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Good Evening Breeders 

Today a hand inventory was done on all birds in the loft. I let two get away from me that did not scan. If you look at the inventory you will see several AA banded birds that say unassigned. If you don't see your birds under your loft name, please look their. I'm new to this, and to make birds eligible on the breeders list as they pre paid, I put random numbers, not knowing the confusion this would cause later. Many were AAs that I put on there. Unfortunately Terry Gilmore deleted all of them to clean up the mess I made. By doing this many of your birds that were AAs are still in the system but lost their breeders name. This will get corrected! 

I have been under heavy criticism lately, some deserved and some not! I'll touch briefly on this. My job is to take care of these birds and do the best I can. I've had death threats, called things you couldn't even imagine! That being said, I have one task in front of me and that's to have a successful race series, and that's what I'm gonna do! I have a list of birds that did not scan today or have issues. I will have them listed below. I appreciate the support from most, it definitely helps me continue towards my goal. The haters thank you for making me work harder, but honestly I just love these birds, there are some incredible birds in the loft. I can't wait to get them over the mountain. 

That being said, with the exception of a few that I let out, if you don't see your birds under your breeder name, check the unassigned birds on the hand inventory today, if their not there, please check the birds at the bottom of the list. If they're not in those places  Unfortunately they are lost or have had health issues and are no longer in the loft. If they're not on any of the list, please if you want send replacements as soon as you can. By opening up the loft again  it's puts are finally good health in the loft at jeopardy once again. This is my fault from not having accurate inventory. So I'm asking, if you want to send replacements please get them in asap! I will push our race up into October to allow everyone a fair chance! Please don't give up on me breeders, not yet. I'll prove that I have what it takes to run a successful olr for you, the breeders. 

Below is a list of birds that I held in my hands today that did not scan for one reason or another 

Jedds 15156

Bandon 26043

LAQ Loft 11

CBS 719

Alone 127

Jedds  34294

208 lofts 462

Choosen  219

208 loft 462

ARPU  97003

Vita King 2019

GSF 217

MPC 2521

Alone 115

Bandon 26046

Jedds 34208

Pegasus 2277

Pegasus 2208

Alone 35

CCL 346

Bandol 26054

208 loft 465


We are not done doing hand inventory, we will resume after a break. Will have completed today


Working on hand inventory right now


I'm doing a hand scanned inventory this weekend. Any birds are chips with issues will be corrected. We should be 100% accurate this weekend on all birds in the loft


Good Evening Breeders 

We finally ran a live clocking this weekend. I'm still working alot of bugs out. There are several birds that did not scan, or scanned with issues. It will be getting corrected. I'll scan every bird across the pads early week, and anything with issues, will be corrected. I've had numerous messages and calls, in tried to answer and reply to as many as I could. If your birds aren't on the clocking bare with me a couple more days, I'll get it corrected. 


Lots of birds still flying, don't be alarmed, if all haven't clocked


Good Evening Breeders 

I worked 14 plus hours today, getting everything running. Terry Gilmore was awesome today, and helped me with everything. You wouldn't know that I ran the same Benzing system last year with the the youth race, with very few issues. 

The clock will be on in the morning!!! There are several birds, with a few chip issues, I will make a list in the morning, these birds are in the loft. I handled today. I will get this corrected asap. There's a few replacement birds I still need to add to the breeders list on wincompanion. 

Hopefully everything will run smoothly in the morning, I desperately need it to. 

If you don't see your birds on the live clocking in the morning, look at the message in the morning, see if they are on there. If you are missing any birds and want to send replacements, I'll give you till the end of the month. I'll run a hand inventory next week, I'll scan every bird across the pads, checking for any issues. If we have any, it will be corrected. 


There will be a live inventory today, just a little later, I'm working on everything as I type 


Morning Breeders 

Live clocking will not start until tomorrow. I am away from the loft today. I'm excited to get the ball rolling. Thank you for the patience while I'm figuring all this out. 


Morning Breeders 

I've been working on the clocking system all morning. Evidently the cord from my lap top to my docking system is bad. As discouraging as this is to you, it's even more discouraging to me! 

I'm very sorry, no live inventory today. I'll get this fixed as soon as possible. 

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