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Hello, The Birds are doing great! We have pulled the 9th flight on all the birds except the younger ones. In a few weeks we will be pulling the 10th. We decided to do it this way to keep them flying and exercising since the are going so well. Once the flights have grown back in we will begin the road training. We get them out flying early in the morning when its nice a cool. We are done taking birds for the year.

UPDATE 3/19/2020

Well its that time of the year again. The warmer weather is coming out and the young birds are arriving to our loft . We have close to 100 birds in now and a large group of them have been out flying . We have had a couple of them decide they are having way too much fun and got lost. If that was one of yours you should have been notified.                                                           The birds are looking and acting great. They are put in isolation cages on arrival for 5 days then moved to a section of the loft where they can get used to going in and out of the traps. We are trying to keep no more than 50 birds to a section until we know they are extremly healthy. 

We are hopeing that this corona virus that is effecting the world does not put a damper on our race series. So far so good. 

Keep the birds coming in! Its going to be a great year  The evolution team


Birds were released this morning at 8:30 for the final race of the series. We are going to serve lunch to all that are coming to watch the birds come in. Lunch well be served at about 1;30/ 2:00 . Come by and mingle with some of  the best flyers and breeders around . Should be a lot of fun.  Address is 4150 south 5500 west in Hooper    Good luck  The Evolution team


We well be having our final race this Wednesday. The weather seems to cooperateing so far . Good luck 


It looks like our next race well be Wednesday. Weather looks good up till then but after that it isn't looking too good . The birds are looking and feeling great. They had a nice  flight today from Riverside. This race well be 300 miles

  Good luck The Evolution Team


Well guys and gals. I have been trying to figure out what to say after this weeks race.  First of all I would like to say congradulations to all the birds that made it home.  Second I want to say I  am sorry about the rest that didn't make it . This is not what I expected at all. The birds looked and felt good . The weather was perfect. Not too much wind and cool. 

 The last few days I have got a few calls with birds that have been found. It seems that they must have made a wrong turn and went too far east on the other side of the mountain range towards Wyoming. Why I don't know.  We only jumped them 30 miles . I have been watching around the bird world and noticed that we are not the only race that is having difficulty . It seems the times are changing! Not sure what we can do about it. 

  Race 3 well be flown this Saturday with weather permiting. It looks good so far. 

Thanks for your understanding and good luck!


Well Travis got up this morning and drove all te way to Osgood and had terrible weather!20 to 25 mph headwinds and rain. Our reports earlier were sopposed to be good weather but things changed for the worse. We well be trying to let the birds out on the way home somewhere and use it as a trainer. We well let everyone know when we are rescheduling. Sorry for the delay but we think it is for the better. 


The weather has not been good this weekend. Race 2 well be flown on Wednesday weather permitting. It well be from Osgood Idaho . 170 miles. The birds have been out loft flying most days when we got a window and today I well be taking them out about 30 miles.

 A little note . Some of the entry fees have not come through yet . We have been trying to contact those of you that still have not got it in. Please get on our site and pay as soon as possible. 


Well its time to get down and dirty boys and girls! Tomorrow well be our activation race from East Fort Hall. It well be a 127 mile race and well be starting at 8:00 if everything goes well.  The weather looks good. A little breeze in there face and the temp is cool. All the fixins for a great day. 

  All birds that come in from this race well be elligible to fly the rest of the series and the entry fees well be due this week so we can continue on.  All birds well have to pay  the $200  to continue. For you high rollers you can enter any of your birds that you feel can take it all. Also the eliminater is available for $25 this week and goes up in cost as time goes on. So get in while it is less $$ . It is a one time fee.    Thanks to all and good luck!

UPDATE 8-8-19

Sorry to all with todays training that you received on wincompanion. I put in the wrong time on the release so it showed that most of the birds showed up before I let them go.  We have been sending the birds out almost every day and they are getting stronger and stronger. We well continue to stretch them out but we are not in a hurry. Each station we well be releasing aprox 3 times  before we move on. 

 All the birds are looking great. The moult is is complete on almost all birds and they love flying. Thanks to all The Evolution team

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