News and Updates

Just an update on some of the birds that arrived home after our last race :

1. 82 - CDA - 2022 BC

2. 64 - CDA - 2022 BC

3. 4195 - CU - 2022 GZ

4. 4177 - CU - 2022 BC 

5. 3667 - CU - 2022 BC

6. 4191 - CU - 2022 BB

7. 246 - CU - 4C LOFT BB

8. 3669 - CU - 2022 BB

9. 2104 - CU - MISS - 2022 DCWF

10. 4595 - CU - 2022 BB

11. 22193 - CU - 2022 BC

12. 12909 - CU- 2022 BC

13. 3675 - CU- 2022 GZ

14. 1061 - CU - SHOW - 2022 BBP


All breeders were notified on the day we ve had their birds home .We will update this message with every bird it will show up in the next weeks .





Hello everyone and hope all of you had a great long weekend!

As most of you have seen, Saturday we were supposed to have the 400 km race ..and we ve had it ..but it turned out into something that not only me,i havent seen in my entire life ,but maybe something that most of you never encountered ..

Friday afternoon we have basketed the birds ,birds were looking great and here they were on the road..Weather apps were saying just a normal Saskatchewan summer day with a +32 C high , and some SSE winds of 15-25 km/h. Birds had a drink in the morning and were released at 6:50 in the morning .Circled once and they took the perfect direction ,they were on their way straight South .. 

...but they never made it home ..It is Monday ,5th of September 2022 and its 9:42 pm right now when im wrintting this update  and there is not even one birds in the loft after 3 days  . Saturday ,the wind went up to 45-50 km/h wind gusts in some areas and arund 4 pm the smoke took over . That was the moment i was hopping for the birds to stop and get a rest somewhere and continue the next morning . The smoke cleared up today ,5th of September around 4:30 pm ..and still no birds up to this point..

It is heart breaking and it is something that in 38 years i never felt . Tried everything, gived 110 % for this birds and its just not working .Maybe this is one of the reasons that the Moose Jaw and Regina clubs are not racing young birds ,i dont know ..I have been told  that it wont work, the area is bad and this area is not for young birds... heart-braking ..

So thats why we are going to stop here more young bird racing in southern Saskatchewan..

We are going to continue with our projects and with our yearling race next year,see what happens with that one and will take a decision in regards of that ,if things will work better .

From tommorrow we are going to send back all the activation fees we have received and for whoever sent cheques to us we are going to get in touch with everyone and either e-transfer or send back a cheque to you. Also we are going to get in touch with everyone if there will be birds coming back and will make the arrangements to get the birds back to the owners .


Thank you for every text,phone call ,email we have received this weekend ,me and Cliff! Thank you for all your support !


With all my respect ,