News and Updates
Good morning  this is going to be quite a race today overcast at the release spots along the course will have a little bit of light drizzle once the birds get south of North Bay it should clear quite nicely so the first part is going to be what separates the men from the boys birds are up at 10 we don’t expect birds till after 4 PM  The prize are as such

 First average speed pigeon Of all 4 races

300 mile main race prizes
 1st.  $2000
2nd.  $1500
3rd.   $500

A big thank you to my dad Richard for taking the birds up on his one day off of work  Richard is the best partner any pigeon man could have and I am very lucky to have him on the team  let’s see if he can beat them back today we will have a nice cold beer for you buddy 

If you’re coming to watch the race the address is 2651 Bloomington Road Gormley 
 Give me a call 416-990-0187 good luck to everyone 

 Hello everyone our final race will be set for Sunday, September 22 if you are wanting to attend the race everyone is more than welcome please give me a call 416-990-0187 our address is 2651 Bloomington Rd., Gormley  Birds are looking fantastic and ready to go if you want to handle your bird Saturday night we will be basketing please contact me and you can handle your bird prior to the race we will have a barbeque We will post pay out Saturday night good luck to everyone thank you




 Birds are doing fantastic my dad screwed up the clock LOL I’m still training an old guy on the clock Not a big deal we will go back to training tomorrow all birds home safe and sound tomorrow we go to 30 Mile


Good day everyone just letting you know so far all the birds are doing fantastic they are being darkened Birds are really starting to mould we are excepting birds until the end of May do not miss out on this small intimate one Loft race yes everybody is out in flying as well thank you if you have any questions give me a shout Ryan


Welcome to the new season Everyone Trono trifecta is excited to raise your birds this year  we have started taking in birds already for this year today we will update with the teams that have sent their birds reminder it is $1065 for a five bird team This covers the four main races there is no additional costs if you have any questions give me a call 416-990-0187 as the birds come in we will post their band nembers colours etc. on our site good luck to everyon