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  The birds keep coming home so I m keeping the clock on for another day or two. Rick


   The payout for the Marathon 380 , based on one prize for every fifteen birds is:

1.   $ 4500.00

2.   $ 3000.00

3,   $ 2500.00

4.   $ 2000.00

5.   $ 1500.00

6.   $ 1000.00

7.   $  750.00

8.   $  750.00

10.  $  750.00

11.  $  500.00

12   $  500.00

13.  $  350.00



   I appologize for a couple of things. First, forgetting to put up the revised payout sheet for the Marathon 380 and second, for not congratulating everyone immediately.

  It's not that I am ignorant, I am just tired. Four nights of not being able to sleep, five days of not being able to stop has ground me to a halt. I stepped into the house at ten last night, walked passed my wife and said goodnight, walked into the washroom and fell asleep standing in front of the bathroom sink while brushing my teeth. As I fell over, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and swore I was being attacked by a rabid clown. Hell of a sight to remember while your trying to fall asleep.

  Congratulations to British Columbia. The first four birds all were born there, infact half of the fourteen birds home on the day were born in BC.

1.      Bulldog Loft

2.      Cascade Syndicate

3.      Mountain Pacific Syndicate

4.      Dave Naylor

5.      Matt Long


Congratulations to Les Duex Suzannes for winning average speed.

1.     Les Duex Suzannes

2.     Cruz and Vasco Loft

3.     Cascade Syndicate


    I will now concentrate on writing the book of results and payouts and returning the birds to their rightfull owners. Linda and I thank you for participitating in our one loft race and we hope to see you all again next year. Stay tuned for the changes, check our updates often.

Linda and Rick


   Good Morning.  The birds will be let up at 8 AM this morning. We are in Quebec, north of La Sarre. The weather there is cloudy with the sun peeking through the clouds. There is no wind but there will be south winds, strong south winds, as the birds get closer to home. It is 59 degrees up north but it will warm considerably as the day goes on. 

Good Luck to everyone. 


   I have just heard from the driver. The birds circled twice and headed straight south. I had asked to make sure he watched their departure. For those wondering, no fog in the area and none the first 45 minutes heading south. 

8:55 am,



MARATHON 380 M 2017

  The birds are at the release site as I write. They have been fed and have water in front of them. Release time will depend on the day tomorrow. I will post it on this message board in the morning. One hundred and eighty six birds went to the race. Good Luck to every one. 



 The question everyone asks is how are their wings. Today, I handled most of the birds. Eighty percent have dropped and grown in their sixth flight. Some a bit, some a lot. They do not have a gap in their wings and will not drop a flight when in the trailer. A small number are on their fourth flight or fifth. Again none have a gap in their wing. There are a very few who have dropped their seventh flight but it is in and partially grown in. There body weight is superb. It's a little sad to handle the ones not going cause they're ready to race. Also, those who only picked the odd ones, the ones you missed might have been the ones that would have scorred.

Good luck to those in the race. As of this evening, 192 birds have entered.



  Today I thoroughly enjoyed watching your pigeons. It was Acrobat Day at the SS Empire. A very strong wind was blowing over the loft and all the birds took advantage of the up draft. A tip of the wing and up they went. Fold them together and it was down like a spent rocket. Coming in for a landing was a sight to behold. One after the other, almost in a straight line, tucking down and then, at the last second, up onto the board. How they can stop at that speed is beyond me.

   At one time, every single bird {and the married ones} were on the landing strip of the SS Empire. All the boys were spinning and all the girls were bowing. It was like a country hoedown. All the boys spin to the left, spin to the right and all the girls dowsie-do. If I knew how to work my fancy phone, I could have taken a video, added some music and send it in to Funniest Videos. But I can't. They are offering winter classes "Camera's, photo's for dummies" at the seniors centre, guess I better take them.

   At the first of last week, I treated the birds for a couple of days. Since then, they have had probiotics, and Ropa B. The last few days before the race they will have clear water. They have been stooked up with Y2K Racing mix and at prsent, it has Millinium added to it. The last couple of days, they'll have all the Millinium they can eat. Your birds are in terrific shape. They are primed and ready to go now. By the weekend, I'll have trouble holding one in my hand. It will be a shame if you do not activate your bird. The birds that were at the top of the first race weren't at the top of the second. I'll bet the third will be different again. Any one has an opportunity to win.

   The cut off day will be Wednesdy evening, September 13. On Thursday the birds will be scanned and separated and they will be ready to go. Make sure yours is on the right side of the dowelled partition. Activate by email as soon as you can.



  The birds were taken on a 63KM toss today. They were released in one group and came home in one group except for the usual stragglers. While a lot decided to go in and eat dinner, a number decided to stay out and check out the lawn. Two birds stayed home. One, belonging to F&D Loft has a banged up leg and one, belonging to Robert Marshall, needs another days rest. Neither are in the clock. The rest flew the toss and came  and went in as they pleased. They will have open loft tomorrow with one hour manditory loft fly in the afternoon. One hundred and forty birds have been activated for the marathon, Send in your entry as soon as you can.

Thanks, Rick



   The birds went on a short toss today. I took them to the Ten Mile Truck stop, Belleville. All were in the loft when I got home. Tomorrow they will go forty miles and I will set the clock so that you can see what's what.

   There are now a total of 270 birds home from the 313 mile race. Here is the list of the latest arrivals.

262   Kwan Loft   Kwan 561   BB

263   Joe and Celia Visscher   NR 2404 SLVR

264   Jim and Shiri and Dick  PTHP198  BC

265   Red E  Loft   CRPU  10940  BCWF

266   Baracuda-Mitu    CRPU 17503 LCH

267   Baracuda-Menier   BF  627  BB

268   Duhra Lofts    Duhr 0362  BC

269   Robert Marshall   GLPH 0543 BC

270   Jules Hou   MP  17136  DCWF

As the weather now stands, we may race next Sunday,not Monday. Check the returns and send in your Marathon entries as soon as possible. Thanks.




  The birds are flying very well. All but 4 flew an hour on Thursday and then spent the afternoon playing in the grass and tooting about. Two birds arrived home in the afternoon. One belongs to Kwan Loft, the other to Joe and Celia Visscher. On Sunday, the birds will resume their training schedule. All birds cabable of racing will be in that toss. The clock will be on and you can check inventory. 



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