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AN INVENTORY HAS BEEN DONE An inventory was done on April 7th. Check the inventory for missing and lost birds. You have till May 15th to send replacements.
The loft is filling up fast. We now have 600 birds in the loft at this time.
The first 275+ birds have been out for about 10 days. We have just added the next group of about 250 birds to them. We will run them through the traps a few times and then let them out again around Wednesday.

We have the new clocking system up and running and will be running the first two groups through the traps for an inventory soon. You will have till May 15th to get your replacements in.

The weather is looking to improve with very little chance of rain and in the 70's the next 10 days. The health of the birds is looking good.

Some people are having issues tying to ship birds to California. It is only affecting areas within zip codes 90000-93599. My zip code is 94509 and is not affected right now. This has shut down Southern California but Northern California is open.
Record Month!
We have taken in 132 birds in the month of February.
This was our busiest February so far.

New Clocking System
The new Topigeon clocking system is working smooth so far. I will be redoing the stall traps to accommodate the new antennas and will be increasing the amount of stalls to 16. Once that is completed I will start playing with the training toss feature and do some inventories to help learn that part of the system.

What happens when your birds arrive to the SFBATC
When your birds first arrive after being in a shipping box for two sometimes three days they are given a squirt of water down the throat with apple cider vinegar and Acidifier Plus to help rehydrate the birds, then logged in, also given a canker pill and a Versele-Laga Recoup Cap. Also, sprayed with a mixture of Permectrin II with some Dawn dish soap to help it stick to the feathers and rid the babies of external parasites.

Then the birds are put in individual groups of 5 or 6 birds in quarantine cages with Versele-Laga All-in-One grit, Versele-Laga Junior IC+ feed mix, and water with apple cider vinegar and Acidifier Plus.

After A couple of days in the quarantine cages and your birds are eating and drinking well they are then vaccinated for PMV and Salmonella, Clocking chip then put on each bird, then given an Versele-Laga Ideal pill, and then moved to there own section for one week before going into general population.

There is also one of many products that I rotate thru that I put in the water daily to help increase the acidity and build the birds immune system. Such as VGN Avian Solution, A-Champ Rx Complete Adeno, Pigeon Vitality Anti-Fungal and Improver.

We also use Versele-Laga feed mixes and grits.
We have 59 birds in and more arriving daily. Birds are looking good. the first group has been moved to the main loft and are adapting well.

Also, next week I will be testing out the new Topigeon clocking system. If everything goes smooth we will make the switch. With the switch I will also be increasing the amount of trapping holes into the loft.

The weather here is in the mid 50's here lately, about 5 degrees below normal. We are also getting plenty of rain.
We got our first birds in yesterday and more coming today.

When shipping birds please try to use a dustless litter in the shipping box. The birds have to breath in what ever you put in the box for 2 days.

Please mail birds on Monday or Tuesday

Send birds to:

Call, text, or email to let us know birds are on the way.
Phone 925-759-2644
email -
We will be cleaning and disinfecting the loft tomorrow as we open the loft this week to start accepting birds for the 2019 season. Be sure to only ship birds on Mondays and Tuesdays as it seems it takes 2 and sometimes 3 days to go most places these days. Perch fees must be prepaid or included with the birds.

Send birds to:

Call, text, or email to let us know birds are on the way.
Phone 925-759-2644
email -
Helpful Tips on Breeding for One Loft Racing
reprinted from 2016

About a month ago I gave Mike Ganus a call and asked him what he did to prepare his youngsters before shipping them out to one loft races. Over the last three years, Mike has sent me 45 birds and not one of them has gotten sick. Additionally, just last week at the AU Convention, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mathieu De Clippel, Product Manager with Versele-Laga of Belgium. Mathieu dabbles in one loft racing and is also involved in the Belgium Master One Loft Race. I also asked him what he does to prepare his youngsters before sending them out to a one loft races.

From both these conversations I came away with some simple steps to ensure the health and protection of the youngsters being sent to one loft races. Following is a quick summary and some great pointers that you as a breeder should consider.

1.      Breed out of birds that have participated in one loft racing. Breeders that have been in one loft racing have a stronger immune system to tolerate all the diseases that are found in one loft races and should pass that along to their youngsters.

2.      Vaccinate your breeders for PMV 30 days before mating.

3.   A good diet, Vitamins and minerals are very important.
good clean fresh dry grit, extra iron(Red Cell), Vita (Versele-Laga), Mega Mins (Vita-King) are also recommended.

4.      Vaccinate the babies at 22 days old in the nest for PMV and Pox

5.      After the babies are weaned for 4-5 days feed nothing but peas and whole corn for 6 days. This teaches the babies to eat the big seeds.

6.      At 42 days old vaccinate the babies again for PMV.

7.      At 45 days old look for the best youngsters and ship them out. At 45 days old the babies are protected and can handle the stress of shipping much better than at 25 to 30 days old.

I hope this info is useful. I will definitely be following these steps this breeding season. I would like to thank Mike Ganus and Mathieu De Clippel for their time and helpful information.
FINAL RACE Birds are up in the air at 0745. Weather at release is Clear, E 1mph, and 40 degrees. Good luck to all
FINAL RACE Birds are up in the air at 0745. Weather at release is Clear, E 1mph, and 40 degrees. Good luck to all
BATH DAY Birds are taking a nice relaxing bath today.
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