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Helpful Tips on Breeding for One Loft Racing
reprinted from 2016

About a month ago I gave Mike Ganus a call and asked him what he did to prepare his youngsters before shipping them out to one loft races. Over the last three years, Mike has sent me 45 birds and not one of them has gotten sick. Additionally, just last week at the AU Convention, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mathieu De Clippel, Product Manager with Versele-Laga of Belgium. Mathieu dabbles in one loft racing and is also involved in the Belgium Master One Loft Race. I also asked him what he does to prepare his youngsters before sending them out to a one loft races.

From both these conversations I came away with some simple steps to ensure the health and protection of the youngsters being sent to one loft races. Following is a quick summary and some great pointers that you as a breeder should consider.

1.      Breed out of birds that have participated in one loft racing. Breeders that have been in one loft racing have a stronger immune system to tolerate all the diseases that are found in one loft races and should pass that along to their youngsters.

2.      Vaccinate your breeders for PMV 30 days before mating.

3.   A good diet, Vitamins and minerals are very important.
good clean fresh dry grit, extra iron(Red Cell), Vita (Versele-Laga), Mega Mins (Vita-King) are also recommended.

4.      Vaccinate the babies at 22 days old in the nest for PMV and Pox

5.      After the babies are weaned for 4-5 days feed nothing but peas and whole corn for 6 days. This teaches the babies to eat the big seeds.

6.      At 42 days old vaccinate the babies again for PMV.

7.      At 45 days old look for the best youngsters and ship them out. At 45 days old the babies are protected and can handle the stress of shipping much better than at 25 to 30 days old.

I hope this info is useful. I will definitely be following these steps this breeding season. I would like to thank Mike Ganus and Mathieu De Clippel for their time and helpful information.
FINAL RACE Birds are up in the air at 0745. Weather at release is Clear, E 1mph, and 40 degrees. Good luck to all
FINAL RACE Birds are up in the air at 0745. Weather at release is Clear, E 1mph, and 40 degrees. Good luck to all
BATH DAY Birds are taking a nice relaxing bath today.
RACE #3 RELEASE Race #3 is underway! Birds were released at 0745. Guessing somewhere in the 5 hour range for arrival. 
Good luck to everyone!

Birds are loaded and on their way. The birds had two short 40 mile training tosses this week. Birds are looking good. Birds should be released around 745.


Birds are loaded and waiting for the driver to arrive shortly. Tomorrows station is 175 miles. Forecasted to be light crosswinds for their journey home. Air should be clean since we have had some light rain off and on the last couple of days

Good Luck to All

RACE #1 RESULTS Well, I wish I had answers on what happen. The birds are looking good, healthy, and in shape. The birds trickled in yesterday and continue to trickle in today. The headwinds should not have been the issue since it was only in the last 25 miles. the way the birds trickled in all day would lead me to believe that the birds must have crossed paths with another group. we have almost 300 birds back at this point. If anybody gets a call on there bird showing up somewhere please let me know.
The birds are looking great!!! Training is coming along and its getting closer to race time. Friday September 14th will be the 100 mile Qualifier. All birds that return from the qualifier must have their $300 entry fee paid by Monday September 24th. If your birds are not paid for on time you will forfeit all rights to your birds.

If you choose to enter the Crown Classes you will need to also have that money in by September 24th. The Crown Classes will pay out at each race, You can enter any combination of your birds(1, 2, or all of your birds), The Crown Classes will pay out to the first 3 birds in clocking order in each class(50 - 30 - 20).

Bronze class $50 per bird
Silver class $100 per bird
Gold class $200 per bird

Training this week
Monday September 3rd 22 miles
Wednesday September 5th 60 miles
Friday September 7th 90 miles

Training Next Week
Monday September 10th 40 miles
Wednesday September 12th 60 miles
Friday September 14th 105 miles Qualifier
The fires here in the State are beginning to get under control. Hopefully within the next week or two they will be fully contained and the smoke will begin to clear out. As of now, the 100 mile qualifier is scheduled for the 14th of September. Below are the tosses the birds went on last week and tosses they will go on next week. It seems like I get a bird per toss that returns injured from falcon attack of hitting wires. The birds as a whole are looking good.

Training this last week
Monday August 13th 40 miles
Wednesday August 15th 40 miles
Friday August 17th 60 miles

Training Next Week
Monday August 20th 40 miles
Wednesday August 22nd 40 miles
Friday August 24th 60 miles
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