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Hello breeders! As most of you watching other OLRs coming to a conclusion and stating to prepare your breeders for upcoming season. we would like to remind everyone that we are ready and looking forward to handling your birds for 2023.


We will start taking birds beginning February 1st and end on April 30th as we want all the birds to complete their molt and be ready for 7 Race series.


1st race 125 miles and activation

2nd race 150 miles

3rd race 200 miles

4th race 250 miles

5th race 300 miles

6th race 125 miles 

7th race 350 miles


Please remember our limit is 450 birds.  We will not accept anymore. We want to keep the birds healthy, and we think that is good number to manage properly. Our speeds in this course have been 1300 to 1500 YPM historically. So, send your best to compete against the best in the best OLR we hope to host in 2023. 


¡Hola criadores! Creo que todos están disfrutando de las carreras y muchas ya casi a su final. Y otros ya pensando en el año siguiente. Queremos recodarles que estamos listos para el siguiente ano esperemos tener la oportunidad de volar sus aves en el 2023.


Comenzaremos a aceptar sus aves el primero de febrero hasta el 30 de abril.


Recuerden nuestro limite es 450 aves la razón es poder mantenerlas saludables.



Salvador Rodriguez          



Congratulations to all the winners and breeders who had birds return in good time as it turned out to be a tough 350 mile final. We had a 16 bird drop and overall had 66-day birds.  We had hoped for better results, but OLRs are unpredictable as there are many factors involved. 


For us, it was our worst year, and we can only hope to learn and improve in 2023. We have had both positive and negative feedback during the season, which we understand comes along with the territory of OLR racing.  We welcome any comments and suggestions, but we feel that it is important to provide constructive feedback. Negative comments are distracting and discouraging and are not solution to any problems, so we ask those wishing to participate in our race in 2023 to refrain from negative comments.  We don’t think that any OLR manager intentionally wants to have bad results.  You as breeders have a choice in entering the races you want, so if you are unhappy with any OLR then we suggest you try another race.  


We hope that participants from this year return and have many more new ones join us for 2023. Our limit for 2023 is 450 birds. Our recommendation is to breed and send early, vaccinate, and select those birds that can handle 1200-1400 speeds No blow homes here in Utah over the Rocky Mountains.   


For those wishing to have the birds returned, please let us know and send in your return shipping payments $65 per bird $75 per two.  For anyone that has money coming their way, we can subtract the shipping fees from the winnings.  Any unclaimed birds will become our property and can be sold or donated as per our discretion. 


For those that have winnings over $600, please send us your W2’s so we can process and send your payments  


Once again congratulations to all the winners! Wish everyone the best in the upcoming races. 


Salvador Rodriguez




Congratulation to the 16 equal first winners very tough 350 miles. To all the money winners please send your W-9 forms no forms no money will be mail until I get the forms.

For those who want their birds back send your shipping and I will try to get all the birds out next couple weeks if I don’t here from you the birds will be given away.


Felicidades a los 16 ganadore estuvo duro el vuelo de 350 millas. Si usted gano dinero favor de enviar su forma de W-9, No forman no enviare su dinero hasta que me envié la forma.


Thanks for your support second year Trappers loop is behind us thank God that allows us finished another year.

Gracias por su apoyo terminamos la segunda temporada gracias al de arriba por prestarnos la vida y la salud.




Congratulations to all the winners we had 20 birds on drop.

2236-Sign-22 was equal first we separated the first drop and when we counted them, we realized there was 20 first, clock only showed 19 birds.   

At this point all depends on the weather we should fly the final 350 Sunday October 2nd   stay tune we will check the weather as soon as we feel confident, we will make the decision.


Felicidades a los ganadores 20 palomos ganadores en la punta.

Cuando llegaron los separamos y los contamos eran 20 palomos.  Faltaba un palomo era el 2236-Sing.

Por ahora todo depende del clima, pero estamos preparando las palomas para el domingo 350 millas la final 2 de octubre.

Cuando estemos seguro de la final les dejaremos saber.




Hello breeders hope everyone is enjoying the summer, here at Trappers Loop birds and looking great mostly been loft flying, tomorrow Friday we will get them up the road 65 miles. we are hoping the weather holds for Sunday to fly 250 miles looking at the weather won’t be blow home birds will have headwinds.


Buenos días criadores espero y todos están disfrutando del verano. Los palomos están en buenas condiciones por ahora hemos volado aquí en el palomar una hora todos los dias. Mañana les daremos carretera 65 millas.

La siguiente carrera será este domingo claro depende del clima por ahora serán vientos de frente no será m uy fácil.




Good morning breeders, Congratulation to the 1st place winners we had 22 breeds in drop. Another tough race the first drop looks like it was easy race, but it was not after the first drop we had heavy headwinds.

Buenos días criadores, Felicidades a los primeros lugares 22 palomos juntos. Otra carrera muy dura después del primer grupo los vientos estuvieron fuertes de pecho.

Next two races there is payout good luck.

Comienzan los premios en las 2 últimas carreras suerte.

Trappers Loops Challenge



Good morning breeders have been checking the weather looks like we may be able to fly our 200 miles this weekend. We will keep checking the weather but so far Saturday and Sunday are looking good.

Stay tune we will update what day we fly our next race good luck to everyone.


Buenos dais criadores estamos mirando el clima y parece que tal vez podemos volar las 200 millas este fin sábado y domingo se mira muy bien.

Estén al tanto en cuanto veas una oportunidad en el clima.

Trappers Loop Challenge


PAY OUT 2022 208 BIRDS

250 Miles paid by clocking order

  1. $700
  2. $600
  3. $500
  4. $500
  5. $500
  6. $250

Total payout $3,050

Ace Pigeon

  1. $3,000
  2. $1,500
  3. $1,000
  4. $700
  5. $500

Total payout for the top 5 spots $6,700

350 Final races pay by drop Not clocking order. For example, if we get 5 birds in drop, we will divide all 5 places equal 1st. after the first drop will be by clocking order until 19th place.

  1. $20,000
  2. $9,000
  3. $5, 000
  4. $4,000
  5. $3,000
  6. $2,000
  7. $1,500
  8. $1,000
  9. $1,000
  10. $1,000
  11. $1,000
  12. $1,000
  13. $1,000
  14. $1,000
  15. $1,000
  16. $500
  17. $500
  18. $500
  19. $500

 Payout pay out $54,500



Hello breeders, we are checking the weather to schedule 200 miles. The weather doesn’t look good today is smoke, tomorrow and the next three days rain and rained in the forecast Friday heavy headwinds.

For now, looks like Sunday be the best day but anything can happen in the next 5 days stay tuned as soon as we see a window, we will have the 200 miles.

We are also working on the payout 208 birds were activated total $72,800.

Hola criadores, estamos mirando el clima hoy hay mucho humo por los fuegos en las montañas. Mañana y los siguientes tres días lluvia y el viernes vientos fuertes de frente.

Por ahora el día mas prometedor parece ser el Domingo, claro faltan muchos días el clima puede cambiar. En cuanto en clima se presente tendremos la carrera 200 millas.

Por ahora estamos trabajando en los premios se activaron 208 palomos total de $72,800.

Trappers Loop Challenge




Good morning breeders yes, I know there is no birds showing on today’s training toss, don’t worry birds are in the clock when I get home i will update the computer. They went 54 miles.

Buenos días creadores Si, yo sé el Sistema no señala ningún palomo no se preocupa el reloj esta conectado y marco bien. Mas tarde are el ajuste para poder ver los resultados del entrenamiento de hoy de 54 millas






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