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Happy Sunday good afternoon Breeder:

We now have close to 250 entries and Christmas is coming soon.

As a personal service the Last pick up day for Nova Scotia challenge OLR, Will be May 1st Sunday at the home of Tony Alves ,you may drop off your entries at Tony's House,at 10$ per bird for travel costs.Cheaper then West Jet. CALL AHEAD,to make arrangements with Tony,,

Then Tony will on May 2nd the next day,will drive to Nova Scotia with your birds under his care.To be hand delivered to Nick Fan. This is a great opportunity for those who want to race the Nova Scotia Challange, without having to use WestJet and go to the airport. This is an excellent service being provided.

Thankyou very much Tony Alves for supporting the Nova Scotia Challange race and providing this service to make this race very successful.

If you have any questions please call Nick 19024495620 I will be happy to help you.

Don't for get to sing up races you will chances to win a team 1500+2 backup in New Years.


From Nick Fan


My name is Nick Fan work as a driving instructor as my main job. 

my Father Warren and I working very hard though a day on building the Loft and it will be amazing.

The loft will be finished in ASAP and will be ready for 2022 for Nova Scotia Challenge OLR.

Please give me opportunity to fly your bird for you.

If you have any question about Nova Scotia Challenge OLR. please contact me at
Nick Fan (902)449-5620
I am happy to answer all of your question.

USA breeders I am working on a more efficient way to ship the birds to Canada. Follow the update for more information in this regard.

CANADA breeder shipping can be done though west jet to Halifax Airport.

In the New year, we will be giving out five bird team+ 2 back up for Novascotia Scotia Challenge races.
Don’t forget to sign up for the 2022 Novascotia challenge,to qualify for this draw .


Nick Fan