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There has been a hawk working the loft over the last week.  I found blood and fathers at least once. Hopefully, he has not done too much damage to the flock.


This morning we will do a hands on inventory to try to determine how much damage he has done. Will post the inventory later today.




 Good morning breeders, 

After a stress filled month it appears that things have settled down and the worst is behind us. If there are no new problems over the next two days we plan to begin removing the replacement birds from isolation into the race loft.

We would like to thank all of the breeders for their support during this stressful period and for those affected, sending in replacement birds.

As a result of this problem, we will probably delay our race schedule by several weeks. We will make a final determination after we see how the birds progress and the replacements adjust to the loft.

Again, thanks to all the breeders for their support and encouragement during this trying and stress filled time. Hopefully, better times are ahead and our race will be successful.


Rich Fox




Over the weekend several birds were acting strangely when they were eating. This morning there were more birds acting in the sme manner and there were dead birds, The problem seems to be prevalent in the May arrivals located in the third section of the loft. I contacted a DVM familiar with pigeons and described the symptoms. He said it aappears that we have a PMV outbreak.

This is very discouraging after having vaccinated all the birds for PMV and Paratyphoid. The DVM recommended vaccinating the bids for PMV again and giving them electrolytes to prevent dehydration. I am also  applying a disinfect to the floor and perch areas.

I am posting this update to inform all of our breeders of this problem and will continue to update you on this situation. Hopefully we can get it under control. 

If anyone has any questions or suggestions please call. 


Rich Fox




We had a visitor (hawk) at the loft today. In fact he was here twice. He scattered the birds and they were flying every which way. I feel certain that there are birds still missing. I will wait until Thursday and then inventory the loft. If you do not receive a phone call your birds are still here.

If you have any questions you can call me. (Rich) 570-621-8923


Just a reminder that the deadline for entries is May 31, 2018. We have 262 birds in the loft so far and hope to top 325 entries.


Thanks to everyone for supporting our race! 



We have received  70 birds to date. They have adapted to their new home very well and many have been on the landing board getting fmiliar with their surroundings.


We sent our club unit to Siegel's for a software update and expect it to be returned in the next week or two. Upon receiving it we should be able to couple the birds and begin to provide regular inventory reports.


To date we have 339 entries, which is more than double the entries we had for our first race last year. We are stilll hoping to achieve our goal of 400 entries.






We are fast approaching March 01, 2018, the first day for receiving entries in our 2018 Blue Mountain OLR. If possible please give us a call telling us when you ship your birds so that we can be on the lookout for them. Birds are to be shipped to:


Rich Fox

Box 136

Summit Station, Pa. 17979



We are looking forward to receiving your birds and the start of our 2018 OLR.


Rich Fox


Please remember breeders have 30 days to claim their remaining birds. Breeders are responsible for the shipping and handling of these birsds. Cost is $60 for the first bird and $10 for each additional bird.

Any questions call Rich at 570-621-8923.


The final race of the series was flown today. The results will be posted shortly. 

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to all of this year's entrants for supportingt the first year of the Blue Mountain One Loft Race. 

Hope to see all of you in our race again next race. Hopefully we will have more entrants in our second year and the race can continue to grow. 

Thanks again,

 Rich Fox





Looks like the weather will be ok for the final race from Pulaski, Va. (343 miles) on Thursday 11/02/2017.

First place will receive 3000 points for this race. There will be 10 positions receiving points. In addition, 11th thru 15th will receive one free perch fee (one bird) in next year's race. Average speed will also receive points as follows, first 900 points and second 500 points.

Final race results will be posted on Thursday night. 

Good luck to all participants.






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