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Evening guys,  

Spent yesterday getting birds all loaded in to my clock, that went well.  Set up a clocked inventory but could not make the hookup between my clock and Wincompanion.  Still working on it.  Will give Terry a call in morning see if he can get me on the right track.  Thinking it might be my equipment, I also have a call in to Camille at Siegel's for some technical advice.

There are in fact 192 birds in the clock with 6 birds missing from the original 198 sent. I will get it fixed ASAP. My thanks to John Timmerman of California Classic for all his help.

Any questions or concerns, ring me up....



Evening Guys, with the help of a couple of friends, just completed a hand inventory of all race birds and cut flights on settled birds.  Looks like of the 198 birds taken in to date, we are down 6 birds, breeders are being notified.

Health continues to be good, 154 birds settled with remaining birds in aviary and settling pen. 

I have extended the date that I will accept birds to the end of June so there is still time to get those little late hatch champions in the race. If you have taken advantage of the 6 birds for $500.00, for another $300.00 you can send 6 more birds...

Be sure to send them to the El Cajon address as Yuma is no longer necessary.  Also give me a heads up when you send them.

Any questions or concerns, give me a call..



Evening Breeders, FINALLY!!!! As most of you have already read the Southern California Quarantine is finally behind us. Additionally the Post office has lifted it's shut down on birds in and out of San Diego, Yuma is a fine place but I've had enough of those 300 mile round trips...

Bottom line, if you have birds to send to the The Dehesa Valley Classic send them to the El Cajon address on my Website/Wincompanion. Monday and Tuesday shipments still work best.

We have 176 birds in the loft with the promise of more to come.  If it is necessary for me to extend my cut off date a little past June 15th to accommodate some of the later birds, give me a call and we'll work it out.

Birds are in good health with the majority out loft flying every day.  As of today there is approximately 18 birds that have not been settled.  If you have not received a call from me, your bird is still here.  I look to have them all loaded into Wincompanion for clocking in next few days.

Thanks for your support,

Ron Moden

Dehesa Valley Classic

6108 Dehesa Road

El Cajon, Ca 92019

619 994 1065 


Evening Breeders, All is well here at the Dehesa Valley Classic, birds looking good, no problems. Have small group to settle yet and then ready to start kicking em up.

Please note that ther are only 3 weeks left to get your birds in. I will accept birds up until June 15th so send  them little champions on out...



Morning guys,

Ryan Leach of Leach Feed/Royal Cup will be picking up birds at JEDD'S at 8:00 AM on Sunday April 19th. Please bring a shipping crate as Ryan does not have any.  Also clearly mark the shipper as to which of the San Diego races birds belong.

Here at the Dehesa Valley Classic we have had a couple days of no rain, finally.  Birds are looking good, out in settling pen when it is not raining.  Health has been good when considering the nasty weather and temps.  All birds are being vaccinated for PMV and Samanella, treated for canker and parasites upon arrival.

We are hopeful that the restrictions with Newcastle and shipping will be lifted by June. Once again, none of the San Diego races are located in quarantined areas, all of our race events are going ahead as planned so pack those little feathered champions up and send em on out.

Please continue to send birds on Monday or Tuesday to the Yuma address and notify us that they are on their way.

The Dehesa Valley Classic web site has been updated, please check it out as their are some exciting changes.  If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me.


Ron Moden

Dehesa Valley Classic

619 994 1065 


Morning guys, If you have birds for Dehesa Valley Classic or any of the San Diego races, and do not breed in the quarantined areas, Ryan Leach of the Royal Cup will be at JEDD's at 1:00 tomorrow, Saturday to pick up.  Be sure to have shipping box as Ryan does not.  Call if you have questions or concerns.

Short update, RAIN!!!!!!!



619 994 1065 


 Birds coming in, slow but sure. Be sure to checkout DVC wincompanion site,updated with many new features.

2020 HERE WE GO!

Evening breeders, yes we are now accepting birds for the 2020 OLR season.  Be sure to check the Dehesa Valley Classic WINCOMPANION site from start to finish to get up to date on the changes for 2020.  We will, unfortunately, once again be shipping and receiving birds thru the Yuma Post Office. Everything went smoothly last year and we expect the same for this year.  It is important to ship only on Monday or Tuesday as we would like to make no more than 2 trips to Yuma per week. If birds come in on Friday we will of course pick them up.  An email, text or phone call to let me know you are shipping would be appreciated.

As for this week, I am making a trip to JEDD'S on Saturday and will be there from 10:00 to 11:00 to pick up supplies and birds.  If you plan to be there please let me know.

Looking forward to a GREAT 2020 season!


Ron Moden

Dehesa Valley Classic

619 994 1065



Well guys, 2019 Dehesa Vlley Classic 350 mile Turkey Trot  all wraped up, congratulations to JSRL, Johnny Smith on his 0042 AU19 JSRL coming home all alone, 35 minutes ahead of the 2nd place bird, in a very tuff race with only five day birds.

Also congratulations to the other 4 day birds





Prizes that have not been paid will go out by the end of the week.  The plans for shipping birds home will begin on January 6th and wrap up on the 8th.  If we have not discussed wether or not you want your birds back, please contact me. The cost of shipping, $60.00 for one bird and additional $10.00 for 2nd bird is something we will stay with unless the new postal rates are just RIDICULOUS! Should that be the case we'll talk...

I am in the process of updating the rules for the 2020 OLR season with some major changes being made.  Perch fees of 6 birds for $500.00 and 12 birds for $1,000.00 along with a $200.00 entry fee are my attempt at making the Dehesa Valley Classic more affordable. Also looking at optional BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD entrys for the high rollers in the crowd. These are the major changes with some additional fine tuning to come.

Thank you all for your support this past season especially to those who have given me a vote of confidence for going forward.  I can assure that the Dehesa Valley Classic in 2020 will not again be the "red-headed stepchild" of the San Diego Race week.

As always, if you have questions or concerns give me a shout.

Ron Moden

Dehesa Valley Classic




Good Morning Guys,

As the Title says the 300 mile race is in the books. I had a nice little update all prepared last evening but when I went to insert it into Wincompanion, it appears to have been lost in cyberspace.  So, I'll try again.

Congratulations to our 4 first drop birds, APC LOFT having the first 2 in the trap followed by J & M Partridge and Flying D Loft- King of the Hill.  Those birds came in good time in what was obviously a tough race.  Total of 8 birds home on the day with an additional 16 2nd and 3rd day birds.  Not the returns I had hoped for or expected.

We did have a very nice turnout to wait for the birds and I feel a good time was had by all.  Road was fixed and nobody slid in to the ditch.

The 350 mile Super Bird race that is flown with the other  local OLR's will be flown next weekend, December 14th or 15th depending on the weather. As of today we have 16 of the returning birds committed to the race with the possibility of 4 more.  20 birds going to the race would put the prize fund around 4,000.00. Our distribution of prizes would be a 50-30-20 split.

Thank you all for your participation and support in what turned out to be a very tough series.  

Good luck in the 350!!

Warm Regards,



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