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Hoov's One-Loft Race Rules


Hoov's One-Loft would like to invite everyone to participate in a Six Average Speed Race non-profit series.  Loft capacity is 80 birds this season.  Plan to have capacity for 200 birds in the near future.

6 Race Average Speed Series

1st.     - 150 mile

2nd.   - 200 mile

3rd.   – 250 mile

4th.   - 300 mile

5th.    - 350 mile

6th.   – 400 mile




  1. First come, first serve. You can reserve your spot by prepaying the perch fees.

  2. Accepting birds from Mar 1st. through May 31st.

    Kevin Hoover

    5368 East Highway 67

    Alvarado, Texas 76009


    (817) 915-4668

  3. Four bird team with 1 back-up

  4. The perch fee is $25 per bird (non-refundable).

  5. Any birds coming in with no perch fee will not enter the race and will become the property of Hoov's One Loft Race.

  6. There is no entry fee currently.

  7. All birds will be treated for PMV/HERPES.

  8. These races are for fun and proving your birds

  9. Race dates are subject to change due to weather conditions and conditions of the birds.

  10. Races start at 100 miles to 400 miles.  Breeders can pick up their birds or they become property of Hoov’s Loft.