Franco & Belus Classic
News and Updates
THUNDER AND LIGHTNING We cancelled our 35 mile toss for this morning due to more possible thunder and lightning in the forecast for this morning. We will continue training Tuesday weather permitting.  
TOSS 15 This morning we are going on the 15th toss and bumping it up to 35 miles.
TOSS 14 Today we are going on the 14th toss, 25 miles. If all goes well today we will be going to 35 miles Friday.
FIRST 20 MILE TOSS Monday was our first 20+ mile toss. All paid birds that are missing to this point will be given a free perch in 2021. Today we will go back to 25 miles again.
TOSS #10 Today we are going on toss #10, 17 miles. 
TOSS #7 This morning will be Toss #7 and we will go back to 6.5 miles because of the rough 11 mile toss on Saturday. 
TOSS 4 Good morning, this morning we are going on the 4th toss. The birds are doing well and we have also started to loft fly the birds in the afternoon in the heat.
Temps have been in the low to mid 90's here daily. The birds have been going out every day and are flying good. We will start training next week. The birds are looking good and getting in shape.

We have had a cooper hawk torment the birds the last few days. Haven't witnessed the hawk get any birds. Will be doing another inventory on Friday and Saturday.

This week the birds are loft flying daily and are are now flagged for 20 minutes. All in all the birds are looking good. The cooper has come around from time to time, but we are watching for him. We are letting the birds out in the morning at 8 and calling them back in around 9. As they start to fly more we will start them at 9-10 to get them acclimated more to the heat. 


The inventory posted on June 13th does not include the last 3 groups of birds. We are starting this season with 1021 birds.

We will be pulling the 10th flight and doing hand inventory on June 16th and 17th. At that point we will be adding the last three groups to the main flock.

We got the bugs worked out of the clocking system now and will be doing more regular inventories. From Friday on, all birds will be going out daily.

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