The 2019 Race is full please do not send any birds unless you are on the prepaid List. Thank you for the overwhelming response . 



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Good Evening Breeders, settling is going well. We have a decent anchor group now so when birds are scattered all over it is not long before they make their way back onto the landing board. Loft addition is finally done and we will start adding birds to the new sections this coming week. We have just under 500 birds in the loft and over 600 with prepaids. 

When I posted the payout early this year it was based on 500 birds gong to the first race. Based on the sign up we have I suspect we will have at least 700 birds gong to the first race and possible more. Below is a tentative payout based on 700 birds, 
Tentative updated payout for 325 Mile final

1st $70,000
2nd $20,000
3rd $10,000
4th $9,000
5th $8,000
6th $7,000
8th $6,000
9th $5,000
10th $4000
11th-15th $2000
16th-20th $1500
21st-50th $550
51st -70th $450
Average Speed 
1st $6,000
2nd $4000
3rd $2500
4th $1500

It is going to be a very competitive race series with many  of the top racing lofts in the USA participating. The course will bring the cream to the top, get your birds in and lets see who has cream in his loft. 

Weather ahead this week looks great so birds will be out again each day. I did contact 4 breeders this past week about birds that had a respiratory issue and two that had gone light. I go through the loft very carefully each morning and afternoon at feeding to see if there are birds that are not eating properly or who are  looking dumpy. Any bird that is taken out the loft is put in my sick bay loft which is a long way from the main loft on its own so they can recupirate . I am very happy with the health so far considering we have almost 500 birds in already. 

I did post a short video to YouTube and Facebook today of the birds out this afternoon. Thank you for your support and have a great week. 



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Good Evening Breeders,exterior of loft is complete, electrical has been run and interior wire ceiling is in. Traps are done, last thing to do is hang 4 interior doors and finish up perches. The addition will be complete at the end of the week.

Groups 1,2 are out and group 3 will join them later this week.  I did have the skies scattered with birds today, always nerve wracking when the birds get spooked  and go in all directions. Always neat to see some youngsters that go up for their first flight and take several circles and land on the landing board like they have been doing it their entire lives. The first couple of groups are always the most stressful groups to settle, after that when birds are already familiar with loft and surroundings subsequent groups have a far easier time. 

We have over 300 birds in the loft already with many more due this week. Health is holding and we hope it continues to do so. I am using Ropa B in the loft this year and see why it is liked by so many fliers.

Weather is really nice and looks like we have several dry days in a row, will help to get 3rd group settled, I hate it when I cannot let the birds out for several consecutive days in a row especially when we are settling.  I uploaded a video of the loft addition to Facebook and YouTube. Have a great week and thank you for the support of our race. 



Good Morning Breeders, this update is directed at all California Breeders living in Riverside, Los Angles and San Bernardino Counties.
The Southern Belle Race will  Not Accept any pigeons from you in the 2019 season as your areas are under a very strict quarantine for Virulent Newcastle's Disease. The fine imposed will be  $25,000 for breaking the quarantine. We would ask those breeders to adhere to these rules and we look forward to having you back in the the race in the 2020 season. It takes many years to build a race and our trust and integrity is all we have at the end of the day. Breaking of this quarantine puts not only our race at risk but also all our other breeders and potentially other One Loft Races.  

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Have a great day 



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Good Evening Breeders, we have had a busy first two weeks at the loft. There are 122 birds in the loft and 962 signed up. We will be full this year so prepay if your birds are going to be arriving later in the season to ensure your spot in the race. The first group are trap trained and will go out for the first time this coming week if weather is good. We are having a mild early spring.

The new loft addition is coming along well, got the small angled front roof skirt on the loft yesterday. It was tested this afternoon with a very strong storm coming thru and no water came into the new addition, I was happy to see that. I am still working on the 644 new perches that will go into the new addition. I am adding another sink and feed area  in the trapping section to help cut the back and forth up the passageway in half. Just a heads up the loft lights are kept on until 10 pm each night, it has already kicked our first group into a heavy body molt, droppings look great.

I had a interesting thing happen to me this week, I opened a box of birds and proceeded take the birds our and put them in the arrival basket. When I opened the envelope on the inside the check was addressed to another one loft race. This has happened before when a breeder is sending out multiple boxes to one lofts and makes a mistake. I decided to take a look at the label and was stunned to the see the birds were supposed to go to Oregon. What had happened was the post office scanned an old label and sent the birds to me. So just a heads up pull off old labels to ensure your birds don't end up on the opposite side of the country. Have a great week and thank you for the support of the Southern Belle race. 



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Good Evening Breeders, Finally we got a break in the wet weather today. It misted most of the day yesterday but we were still able to get the new loading/trapping section dried in. I got the internal walls sheathed with sanded plywood today and will start cutting and assembling the 600 new perches tomorrow. All the 2x2 aluminium tubing that I am using for the landing board assembly and new settling cages arrived a few days ago. It comes in 30ft sticks and is a fantastic material to use for aviaries, landing boards and loading funnels. 

We have 78 birds in the loft with many due this week, I have over 200 birds that have already been prepaid. Breeders I would encourage you to prepay if your birds are only going to get to me in late April or early May, the race may be full by then. We have a hard number of 999 that we can take and it would insure that your spot is reserved. 

The first two groups of birds are well on their way to trap training and have settled well to their new surroundings. I picked up our first shipment of Versele Laga feed for your birds. Your birds are kept together for 21 days before they are joined to the general population. They fill the loft one section at a time and then are moved as a group together each week to a new section. All birds are vaccinated, wormed, sprayed for external parasites and given a canker tablet on arrival. 21 days later they are vaccinated again and 3 days later they join the general population. This is the 8th year I have been running a one loft race I learn from each season that passes and this one will be not different. Thank for your support and I look forward to training your pigeons. 



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Good Evening Breeders, we had a busy start to the race season. First 41 birds arrived this week and are in the new arrivals section learning to trap. The loft addition is coming on well , and we were able to get the roof on 4 of the 5 sections added to the loft. The rain has slowed my progress but it will not impede us with new arrivals,the old loft has 6 sections with 900 perches. 
Birds arriving this past week look great and none were too young which is always nice to see. We have stocked up on our vaccines thanks to Kelly and Jimmy at Vita King. 

I have have been using a Unikon clock for the past 7 seasons and will continue to do so this year, however it can only hold a total of 999 birds , we cannot exceed that number. I will keep a close eye on the tally and will shut the race before we go over that number so get your birds in.We currently have 880 birds signed up so we are still fine, however I want you to be aware of what the ceiling is this year. I am researching the other clocking systems out there and have spoken to several of the one loft handlers on their experiences with the different clocks. I will decide on a new clocking system this year and get it in place and tested for the 2020 race series. 

Based on emails it is going to be a very busy intake week at the loft, Have a great week.



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Good Evening Breeders, I hope the new year will be good for all of you.The loft addition is underway. We have added an additional 65 feet to the loft, 5 new sections. All the exterior walls are standing, it will be complete by the time we start accepting birds in Mid February.  What I am most  excited about is the new loading and trapping section that we will have. I have a door now that leads out of the trapping section down to the trailer instead of having to walk all the way down the loft hallway and out the office door to move the loading chute to the next section on the trailer. Also the Unikon antennas are going to be turned lenghthways towards the loft  so birds will pass over two clocking pads before entering the loft. This should eliminate the  few birds that are sometimes missed during training when a mountain of birds storm the traps. The trapping section is located in the elbow part of the now L shaped loft.  There are now 10 sections each with 150 perches and a 24 x 8 trapping/loading section and a 12x16 office and feed-room that is climate controlled . I have also added a new standalone sickbay loft  that is 10x12  and located well away from the racing loft for any birds this season that become ill. 

A big welcome to our new breeders and thank you to our breeders that have supported us over the years. This year we already have 668 birds signed up with many of our returning breeders still to sign up it will be the biggest intake we have had. This is the start of the 7th year and we have grown every year since our humble beginnings  in  Jacksonville Florida with 78 birds.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.