize the results of your birds that were left to fly our Old Bird series in the Arizona Federation. All birds were trained during the week 50-70 miles 3 times, and then on the club trailer 100 miles every Saturday (for 7 weeks) for the birds that did not go to the races. The races started off with very fast speeds for the first 4 races up to 270 miles vs approximately 1000+ birds every week. The 5th race from 358 was a smash with only two day birds on our side of town. The 6th race from 415 miles - we had a very good race but again only 2 day birds on the long end (which we had). The remaining birds will go to 250 mile race this week and either a 400 or 500 miles(double race weekend) the following week. The summary spreadsheet will show you which races your birds participated in and result.


Thank you for your support and confidence ~!


All is well ~ Temperatures are getting to 80 this week - 2018 entries are enjoying the weather ~~!!

Now accepting birds ~~!! In our 3rd year and getting better every year. Arizona Classic Derby had some of the best statistics in OLR races 2017. Test your best on our race course that spans 3 states... Arizona/New Mexico/Texas

In 2017:

275 paid perches.

200 went to the 1st race (200 miles) - 72%

189 went to the Final race (348 miles - winning speed 1372 ypm) - 68% 

Final race 119/189 returned in race time - 63%



The first birds are being moved from quarantine loft into the regular loft - all looks good. Inventory will be updated tonight to reflect that. They have been vaccinated for PMV, Pox, Adeno.

Test your birds in the Arizona desert - if they can fly here, they can fly anywhere ~~!!

Thanks for your support ~~!




We have 36 birds in the loft for the first week. They all look fantastic - settled and healthy.

Thanks for the support - there are quite a few returning breeders who have not signed up yet but have committed to sending for 2018. We hope to get to our goal of 500 this year.

All is well in the Old Bird loft - Old Bird racing has begun. For those that left their birds from 2017 to fly our Old Bird series, I will

send a separate email with results. 


Best regards

Steve F.




NOW ACCEPTING BIRDS... first few birds are already shipped ~~!!

Send your best and test against some of the world’s best flyers ... in a controlled environment where birds receive the best of the best !! We own a pigeon supplies store with the best of Versele Laga and supplements and medications.

if your birds can fly in the Arizona desert..they can fly anywhere !!

1. Birds will be allowed to acclimatise in our quarantine loft and then vaccinated. I dont like to vaccinate right out of the box after a 3-day transit.

2. Use clean shipping boxes please.... dirty boxes reflect on breeder loft hygiene.

3. Do not put 4 birds in a 2-bird box and expect miracles on arrival.

These are my own shipping practices - and you have seen our OLR results.

thanks for your support ~~!




Sign up for 2018 and breed some good ones early - it will be a great series of 5 races - 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 miles.

Our 2017 has been at the top of the OLR races this year in terms of percentages. You can look at the OLR race statistics out there on the various sites. We believe we are one of the top OLR handlers out there - Many of the good OLRs did not have these numbers ~~!

In 2017:

275 paid perches.

200 went to the 1st race (200 miles) - 72%

189 went to the Final race (348 miles - winning speed 1372 ypm) - 68% 

Final race 119/189 returned in race time - 63%



Our training regime will be the same as last year - training schedule will be published shortly.  Birds are thoroughly trained out to 125 miles (we had one of the best training regimen last year in all the OLRs - this is based on us actually flying this course over several years of experience winning all the Championship accolades along this course in our club). We believe in conditioning the birds, so after our typical 10 orientation tosses from 5-40 miles, you will see at least 5 tosses at 50-60 miles, and 5 tosses at 80-90 miles.

-We do NOT let birds sit idle for 7-10 days between races. They go on 40-75 mile tosses between races.

-We do NOT have your birds lightly trained with 5-7 tosses and then a blowhome 100 mile activation race.

-We do NOT have birds trained/raced in inclement or extreme weather.

-We do NOT hold birds back on headwind days (as seen in our 350 mile 2017 Final).

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