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Hi everyone, 

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy a great holiday season.
The weather here has been strange for this time of year, heavy rain (total of 4+") Christmas eve into Christmas morning and highs of 11C or 52F. while states way South of us were getting snow. Even the long range forecast is barely calling for any winter weather with the coldest night of -11C/12F with most days around freezing whereas normal average temps are -14C/7F for lows and -6C/21F for highs.
This sure will make winter breeding easy this year SmileSmileSmile
For your young birds you plan on sending to our Dutch Touch OLR, plan your breeding accordingly, we will not be taking late birds, May 17 is the deadline.
Also remember we are only accepting birds on 4 extended weekends, plan accordingly. Those weekends are plus approximate mating and/or hatching times. If your birds are a little older it is fine too, as long as they are vaccinated at the appropriate/most effective time.
March 11-14 (Thursday to Sunday) Mate Jan. 01-03 or Hatch Feb. 01-02
April 08-11 (Thursday to Sunday) Mate Feb. 01-02 or Hatch Mar. 01-02
April 21-25 (Wednesday to Sunday) Mate Feb. 15-16 or hatch Mar. 15-16
May 12-16 (Wednesday to Sunday) Mate Mar. 07-08 or Hatch Apr. 06-07
It will be in everyone's but especially your best interest to send your birds at the age of 37 to 44 days of age. More importantly to send them 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 weeks after their 1st vaccination for PMV. It seems the most effective time to do the 1st vaccination is between 18-22 days of age, a few days before weaning, there is minimal stress on the young birds at that time, if you do it when weaning them they probably are stressed somewhat as everything is new.
It will be extremely helpful if you tell us when and with which vaccine you vaccinated your birds or if you did not. For your best interest, be honest about it.
Now for a little more fun.
With 2020 in general a year most everyone wants to get past & forget and hopefully 2021 to be a much better year, we would like to give 2021 a good start.
Dutch Touch Int. OLR will hold a draw for a free team to be drawn on Jan. 01. This is worth $1500, it does not include the optional Average Speed or LD Special.
How this works:
For every full (5 + 1 bird) paid team you have signed up by 00:00:01 on Jan. 01, 2021 you get 1 ticket.
If you have 1 team on the breeder list you get 1 ticket, if you have signed up for 2 teams you get 2 tickets. If the winner had 1 team signed up, her/his 2nd team is free, if the winner had 2 teams signed up, her/his 3rd team is free. 
No replacing or transferring of teams.

Good morning everyone

It had been a nice mild start to the winter season but that changed the last couple of days to -17/-20 or about 0/-5F. Still not bad as that is not -30 or -40 yet Surprised On the bright side we are finally getting some sunshine and that cool air is nice and refreshing, the bad part, the water seems to get hard very quick.
We have seen a very good start to our 2021 breeder entry list and are past 250 birds, we hope that is about 1/4 of what we will have by the middle of May Wink
Thank you to everyone that has signed up so far. If you have not signed up yet, NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO DO IT Cool
We have been making a few changes to the loft in preparation for the 2021 season, we pressure washed it and it looks like it is brand new again. We are looking forward to a great & very exciting 2021 race season with more prizes, pictures, videos, video updates etc.
Dutch Touch will also video each race release with the surrounding area or the coordinates on the GPS (if we are in the middle of "nowhere") to show exactly where the birds are being released, guaranteeing that the race distance posted is correct.
We will also show the arrivals on FaceBook live.
Have a great weekend
Please take note of the start and end dates, last pick up date is last day to enter. Taking birds to the end of May/beginning of June just does not give enough time to do it RIGHT.
An OLR is to have all birds as close to the same condition as possible, this is why we race them on the darkening system.
I have heard from others and seen examples of when they are not raced on a system, some birds were missing their 10th flight, others their 9th, yet others had the 9 almost 1/2 way in and the 10th missing, HOW can those birds compete, they have NO chance !!!
In the Southern states it's natural or light system with cut & pull the 9th & 10th flights, this way all birds will be the same when training/racing starts. In Canada there is not enough time and therefore the only way to go is darkening, natural is not an option as birds will all be at different stages of the moult and how is that a fair race ??
Our website has been updated and you can now register for our OLR. Read rules all the way to the bottom addressing shipping, pick-up dates and shipments to the USA and Pattaya, Thailand.
Please note, on this flyer the first 2 pick-up dates are off by 1 week, they are both 1 week later, Mar. 14 & Apr. 11.
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