Franco & Belus Classic
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Due to the heavy smoke in the valley, Race #2 has been postponed till Saturday. Tonight the winds should clear the smoke out of the area. 

Race #1 125 miles went very good. The birds piled in and the losses were minimal.
55 birds on the drop with "Angels Win Beto's Loft" being the first bird in the clock.
Race #2 150 miles will be Friday. We will be going on a 60 mile training toss on Wednesday and resting birds Thursday. After dark the will be boxed up and on their way to the release point. you still have time to get your birds in the Bronze, Silver and Gold classes. 

The Prize payout for 2020 is posted on our website. $100,000 for first place!!!


Only 3 more days to enter your birds in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold classes.

RACE #1 125 MILES Race #1 125 miles is underway.  Birds released at 0720 in Gardnerville  NV. Temp is 47, partly cloudy, and calm. Good luck to everyone!
RACE #1 FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25TH Race #1 will go off on Friday September 25th. The weather looks to be good with the smoke in the area being blown away from the race course. We will be doing a hand inventory race list tomorrow morning, then we will feed birds and let them rest in loft, after dark we will load birds and then drive birds up to release point. 

Race #1 is 125 miles and only counts towards average speed. Everybody has till Midnight September 30th to enter the Crown Classes. Crown Classes will pay out at Races 2, 3, 4, and 5.

As of right now our county is only allowing a maximum gathering of 12 people. So that means no final race BBQ and gathering. We will let everybody know if things change.

Good Luck to Everyone
Join the Classes

So, for added fun we have the Bronze, Silver, and Gold classes to enter. You can enter 1 bird or all your birds. Pay one time and covers all four races(race #2-150mi, #3-200mi, #4-250mi, and #5-320mi)

Class Entry Fees
Bronze $25 per bird
Silver $50 per bird
Gold $100 per bird

The way it works is to nominate you bird(s) in any combination. For example

Bird 1122 - BSG
Bird 1234 - G only
Bird 3210 - SG
Bird 6666 - nothing

All money in each class is added up and divided by 4. Then each part is paid out 50/30/20 to first 3 birds to clock in each class. Class entry fees must be received by Midnight Sept 30th (no exceptions). Classes are paid by clocking order.

Race #1 is scheduled for September 25th

We are looking to have 3 more training tosses before race #1.

September 18th, 62 miles
September 21st, 85 miles
September 23rd, 46 miles

Subject to weather and smoke conditions

The smoke has started to clear a little. Even more importantly it has started to cool down. We are looking to get about 5 tosses in and have our first race of 125 miles on September 25th. 

RACE DATE CHANGES Because of the heavy smoke in the area we are revising our races and race dates check back soon for more info.
TRAINING AND RACE #1 ON HOLD Because of the extreme smoke conditions from lots of fires burning in the state we are postponing training and Races. We are hoping the winds change and start blowing this smoke out of the area this weekend.

We want to get 2-3 tosses in, 1 of which is 85 miles before the first race. Next week is also supposed to be only in the 80's so the birds will be better off. We need to think about the birds, and that is our job to make sure as many birds as possible make it to the final race.

This last Sunday our Combine had a smash possibly do to the extreme heat and smoke, We had a tough 46 mile toss on Monday possibly do to heavy smoke brought in after wind shift. I know of a couple fly aways from just loft flying in the smoke.

I hope everybody understands that this is for the welfare of the birds.

Franco and Belus Classic Team
Entry Fees Due Now!!!
All entry fees are due now!!! If entry fees are not received by Midnight Tuesday September 8th you will loose rights to your birds and the will be sold off on a first come serve basis. At this point we will not accept "check in the mail" as a option. you must pay with credit card thru the store on our main website at . We do not add fees this year for credit card payments.
This mornings training toss was cancelled do to excessive heat and smoke. It has been extremely hot the last few days here and today's forecast was to get to 113 today. Also there is a large fire that has erupted Friday evening and has now burned 78,000 acres and has filled the valley and hills with lots of smoke. Tomorrow is supposed to be 15 degrees cooler. So we will resume training tomorrow.
Our schedule will change a little bit, we are looking to train as follows for the next week:

Tuesday 46 miles
Wednesday 61 miles
Friday 85 miles
Monday Race #1 125 miles 

We have had some issues with the clocking system due to our wifi going down for a few days. Just understand that the clock captures all birds and times, the problem was with getting that info transferred to wincompanion were you all view it. Long story short was that our back up wifi system is so slow that it cant keep up with the data transfer and shuts down when huge amount of birds are clocked fast during short training tosses. At the races this should not be an issue. We are looking into other backup wifi systems. 
All in all the birds are looking great and we are looking forward to getting the race series started.
We are in a holding pattern on how the final race will go as far as how many people will be allowed to attend. we will make a decision in the next couple weeks and get the word out on who and how many will be able to attend. Please bare with us as this covid restrictions seem to change week to week.
We will be also doing the Bronze, Silver and Gold classes. I will get the rules and amounts out soon. It will only payout during races #3, #4, #5, and #6, so we have time.
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