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RACE #1 RESULTS Well, I wish I had answers on what happen. The birds are looking good, healthy, and in shape. The birds trickled in yesterday and continue to trickle in today. The headwinds should not have been the issue since it was only in the last 25 miles. the way the birds trickled in all day would lead me to believe that the birds must have crossed paths with another group. we have almost 300 birds back at this point. If anybody gets a call on there bird showing up somewhere please let me know.
The birds are looking great!!! Training is coming along and its getting closer to race time. Friday September 14th will be the 100 mile Qualifier. All birds that return from the qualifier must have their $300 entry fee paid by Monday September 24th. If your birds are not paid for on time you will forfeit all rights to your birds.

If you choose to enter the Crown Classes you will need to also have that money in by September 24th. The Crown Classes will pay out at each race, You can enter any combination of your birds(1, 2, or all of your birds), The Crown Classes will pay out to the first 3 birds in clocking order in each class(50 - 30 - 20).

Bronze class $50 per bird
Silver class $100 per bird
Gold class $200 per bird

Training this week
Monday September 3rd 22 miles
Wednesday September 5th 60 miles
Friday September 7th 90 miles

Training Next Week
Monday September 10th 40 miles
Wednesday September 12th 60 miles
Friday September 14th 105 miles Qualifier
The fires here in the State are beginning to get under control. Hopefully within the next week or two they will be fully contained and the smoke will begin to clear out. As of now, the 100 mile qualifier is scheduled for the 14th of September. Below are the tosses the birds went on last week and tosses they will go on next week. It seems like I get a bird per toss that returns injured from falcon attack of hitting wires. The birds as a whole are looking good.

Training this last week
Monday August 13th 40 miles
Wednesday August 15th 40 miles
Friday August 17th 60 miles

Training Next Week
Monday August 20th 40 miles
Wednesday August 22nd 40 miles
Friday August 24th 60 miles
AUGUST 14TH UPDATE Today just loft flew the birds. We will load the trailer tonight for a earlier release at 40 miles in the morning.

Went 40 miles on Friday and most the birds came in in decent time. But the last 100 birds were very scattered.

I went back to the same spot this morning and the same thing. They did drag home some young barnnies with one of the late groups. Wednesday I will go again and put the GPS trackers on the tracking birds and hope to find out some info.


AUGUST 7TH UPDATE Today we went to the same 22 mile release point. I put GPS trackers on 2 birds and they decided to finally come home in decent time. I will post the data later today. 

I have been having almost a bird per day come home banged up. They do cross a lot of high voltage lines when coming thru the Delta area.
AUGUST 4TH UPDATE Yesterday we went back to the 17 mile spot for the 3rd time and still I beat the birds back. 

Today the birds were let out to stretch and take a bath. Tomorrow we will take the birds out to 22 miles.
AUGUST 2ND UPDATE We have started training and it has been a little rough going so far. Tuesday we went 17 miles for our 5th toss. I have been trying to let the birds out later than normal to help avoid as much conflicts with other groups of birds. The only draw back is it has been in the mid 90"s everyday in the afternoon, so if the birds make a mistake it is rough on them. We let the birds rest on Wednesday and went back to the 17 mile spot this morning. I left 27 birds home that returned on Wednesday. The birds took longer but in all had better returns. I will go back to the same spot tomorrow and let the birds rest Saturday.

Today we had our first toss, 2 miles. They birds did pretty good. We will go back to the same spot tomorrow.

LOFT UPDATE 07/25/2018 This morning we reattached the chute and chased the birds out thru it for their morning fly. We will chase them out through the chute again this afternoon. Tomorrow we will load them on the truck and trailer and release them from across the yard both in the morning and in the afternoon. We hope to start training to the 2 mile spot on Friday. The birds are looking really good. Their health looks great and they are flying good. I have been letting them out later in the mornings when it is a little warmer and in the afternoons to help them deal with heat. It has been in the mid to upper 90's daily here.
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