News and Updates
Some of you probably noticed that the 15 mile toss on Thursday was deleted. I set it up and Larry tossed the birds but unfortunately there was a power surge while he was on the road and the computer was off. The birds came reasonably well but looks like we are out 5 at this juncture. The hawks are migrating through in force right now and we had one trap in after the birds on Tuesday and it got one. The hawk has been relocated. Birds are looking great and we will continue to train as the weather permits. High winds and severe storms forecast for Saturday and Sunday so training probably won't resume until Monday or Tuesday.
Richard & Larry
Birds are looking well and flying for a couple of hours every time they are out. Starting to get in the upper 90's every day, so they go up for a while, come down and rest, up again far a bit etc. Have had some hawk predation (Coopers Hawks fledging) and unfortunately lost a couple this past week. These young hawks are starving so they will come through the trap to get a meal if they can. Constant surveillance is the only reliable deterrent.  Road training will start in 3 of 4 weeks so things will get interesting then.
Richard & Larry
Ada, OK 74820
TAKING BIRDS TILL JUNE 30TH Still plenty of space - taking birds till June 30th. Come join the fun here in Central Oklahoma. See our video on You Tube (US OPEN ONE LOFT RACE) to get a look at the loft and an understanding of our philosophy!!!
Good Luck to All!!!

More birds coming in!! Take a look at our video on youtube to understand more about us and our philosophy. US OPEN ONE LOFT RACE on youtube. Still plenty of time to get your birds in our loft !!!!!!!!!

Come join the most challenging OLR in the country!!!!



Everything about the new website now seems to be working! We are anticipating a GREAT year this year. Have about 65 birds in the loft with atleast another 100 committed. I have a few to enter that we received this weekend. Birds are all looking healthy and are beginning to get out and excerise a little. Send your best to us and we will give them the most challenging race serirs in the country. Check out our video on youtube (usopenolr). We are excited about handeling your birds!!!

Larry & Richard