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Evening guys, Thought it was about time to get a update posted.  Thought I had put one up few days ago but it obviously got lost in cyberspace, my bad.  

Most of the prizes went out in todays mail, I will be calling couple of you with questions but look to post balance of prizes tomorrow.

Need to be sure to let me know if you will be wanting your birds returned.  Still a couple that have not sent in shipping fees or contacted me.  Not a problem, I will begin shipping birds home on Monday.

This will be the last year for Dehesa Valley Classic, I'm just to old and infirm. I appreciate all who have supported me last couple years any wish you all "Winners" in your future OLR'S.

As always, any questions or concerns give me a shout.



1 - 5000.00

2 - 3000.00

3 - 2000.00

4 - 1000.00

5 -   600.00



Morning guys, todays toss went well, the reason for the lone bird trapping early was a hawk coming in just as they were strarting to land. 49 birds took off like a shot, 1 bird hit the trap like a rocket.  As it turns out, Mrs. Cooper left the area without lunch.

We are scheduled for the 350 Sunday the 20th and at this point weather looks to be cooperating.  The release point will be same as other local OLR's last week. 

Good luck,



Afternoon guys, the inventory from today list birds I show as going to the 350, entries paid or accounted for.  If you bird is listed and shouldn't be or if your bird should be there but isn't, let me know ASAP.




Afternoon guys, congratulations to our winners on the 300 mile main event.  22 birds on the drop with 17 different lofts being represented.

Next up, 350 mile Superbird race which will be flown on Sunday, December 20th from Globe Az.  Let me know ASAP if you would like any of your returning birds to go, entry fee for this race is $125.00.  I am sorting them right now so I can get them out and start training for the race.

Just to let you know there is $6,000.00 in the pot even before adding the entry fees.  Should be a nice little race.

As always, any questions or concers give me a shout.



OK guys just spent half an hour composing and typing an update regarding my 300 mile race and the 350 that is coming, but managed to hit the wrong button and lost everything so  I will need to do again, damm computor. I will redo later......Ron



1 - 6000

2 - 3000

3 - 2000

4 - 1500

5 - 1000

6 - 1000

7 - 1000

8 - 1000

9 - 1000

10 - 1000



1 - 2300

2 - 1700

3 - 1200

4 - 500


Afternoon guys, well the 190 mile race is in the books, clock shut off and no more birds. Congratulations to all birds, especially the 22 on first drop.  Of the 103 birds that clocked only the condition of one bird is alittle suspect.  I will monitor her next few days to see if she snaps back.

Next up is 300 mile race from Eloy Az., which I look to fly on Sunday, December 6th.  Please make every attempt to get your $100.00 Pot Builder and $200.00 entry fee here by Friday this week.  Paypal is available, just go to the website. Also at the website there are Paypal buttons for the Bronze, Silver and Gold races for you guys who are confident and would like a chance at some extra winnings.  If you are curious as to the participation in these special races before making your decision, give me a call on Thursday or Friday and we'll talk.

As for the Colored bird race, there are 4 red birds home, if you 4 breeders want to each put up the $100.00 entry fee, I'll toss in $100.00 for a $500.00 first red bird home takes all..Not much but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Let me know.

As always, any questions or concerns give me a shout.



Morning guys, birds been out on nice loft fly and all 119 clocked in.  For some reason, I can't keep my clock to upload into WINCOMPANION so results will not post.  It is Turkey day and don't want to bother Terry so will wait till tomorrow to resolve problem.

It is my intention, if conditions are righ to fly the 200 on Sunday.  If your bird/birds come back from the 200, the $200.00 entry fee is due, don't be late as I look to fly the 300 the following weekend.

Also, if your bird came home from the 120 mile activation race, the $100.00 Pot Builder is due, EVEN IF BIRD IS LOST PRIOR TO THE 300. Some have already paid and thank you very much.  If you have paid the $200.00 entry fee and your bird does not go to the 300, that $200.00 will be refunded.

Have a great Turkey Day.....



Morning guys came home from toss and found a hawk sitting on fence, 50 birds were in at that time, large group up and not wanting to come down.  It is now 3 hours from release time and I'm out 10 birds, hawk is still buzzing around.  Thinking that they are around but hawk is here as well.  Hopefully they will all come in....

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