"All at once summer collapsed into fall"
Oscar Wilde

Good Evening Breeders, we finally have some cool fall weather arriving and along with it lower humidity. The birds love it when the humidity drops easier to stay aloft. We had a good toss this morning, the first group only arrived after 40 minutes, they were just playing in the wind. We had a decent headwind 10-12 mph. It took them a bit to get their noses into it and head home. Glad we had it and tomorrow is forecast to be the same, the sooner they can get used to it the better since that is what this course brings. We have had a good bit of rain and many cloudy days this past week  that have made it impossible to get on the road. We will take any good days and generally speaking it tends to dry out into the fall. 

The birds are looking great and I am happy with the way they are flying on the road. We will be back at it in the morning. Not much more to report . Glad to hear the firefighters are starting to get a handle on the western fires. Have a great week. 





Good Morning Breeders, we have rain forecast for the next few days will go as soon as weather allows. Birds in today


"I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened"
Mark Twain

Good Evening Breeders,I have read some heartbreaking stories of families the past few days that have lost everything to the fires including family members in our western states. I read of one pigeon fancier that lost all he had, we pray that those of you affected will be able to weather this storm and if there is any way that we can help please do not hesitate to ask. I know there are several one loft races in the areas and we also pray that you and your families are safe. 

This weeks quote comes courtesy of Don Kuenstler of Redtex loft. We are making steady progress on the road and will be at the 12 mile station in the morning if the weather co-operates. The birds are doing well, we continue to toss in small groups to reduce the chance of wire strikes. Health is excellent, the birds are looking good and within a week or so all will be in full feather flying condition. It is finally starting to cool down a bit and more importantly the humidity is dropping.

We wish you a safe week. 


"The heat of autumn/ is different from the heat of summer/ One ripens apples the other turns them to cider"
Jane Hirshfield

Good Morning Breeders, I so wish we were  able to be on the road today, it is a magnificent morning cool with a light breeze. Fall is making its first appearance down south and not a moment to soon for me. We will be back on the road on Tuesday morning, there will still be a good bit of shooting tomorrow. I took the opportunity to de-worm all the birds. The late birds are looking a whole lot better than they did a week ago and are starting to slick down nicely. The cool weather this week will really help also on the road. 

Have a great week and enjoy the labor day weekend with your families. 



Birds In  Dove season opens today. Back on the road Tuesday. 


"We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done"
Alan Turing

Good Afternoon  Breeders, we are moving ahead pretty slowly but we have time on our side. Many of the later birds are really heavily in the molt and not ready to be taken too far down the road. We will continue short tosses until the birds slick down and are ready to push out for real work. The schedule is very fluid as it is every year, when I know the birds are right I will push out. The health is excellent, we just have to be patient, besides it only really starts cooling in late September. 

Weather ahead this week looks a little iffy but we will train short tosses any day the weather allows. Have a great week and let me know if you have any questions. 


"I am a slow walker but I never walk backwards"
Abraham Lincoln

Good Evening Breeders,we are moving along slowly in the road training. This time of year in the South we can have fog develop in the early morning and it can linger till late morning. It did delay our release this morning but were able to get our toss in. Each part of the country has its unique challenges to us as one loft handlers, all we can do is adapt and make wise choices.  We will increase the distance tomorrow to 2 miles stay there a few days and jump a bit more. The weather may be a bit unsettled the next few days, there are two large storms headed into the Gulf of Mexico that will have an impact on us, how much time will tell.

The birds are doing really well, we still have about 10% of the birds that are molting. They should be done here in the next few weeks before we really get out in distance. Appetites are really good and birds are  full of energy. It appears that the Coopers hawk problem has subsided and the birds have really settled down around the loft. 

I hope all of you have a great week and be safe out there. I did post a couple of short videos this past week.


"I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught" 
(Winston Churchill )

Good Evening Breeders,a much more productive week since the birds have not had to face the aerial attacks. We will be on the neighbors farm the next two mornings releasing and then on Wednesday if the weather is good we will start on the road. We will train whenever the weather is good, we do have to be a little careful early on here in road training as you can release in good weather and birds can be in thick fog within 30 minutes. As the fall weather comes in that is lessened. This morning was a great example when I was loading birds into the trailer it was sunny. 20 minutes later all birds were in the trailer and it was full cloud, within another 15 minutes we were in fog that only burned off almost 90 minutes later.

We are right on schedule for where I wanted to be at this time. We do have some of the later birds that came in still in the molt. The birds are flying well and I am cautiously optimistic going into the start of this years road training. The birds will be released in small groups until we are at least at the 50 mile station. The health is great and the birds are full of zest. I will post training and a few videos each week of releases. I did post a video a few days ago of the release on property with loft in sight. Have a great week breeders. Fun time of the year with the training really getting into high gear around the country. 


"You're only one loft fly away from a good mood" 
(S. Phitides)

Good Evening Breeders, it has been a bit of a trying past 10 days. We have had a very smart persistent Coopers hawk attacking from way up and scattering birds in all directions. It has been driving me crazy. Great news I was able to trap it today being a licensed falconer and relocate it a long way from the loft. I tried about everything I knew , kept birds in, changed loft fly times and it just kept showing up. My trap just would not do it either but a few adjustments were the key.  I have had a pair of nesting crows the past few years and a resident pair of redtials that both did not raise any young here this year. The crows especially are good for mobbing the Coopers and keeping them at bay.  West Nile virus is particularly bad for crows and I am assuming they got hit by the virus. Redtail hawks can also be susceptible and perhaps that explains it. We push on and hopefully we will not see one as determined as the one we had. 

I have been flagging the birds and the vast majority are flying for well over and hour. We will be looking to start road work in the next 2 weeks. As soon as I am happy with the workouts at the loft we will proceed. Have a great week .