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Hello Breeders, we have had lots of birds coming in! Overall most are arriving in great shape. We have had a few, that have been in shipping boxes, way too long. A few have been a little down, I'm sure from stress, for the long period in the boxes. I've been watching them, very closely. Please make sure you send youngsters that are drinking and eating well.  We have received a few, very young birds, its super hard on these babies. Let's give them a opportunity to build up that immune system a bit. All in all, things are moving along well. Thank you for your support. 


Good evening breeders! We will be posting up, lots of pictures and videos, very soon. Many have asked for videos and, or pictures of their birds. It's very hard for me to pick out a certain bird, out of all the birds, that are coming in. I'll do my best to post some videos, that way hopefully, you will pick out your birds. Some have been asking about help with donations. If you would like to donate, we are still in need of some Benzing chips, more pmv vaccination etc. Thank you all, for all the support. We couldn't do this without the help.


Good evening breeders. We have 34 birds in the loft, with many more expected, very soon. It has been a shipping nightmare this week. I'm hoping and praying, next week will run much better. All birds we have received, look healthy. Some, being in the box way to long. 


We have had many calls of birds being shipped. We are excited to get a look at all your hard work. We will be adding birds to the list on wincompanion daily. Thank you for the overwhelming support. 


We were expecting several birds, this week. Unfortunately the weather isn't cooperating, and all live bird shipping is at a standstill. Hopefully we can resume shipping, next week. Looking forward to receiving, your birds. 


Good afternoon breeders! We are nearing our intake dates. There are several fliers signed up, under their parents names. A few families have their kids signed up together. Each child, needs to be separate. If you have multiple kids, their loft names, can't be the same, there has to be a slight difference. For example Brown Family Loft 1, and Brown Family Loft 2. It has to work this way under wincompanion. We are excited to get this race series underway! Please let me know, when you are shipping, that way I can be watching for your birds. Please list your name and loft name in the box. If you have any questions, or concerns, please call me. 970-417-3322, thank you!


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Good Evening Breeders! We are fast approaching our intake date. We have 210 birds reserved, as of now. We were going to stop at 200, but there were a few, that really wanted to send birds, so why not? We are so excited to receive your birds, and we are ready to get this show, on the road. We hope everyone is having a healthy and successful breeding season. We will definitely be posting videos, as we vaccinate your champions, and start our daily routines. Thank you all, for the overwhelming response 🙏 


Good Evening. We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas 🎄. We have 20 perches remaining, so don't miss out, if you haven't already signed up. We get calls, or emails, almost daily. We appreciate the overwhelming support! We hope the breeding season, is going well. We can't wait to start getting the youngsters in. 


Good evening breeders! We still have 32 perches left to fill. We have 168 birds registered as of now. We hope everyone is pairing up breeders, and getting ready for an amazing race 🏁 series! We get calls or emails daily asking to help or donate. We appreciate all the support! 

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