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  Today, the birds will go about 40 KM and then have open loft for the rest of the day. Wednesday, the birds will go 90 KM and then have open loft until it's time to basket. The race will be held on Saturday and will be from Cochrane, Ontario. As always, weather permitting.

  The numbers keep climbing with more and more signing on.



   The birds were released this morning 46 KM from home. They were released, over a 15 minute period, in small groups, into clear skies above, clouds to the south. They flew into a head wind. All were home within minutes.There are now 105 birds activated with a few fanciers still sittng on the fence. Hopefully they will join in. 



   The birds were released 75 Km from home. They were released in 6 groups, each 3 minutes after the one before. They cleared well and didn't wait for their buddies to catch up. Clocking was almost the same way. The first group went up at 12:17 and the last at 12:31. The temperature at home and at the release site was 28 degrees. The sun was bright with fluffies in the sky. They had a head wind to contend with all the way home. 

   I removed birds wanted to be returned and removed about 11 that would be a waste of flesh to send. They are fine for flying around the loft but they need more in order to race.

  Check the list and if you need to change or adjust the birds you wish to send, please call or email. My cell was on the fritz but works now.



   I have been away for a couple of days and Linda has been looking after the birds. The birds will be caught and checked out this morning and then those ready to race will be taken for a toss, 75 KM early afternoon. If it becomnes stinking hot, I'll only go 50 KM. One more longer toss the first of the week and then we will hold the race on the first decent day we have.

   The birds are loft flying well. All except a few late arrivals are in racing shape. Today and tomorrow I will answer all my email and phone messages and rest assured for those that have stated you wanted to race, your birds are now on the activation list. 

Thanks, Rick


   The birds are doing well. They excercizes well each day and they have regained their strength. Today they are going on a toss and I'll put that on wincompanion. Some of you have asked me to remove birds  from the general population for safe keeping. It takes about 5 hours to catch all the birds and check out who they belong to. I like you all a lot but not enough to spend the better part of my day looking for pigeons. Each day as I go along, I catch a dozen or so to check on their condition. If I find one that's on the list, I pull it out. There are 210 pigeons flying around in an 20 by 80 foot loft. If yours is smart enough to avoid me, it will loft fly and it will be trained. They look great. Maybe you should consider joining in with the race. Nine have been removed and over 70 have been nominated to enter the race. 

    On Sunday we will have the final list of birds ready to go and then I need final conformation if you are participating.

Thanks, Rick



    The birds are well. They are now all flying well. There are 51 activated at present. More to come, I'm sure. I will once again catch the birds and check their condition and post it on Wincompanion at the end of this week. 



   The bird on the loft fly today are all capable of racing in a couple of weeks. They have their weight back and are active around the loft. Today, they flew for 45 minutes or so. There are others who will be ready in a few days, but at present, these are the ones that are capable of racing soon. Next week, weather permitting, they will be tossed short distances everyday that is possible. We plan on racing near the end of the third week of September, again depending on the weather.

   Activate your birds by email please. If you want your bird removed, also email me please.



  The birds have open loft{ out the side window and back in via trap} and can go in and out as they please. At 4 PM they are all locked out while I prep the feed and water. Yesterday, all but 12 flew a half hour. Fifty or so flew longer. The birds will be assessed Saturday morning and I will post a loft fly with all the birds that I feel can fly the 380M race. 

  There are still a few cheques re activation that have to be sent out and They will be i the mail this weekend. Pools, prize money, etc will be started after the last race.



   The birds were out yesterday. Fifty or so flew for half an hour while the rest just went up and down. They had a bath and went back inside. Emails are coming in at a steady pace for the activation of birds for the 380M marathon. The first reported birds missing from this weekends race are south west of Montreal in upper New York state.

   I didn't think the humidity and the heat could get any worse but yesterday it did. 



   Congratulations to all the birds that have made it home, especially to the ten day birds.

1st             Cruz & Vasco Loft

2nd            Naylor/Spring Syndicate BC

3rd             Bator-Nanez

4th            Weekend at Bernie's

5th            Gabes Loft

6th            Baden Feeds/Pete Mecca

7th            Joe Demedeiros

8th            The Three Islanders

9th            Wilk Loft

10th          Sam and Steve


     It was a very tough race with the heat and wind increasing as the day went on. The driver did not see any rain on the way home but I am sure that on the path the birds took they ran into one of the pop up storms created by the heat, forcing them way off line.

    The race will stay on Win Companion for another day or two allowing you to see if and when your bird came home.

    In three weeks, we will hold the 380 M marathon. If you wish to enter, please email me. 



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