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  The birds were released in cloudy skies, a sprinkle of rain with a very slight side wind. Along the way, broken clouds and at home, a light rainfall. A large percentage of the birds opted to play in the puddles for a while before clocking in.  Tonight , I will start calling everyone and hope to finish in the next day or two.

  Tuesday, the birds will go 90 KM.

   I wish to thank all who volunteered the use of their trailers. I have the use of a superb unit that belongs to Dave Ramcharan. Thanks so much Dave.







   Early this afternoon, I completed the inspection of all the birds. Half I did on Saturday morning and in the afternoon, they had a couple of hours to fly and play in the grass. Today, yesterdays went out at ten AM and the rest as I completed their check up. All flew for an hour or more, most were up and down for at least two hours. I set the clock so that you would be able to tell which on your team is here to compete. When they came in, they were looking for supper and jambed the traps in their hurry. Tomorrow we are going on a 50 KM toss and the birds will be released in 16 small groups. There will be less congestion at the traps and the reading will be accurate. 

  Complete list of those deceased, injured, etc will be published by me tomorrow. 




Trailer Accident


Trailer Accident


  Thank you for your phone calls and emails. We appreciate the encouragement and support so much. In ten seconds, life changes and you can go choose to go backwards or forward. We'll move on. 

   When I look at the photos of the trailer I find it amazing that 500 birds survived. Not only did they survive, they flew 48 KM to their home. Awesame that less then one pound of flesh and feather can stand that impact and then scoot on home. Linda swears the whole episode lasted no more than 10 seconds. When the truck and trailer entered the ditch, it stopped, period, but the top of the trailer came apart and in seconds, the sky was filled with pigeons. 

   Today I handled 250 birds. Very few have a mark on them. There is the odd scratch, broken feather or a bruise. Most are physically fine. Two more days around the loft are a must but on Monday they should be ready for a short toss.

  There are some who won't have time to replace feathers or mend the cuts they have in time to race.  When all the birds have been inspected. I will publish the lists of who was killed, who was too badly injured and who may still make it to race day. Mondays toss will show all who are able to continue.

   As I handle the birds, I take note of their condition and I will call each of you personally to inform you of the condtion of your birds. I will also compensate for the birds lost in the accident that are now not able to race the main event. I'll fill you in on everything in the next few days.

Again , thanks for the calls and support.

Linda and Rick


   At 10;30 this morning, on the way to our release point, Linda was involved in an accident. Four KM south of Havelock, the trailer fishtailed, the tongue snapped at the trailer, pushing her into traffic. Linda was able to swing the truck into her lane and was then pushed into the ditch. Upon impact, the trailer exploded and 586 pigeons were thrown into the air. An amazing number survived and flew home, some with injuries. There were also a number that were trapped in the wreck that did not survive or were euthanized by the OPP and the Fire Department. 

   I went to the scene and have brought those deceased home. I will inform each of you if your bird was one of the victims.

   The survivors are on the clock. Some are injured and I will now catch every bird and determine who is healthy and who is not. It amazes me how these tiny creatures can stand such an impact and then fly 48 KM to their home. I had not yet set the clock nor opened the trap when I received the call from the OPP. I raced to the accident site and realized there the birds were locked out. I raced back and found them at home, sunning on the deck and picking in the grass. The few I handled were fine, infact most went about eating and drinking and jostling for their spot in the sun. 

   I need a day or two to survey the birds and also to gather my thoughts. I will keep you in the loop. The birds will stay home for a few days.

    Linda was banged about , shaken up and is devistated, but she is not hurt.



   Wednesday we had the clocking system on untill noon. Only 2 that were missing from yesterday"s toss showed up in the morning. We had to change a couple of bands and remove birds from the system that were not activated, so the clock was stopped for the afternoon. All the birds went out and flew in the afternoon and then relaxed in the sun, on the loft and in the grass. The loft clock was set and 586 birds went through the trap last night.

   This morning, I went through the loft and removed 8 who will stay home and loft fly untill the others return from their toss. The distance today will be 90 KM. There is a slight head wind but the temperature is not excessive and they will still be released in 16 groups. 

   We have the updated list for this years prize money and it will be posted on our web site this weekend. I will also post it on the message board. Also, our pool sheets for the main race will be posted for you to down load before race day. Those living out of the area who are participating in the loft pool and bird pooling will be required to send in your money the week before this race.

   Good luck to all.



   On Tuesday, the birds had a 62 KM toss. They were released in 16 groups, starting at 12:45 with all birds released by 1:20.  The sky was clear at the release point, dark clouds half way home and clear at home. The winds were gusty, pushing them to the west. Leaving the area was not as quick as before. Several groups came back and joined forces. At home, the late arrivals all came from the south west and by the end of the day, 12 birds were still missing. I'll set up the race today so that you can see the arrival time of the late comers.

   The birds out of sick bay had a short toss {1/2 KM} and while they felt good and looked great, four didn't come home and are part of the 12 that are missing.

   Today, play in the sun, have a shower, and a little loft flying. Tomorrow will be a toss of 90 KM.



     Good Morning. As of nine oclock last night, 592 birds went through the trap. That brings them all back home. The last team released on Sunday returned from all directions. What ever they hit, sure split them up. All but two arrived before nine AM. Both of the late comers have hit wires on the way home. On Monday, the birds had open loft and a short forced excercize period. They look great with no health issues for the last 2 weeks, only injuries from wires.

     Today, they will go 62 KM and the clock will be on.



   The birds were released starting at 11;15 and the last group at 11:45. Today was somewhat tougher with a headwind and a higher temperature. The birds arrived in small groups with an awfull lot of single and doubles between the groups. While some groups came from the north or north east, a lot came from the west, pushed over by the wind. The injured and recovering birds were released near the farm and had their exercize around the loft a couple of hours before the main groups arrival. They all trapped during the arrival of the main flock.



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