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Hello Everyone!


Couldn t  get the birds through the clock today , so i  am just going to put the list with all the birds that made it home by this time: 


1.  CU- 10759 - CRPU                 -BB

2.  AU- 21189 - ARPU - FD LOFT  -BB

3. CU- 896 -CRPU - SHOW          -BC

4. CU- 2475 - CRPU                    -BC

5. CU- 100 - CRPU                      -BCWF

6.CU - 19106 - CRPU                   -BB


This are the birds that made it home on the race day on the 220 mile race.


Next birds started to come home 3-4 days after the race .

7.  CU - 919 - MISS - CRPU               -BC 

8.  AU - 21200- FD LOFT - ARPU        -BBP 

9.  CU - 2492 - CRPU                        -BC

10. CU -2040 - NRRPS - CRPU           -BB

11. CU - 2121 - NRRPS - CRPU          -BC

12. CU - 20351 - CRPU                     -BBWF

13. CU - 2130 - KINGCONCH -CRPU   -BB

14. CU - 5118 - CRPU                       -GRZ

15. RO -  024 - CDA                         -WHITE

16. CU -1686 -CRPU                         -BB


There are a couple birds that the owners will let them in the loft to be raced next year with the club,so if there is anyone that is willing to do that i will keep them with all my pleasure (free of charge). Rest of the birds will start soon to make the arrangements to send them back to their owners.

Wish everyone a great week !






Just a quick update for everyone . 

Had some more birds getting back home in the last 2 weeks. Tomorrow i am going to get them through the clock so everyone can see the birds that made it back . 

Also, i ve been promised that end of next week we are going to have the trophies and diplomas ready,so we are going to have cheques and prizes sent out .


Thank you 



Hello Breeders!


After some long talks with different participants and One loft Race managers ,I decided the following :


* We are not going to have the final race this year due to low number of the birds that arrived home at the 220 mile race .

* The money that was supposed to be paid for the final race , will be paid as follows: it will be a prize for the best bird in the 3 races we had ( 130 km, 250 km and 375 km race) and the rest will be split between the 6 birds that made it home from the race. 

* Also Golden Prairie OLR WILL offer a 2 free perch fees for the 2022 Season for every participants that did not win or their birds did not make for any of the races . 


Please allow us a few days to put everything together and will get in touch with everyone of you.

Thank you

Sandor (Alex) Veres 


Hello everyone!


As most of you guys know at this point, we had the 220 mile race on Friday, with 6 out of 15 birds returned in the same day, and one more bird returned after 2 days(on Sunday). So that been said I decided not to have the final race. The low number of birds ,weather and the course won t be favorable for this final race . I will take a few days off to make all  the arrangements for the prizes ,diplomas and trophies to be ordered and i will email or text everyone of you in person in regards of the money left for 2021 Season . This money will be equaly split within all 33 breeders that participated in this season .

Please allow me a few days and i will get back to each of you with new information.


I wish everyone a great week!





Hope everyone had a great week-end ! 

This weekend was literally a long weekend for us as well . We had the 250 km race and had up to this point 15 birds home /out of 23 . Had 12 birds on the day ,and 3 more came home today . On the tomorrow training will be 16 birds (one bird came home in the basketing night from the 65 km training 2 weeks ago)

Also we managed to update the prizes for every race,based on the teams and activated birds we have started with and are listed below!

We are going to continue the trainings and races and we ll see what we are going to end up with . Hope the weather will allow us to finish everything we have planed and with a little bit of luck to have some birds home from the final race. 


Prizes for every race:

Race #1 -Radville,SK -  130 km

1st - K@P LOFT -Edmonton ,AB - 2021- CU- 100 - BCWF  - 1 BIRD FREE PERCH 2022 SEASON

2nd -RNA LOFT - St. Brieux ,SK - 2021- CU- 2481- BB     - 1 BIRD FREE PERCH 2022 SEASON

3rd -NORTHLAND BOYS , Edmonton, AB - CU- 21189- BB - 1 BIRD FREE PERCH 2022 SEASON


Race #2 - Arcola,SK  - 256 km

1st - RNA LOFT - St. Brieux, SK - 2021-CU-2492 -BC -         700 CAD + TROPHY + DIPLOMA

2nd- JIM REED& BILL INDEN , BC- 2021-CU-19106 - BB       500 CAD+DIPLOMA

3rd- SHOWTIME JR. , ON              2021-CU-896-SHOW - BC 250 CAD+DIPLOMA

4th- RNA LOFT - St. Brieux,SK       2021-CU-2475  -BC         2 BIRDS FREE PERCH 2022 SEASON

5th- RNA LOFT - St. Brieux,SK        2021-CU-2481 -BB         1 BIRD FREE PERCH 2022 SEASON


Race #3 - 375 km

1st -Dyck Loft,AB - CU-10759 - BB--                1500 CAD+ TROPHY + DIPLOMA

2nd -Northland Boys, AB- CU-21189-  BB--      1000 CAD+ DIPLOMA

3rd - Showtime Jr, ON -CU- 896-SHOW - BC     500 CAD+ DIPLOMA -

4th - RNA Loft , SK - CU-2475 -BC                   250 CAD+ 1 BIRD FREE PERCH 2022 SEASON

5th - K&P Lofts, AB -CU-100- BCWF                 1 BIRD FREE PERCH 2022 SEASON


Race #4 - 575 km 


1st - 2750 CAD + TROPHY + DIPLOMA

2nd -1750 CAD + DIPLOMA

3rd - 1000 CAD + DIPLOMA

4th - 750 CAD

5th - 500 CAD

6th - 250 CAD + 1 BIRD FREE PERCH 2022 SEASON


Total of 7000 CAD.


Because there were not enough birds for the final race ,i decided on the following prizes:


1st Average Bird -Northland Boys- AB  --- 21189-CU-2021 -CRPU  -- 1750 CAD + TROPHY + DIPLOMA


The 6 birds that arrived home on the day from the 360 km race will split the 5250 CAD left as follows:

DYCK LOFT -AB                                     ---875 CAD

NORTHLAND BOYS - AB                        --- 875 CAD

SHOWTIME JR - ON                              --- 875 CAD

RNA LOFT - SK                                     --- 875 CAD

K&P LOFT - AB                                     --- 875 CAD



In the end i want to thank everyone for your participation,your patience and understanding. Being the first year of the Golden Prairie OLR, I want to say that i appreciate everyones support and i am sure next year will be a better one .Thank you all and hope to see you next year . More updates will be coming to you via Facebook in regards with our endeavours for next year .

Until next time ,take care and stay safe!


Alex&Sorina Veres 


Hello again! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and i wish everyone a great upcoming week. As most of you guys saw, we started training slowly again with the birds we have left in the loft . As of today we have 27 birds ,one bird ( CU - 99 -CRPU) came back home late this afternoon and another bird came back on Friday ( CU-21104 - LETH ) ,so they will rest for a couple of days and will get them back in the basket again.


Tomorrow i will change the course to North for a few days ,see how they make it out and hopefully at the end of the next week have the birds ready for the 130 km race.Birds are back on track ,they are in a good shape and gained back their confidence. I hope for a better week and for better days from now . 





Hello everyone!


As most of you know already we had a realy bad training toss yesterday, a 63 km toss turned out to be a really dissappointig one!

For the guys that are not on Facebook, where we had the video of the release point and the weather ,all i can say it was a beautiful day for training . A bit of rain in the morning,sky cleared up nicely around 9 a.m. sun out. So i decided to basket the birds and at 11:02 am i released them from 63 km. The initial plan was to release at 55 km but because it was a nice tail wind at the spot i decided to go another 8 km where it was an intersection, that way people can check exactlly the coordinates where i was . Temperature 23-25 degrees C , tail wind at 25 km/h SSE ,sun on the sky , 92 birds ready for a 65 km training.


16 birds home on the day and another 4 birds today ! Never had 2 birds coming together. Last 5 birds that came on the day they were coming from West and North! That tells me they were either pushed by the wind  WEST or NW or they tried to avoid something and went south.


Right now , i decided to wait 2-3 days  for more birds to come home let them have a rest and i am going to start all over with them .At this point i can not tell any dates for the races,i will start training again, build up their confidence and start from there .

Friday 27/Aug i will create another training for Saturday morning with the new inventory and will let everyone know whats in the loft!


Kind Regards



I think i fixed the problem.I took all the birds through the clock ahain. Whatever is going to be clocked from now they will be the birds that are late right now!





Just a quick update!

Due to the heavy smoke and rain for the last few days I decided to push the race dates with at least one week for now .I will decide the race dates in the next coupe of days ,depending on how we will be able to train in the next few days .I really appologize for this, but right now i am not throwing the birds into this weather.





Now that we have all the system figure it all out (THANK YOU,TERRY) we can move forward . Here is an update on how things are down here .I ,personally ,am not counting the loft fly as i saw other OL races are doing .I also don t count the yard training (basket the birds , keep them in the baskets so they can get used with it ,release them from different spots in the yards and back alley). All I can say about the loft fly and basket training that the birds had a lot ,birds were loft flying since the beggining of April ..

All that been said ,i will update with the trainings we had .

We started the road  trainings with 149 birds on July 27th. From there we went as follows:

JULY 27 and 28 -1 km

July 29 and 31 - 2 km

July 30 - 3 km

August 2 -3 km-- August 3 -4 km -- August 4 -6 km --August 5 - 2 km -- August 6 -4 km --August 7- 3 km --August 8 -8 km

August 9 -15 km August 10&11- loft fly (high winds) August 12 -18 km August 13-25 km August 14 -35 km August 15- 35 km

The last training of 35 km it was a really bad one for us, with lots of smoke all over Southern SK and lost quite a few.  Today had a full inventory with all the birds that came back from the training Sunday and yesterday.. All the birds were put through the clock today and we have 89 birds left in the loft right now! On the training test you can find all the birds that are right now in the loft . 


Weather is not very friendlly and it looks like there is a few days of rain coming . Tomorrow morning (if not raining) im planning to get the birds back to 25 km, Thursday to 45 km and Friday to 70. If everything goes well i will do the 130 km race on Saturday 21st and will update with the new race dates soon.


Thank you everyone for beeing patient with me !






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