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Yesterday , 10th of April we vaccinated with the second shot of PMV the birds that came in at the end of the February!Also,  had the first shot of the PMV vaccine for the birds that came in last week .Right now, all the birds in the loft have at least one shot of PMV. Birds are in a great shape and they are all looking good. First round of birds that came in beggining of March ,were released out yesterday (10th Of April) .Came out around 20 birds /out of 50 , and all went back in ...that made us very happy!


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Golden Prairie is proud to announce the first  2021 One Loft Race in Rockglen -Saskachewan -Canada.

Although this is our first year , we are  extremly happy and grateful with the amount of messages and support that we received.

Our loft policy is, first and foremost, transparency.

Being our first One Loft Race, we will start with a maximum of 300 birds and we will work towards a larger number next year.

Please keep in mind that besides Wincompanion {we will try to update it weekly}, we have our website page: and Facebook page - used for live videos and updates.


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