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    Sun is shining, oh happy day. Maybe there will be enough warmth to melt some ice. Where I live, there is not one square foot of ground that is level so no matter which way you go, your heading up or down. We have a nice layer of ice as thick and hard as concrete and now I have a third way to go, flat on my back. I've been given advice by a basketball player on how to fall. Just relax and hold your hands and arms out of harms way. You try to remember that as your feet shoot out from underneath you.

   We have had a break in the cold and the excavator managed to cut a swath into the hill side. The same day, Adam and I managed to place the 28 support pads needed for the loft. Everything is level and we are ready to start assembling the building. Linda has taken shots on her Ipad and she will be starting her " The Salem Special " blog on Facebook. This will give you a chance to see how we are getting along.

   Thanks to all who have registered on site. I am glad your on board for 2019.



     I've learned a new skill. How to be a carpenter using frozen fingers. Whacking them with a hammer while holding nails brings a level of joy to working in the winter that I've never experienced before. 

    We are almost ready to begin the assembly of the loft. Trusses aren't ready yet but will be by the time the rest of the building is up. The interior fittings are half complete and the balance will be in March. The excavator will have our footings in place shortly and then we can start the assembly process. Hopefully the weather will help. A bit of sun will make working in a field a bit more enjoyable.

    Slowly the list of breeders is starting to grow. I am sure when the word spreads that we will be open for business, lots will come aboard. Hope to hear from you all soon.


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