News and Updates
We have a 142 birds registered! Thank you! That being said, we are going to have to limit our race to 200 birds. This race is free to enter, as of perch fees. The only cost is getting your birds here, and return of your champions. We have had overwhelming response with people offering to help. It does take a considerable amount of time to properly take care of and train your beloved birds. To handle and feed and medicate the birds, definitely takes money. I set out to make this the biggest youth race in the country, and even with 200 birds, I believe we have achieved that. If you know youth that are interested, definitely sign them up! It won't be long and we will be full. Thank you again for such support 🙏
We have a 122 pigeons registered! This is awesome! We are currently extending our racing loft, we are expected to be the biggest youth one loft race in the US! Thank you for the overwhelming support! We can't wait to start accepting your awesome pigeons, we are looking forward to a great race series. 
Good evening young breeders! As of tonight we have 92 birds signed up. This is awesome, and more are definitely, signing up. We received some of our trophies for the races, today. Hopefully we will have some photos soon. Thank you to all the donations, and the overwhelming response. I hope to have a fun, and very rewarding race series. You young men, and young ladies, are the future to our hobby, that we love so much. 
Good evening breeders! It has been a very busy last few days. Thank you, for the overwhelming support. I've had numerous calls, with people wanting to donate and help, our race. Today Tony Cuevas from the Cuevas Classic, sponsored all our awards, for the race series. Tony is an awesome individual, who is a highly respected, olr manager. Thank you Tony! We have 36 birds registered so far, so please get on our breeder list. We want to wish the Flying Clovers OLR, best of luck in their race this weekend. Mike has done an excellent job with the birds 🐦! 
Good morning breeders! Future Champions! Its awesome to see kids already reserving perches for their 2021 youngbirds! As I was training my personal birds this morning, I received a phone call from Shane, from the Southern Belle OLR! Shane has donated two birds for kids in need of birds, for our race. This is so awesome, Shane has incredible birds and this is such an opportunity for two lucky kids. We have had overwhelming support from pigeon fanciers everywhere! We are gearing up to have a successful and enjoyable race series! 
As you can see, our wincompanion is up and running. Please go to the breeders list and enter your birds. Each youth can enter two birds, there will be no replacements. We will do our very best, to try to get everyone's birds to the races. Thomas Baldwin of Baldwin/Tilson, has graciously donated a bird of his choice, to the average speed winner of the race series, this is awesome! 
We are excited for the 2021, youth race. We have been been making a few modifications to our racing loft. We will be flying a southwest course, our 100 mile station will be in Utah, and our 150, and 200, will be flown from Arizona.