News and Updates

Good afternoon One Loft breeders.  Hope the weather is cooler where you live as it is 91 degrees here in Bruno.  We have been in a heat wave the past week or so.  Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come for the summer.


Very little has changed since the last update.  I have had to ask for a few replacements.  If you were not contacted your birds are all here.  I had them out in the cool air early this morning and was pleased with their performance.  I would estimate that 80% of the birds were up in the air.  Some are starting to flock fly although not for long.  I'm not at all pleased with their trapping so that needs some work.  I only gave them a half ration of feed yesterday morning as I wanted them hungry.  They will learn.  Just baby's yet so I'm not at the point where I will not feed them when they do come in.  Other than a few replacements I believe we have all the birds we are going to get.  


I want to thank and introduce the last breeder to enter.  Welcome 90-year-old Don Bryant.  Don has been a club and AU member forever.  Even though he is no longer able to compete his love for the birds is still there and very evident.  Hats off to Steve Sheary of Gold Star fame for helping Don out.  Don is very anxious to monitor wincompnion to see how his birds do.  It would be great if you can make it to Minnesota for the final race Don.  You will be treated like royalty.  Guess I'll quit my whining about the heat and cleaning up the loft as a soon to be 76 year old.  Hope I still have it in me if I hit 90.


As always call if you have any questions.  Till next update,


be well,


Gary and the Northern Lights committee


Any of you breeders who want to bring your birds to the MPLS auction on May 7th I will be there.  It will save your shipping or driving expenses.  Also pass the word along that there will be a raffle for 2 perch fees to the OLR race.


The birds are starting to come in.  So far the birds that are here look real good and healthy.  You will be notified when I receive them.  Best of luck to all


2023 Northern Lights One Loft Race

Sponsored by Tri State Racers


Loft manager: Gary Meis

Gary managed his own highly successful one loft race – “The Fall Classic” for 9 years.


There will be 4 races:

125 mile / 165 mile / 200 mile / 330 mile final race / all 4 races count for average speed, based on Wincompanion calculations.


200 Mile Race

1st - $1,000

2nd - $500

3rd – 10th - $250

200 mile race is paid by clocking order.

330 Mile Race

1st - $6,000

2nd - $3,000

3rd – 5th - $1,000

6th-10th - $500

11th – 20th -$250

300 mile race is paid by first drop / then clocking order.

Race will be flown Sunday, October 1, 2023 – weather permitting.



Average Speed

1st - $2,500

2nd - $1,500

3rd - $500



Payouts calculated based on 100 birds activated. The payouts may be adjusted up or down based on actual number activated. 100% OF ACTIVATION FEES PAID OUT IN PRIZE MONEY, WITH NO TAKEOUT.

Accepting birds April 15, 2023 to May 15, 2023. Replacement birds to May 31, 2023.


Perch fees:

  • Loft limit is 120 birds. Secure your perches by prepaying perch fees early – race will fill up fast! First come / First served

  • $150 per bird and must accompany birds when shipped if not paid in advance. No Exceptions.

  • Maximum limit of 4 birds per breeder. Notify Gary Meis before shipping birds!


Entry Fee:

  • $250 per bird due within 5 days after 125 mile race

All birds with entry fee not paid by due date become property of Northern Lights Race and will be offered to others for activation. First come / First served

Birds belong to the breeder no buy backs or auctions. Any bird not claimed in 10 days after last race become property of Northern Lights One Loft Race and will be handled accordingly. Breeder to pay for box and shipping expense for birds returned.


Complete list of race rules will be posted on the TSR web site: tsrpigeonclub.com and Wincompanion web site: wincompanion.com.

For any questions contact:

Gary Meis

69555 1 Mile road

Bruno, MN 55712



Tom Staker

339 Sunnyside RD SE

Bemidji,MN 56601





Come join us for food and fun on the 330 mile final race!