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Good morning kids. Unfortunately the haulers alarm didn't go off this morning, so we are running about a hour behind on our release. I'm very sorry, but at this point nothing I can do. It's a beautiful cool day, with broken clouds and southwest wind flow. We will have a great day for racing. Good luck to all!


Good evening kids! We basketed tonight for our first race! 106 miles from Blanding Utah. This is where all the hard work, hopefully pays off! The birds feel great, and are definitely ready. Y'all should be so proud, there are some incredible birds in the loft. We will be awarding 6 trophies for the top 6 places. This is also the first average speed race. Good luck to all! We post many videos and pictures on our Facebook page. Western Colorado One Loft Youth Race 


We are gonna try 75 miles in the morning. The sky looks like it's clearing a bit. I want to get them out early, so waiting for daylight before I go over the mountain, is not an option. When I get to the release point and the conditions aren't favorable for your birds, I'll bring them home. Let's hope we can get a release and stay on our Saturday race schedule. First bird through the trap tomorrow will receive an award. Good luck!


Training from this morning is up, correct clocking order 


Internet issues this morning, 100 plus birds in already. 


This week we will loft fly Monday, Tuesday 60 miles, Wednesday 80 miles, Thursday 60 miles, Saturday 100 mile race


The birds did awesome today. 61 miles and over 100 on the first drop. We are one week away from our first race! Super proud of this team of birds!


We are headed to our 41 mile station in the morning, good luck kids! The weather looks great! 


Sorry no training today, still have rain! We will loft fly


Our first 41 mile toss went well! We had rain all day today, I'm gonna try to get them back there tomorrow morning, if the rain will clear. We had 100% returns. Hopefully this weekend I can get them to 60, and 80 early next week. Birds are looking great, and I'm excited for the races to begin. 

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