News and Updates

Birds started slowlly coming into the loft and today the first lot(compartment) of birds was released . It looks like that the ideea to build another loft out in the fields was the best decision we could take and we are very happy about that . We had the first bird in the loft 4 weeks ago and up to this moment there was not even one weak bird.

Also the compartment we released out today came back into the loft 100 % .No sick birds,no weak birds and no birds missing .

Maybe some of you are asking why we havent posted videos on OUR facebook page with the birds . Because of all this avian influentza stuff we decided not to post any ,,movement " of our birds. We are just trying to avoid discussions until all this will settle down . We have all the videos from day 1 and as soon as everything will settle down we will post everything on our Facebook page .


Also ,would like to add here that all the birds are getting the PMV -ADENO -HERPES 3 in 1 vaccine ,vaccine that now we are maybe the only ones that are importing it In Canada .We also have in stock 5 more different vaccines that are all designated for Homing Pigeons.


All this beed said ,we only hope that all this avian influentza will come to an end and soon everyone can start training and racing their birds .Any questions ,please dont hesitate to give me a call any time !

I wish everyone a great racing season and thank to you everyone who is sending the birds in.

P.S For those who can not send birds this year into our one loft,and you participated last year ,please remember that you guys can send 2 birds with free perch fee.



Alex @Golden Prairie OLR



Just a quick update for everyone!


After talking with quite a few breeders , me and Cliff decided to push the receiving period to 31st of May/2022.

Weather was not great this year and quite a few guys just mated their birds . Also ,had a few phone calls in regards of the receiving dates we have on the website . Because it is 250 km from Regina Airport to the loft we are trying to avoid going 3-4 times a week to Regina so thats why we decided to have a pick up from the airport at the end of the week. If there is no flights from your area in those days , it is no problem as we have our club members in Regina and they can pick up the birds any time during the week!


Loft is all done now ,we have just a few more perches to build. We have started the second level of the loft where the ,,OLD BIRD OLR " will host the late breds of this year . Flyer for that derby will be released soon and wincompanion will be updated with a second ,,Golden Prairie OLR" OLD BIRD DERBY!

Have a great week everyone!




Hope breeding goes well this year .With all this crazy weather going up and down in almost every province breeding is a bit slow .

We are going to wait a couple more weeks before we will announce our pick ups in Manitoba,Alberta and maybe British Columbia.


Also ,if you guys did not find out ,from this year we are going to have a Race Manager. Most of you guys heard of him and all i can say about him other then beeing one of the nicest guys i ever met he is also a top flyer in our club: CLIFF STRATULAT


Thank you Cliff ,for accepting this challenge and I wish you good luck!





Just a short update . Construction of the new loft goes well and pcitures and a video will be posted soon. Meantime i am hosting a Fundraiser Auction for the Regina Racing Pigeon Club . Auction will end on the 14th of February .Please visit the website ,there are some really great birds with good pedigrees that can be a good addition to any loft .






WELCOME 2022 !!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and we would like to wish everyone Happy New Year!

This year we were  asked if we are going to get any US birds into the one loft . The answer is YES, and for that we are going to announce the exact dates for shipping sometimes end of January . We are planning to set up a collection date from US, sometimes in March  and all the birds will have to be shipped to our partner Daniel Hash from Salt Lake City in Utah. We plan to schedule  one shipment in March and if there is more interest we are going to make a plan for a second shipment . 

Also in regards of the replacement birds from US ,we were thinking, to send with your team  an extra 3 birds(as replacements) at no perch fee costs,that way we can avoid more expenses and time lost for the replacement birds.


Please note that we are trying to stay in our 400-450 birds range  for this year !  

For more information please dont hesitate to give me a call,text or email anytime. Also we have our Facebook page where you can get in touch with us , at GOLDEN PRAIRIE OLR !


For Canadian breeders ,especially the ones living in MANITOBA, SASKATCHEWAN and ALBERTA we are planning to schedule some pick-ups if there will be enough birds to be sent from each province.


Have a great week everyone and will talk soon.







                                                 GOLDEN PRAIRIE ONE LOFT RACE


                        Would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





We would like to let everyone know that our website and Wincompanion  are both  updated and ready to use ! 

As most of you know right now for all our previous year clients will have a 2 extra perch fee paid for the 2022 young bird race(and i use the 2022 young bird race ,because from June will accept birds in the loft for the 2023 old bird race) .I would really apreciate when you guys sign up to add the 2 birds as well ,that way i can figure it out when to stop acceptig birds .This year the plan is to have 400 birds in the loft .Also there will be a new loft(over 850 square feet ) ,a training manager  and a new NW course the fly. 


The new loft that is  75 % ready will have 8 main compartments that can be split into half for a better control on the birds (so that will mean a good 16 compartments) PLUS 2 quarantine stations with individual boxes for stage 1 of a sickness and one pen for stage 2 (when the birds will be ready to join again the heard.


For more updates please visit our GLODEN PRAIRIE ONE LOFT RACE facebook page and feel free to call or text any time you need any information.


Kind Regards

Alex&Sorina Veres