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Hello there breeders!

We wanted to let everyone know that Monday we will not be able to do our next race like we had planned, again because of the bad storms that are heading our way. Also because of the storms we have had these past couple of days we haven't been able to train the birds. At the moment we are unsure of what date it will be but we will keep everyone updated.

Hope everyone is doing good! Best wishes for all! Smile


Hello Everyone,

We wanted to update and let everyone know that do to covid-19 this year we won't be having anyone for the final race here at the loft. The race, like always will be on Wincompanion with the live clocking for everyone to see the results as they happen. Thank you to everyone for understanding!

Also the Race of the 200 Miles has been moved to Monday 21st due to the storm that is bringing alot of bad weather this week. 



Hello Breeders,

We hope everyone is doing well.

Has you all can tell by the title we have updated our prize page on the Amara website. We made changes according to the birds that got activated and have divided it as best as we can. Go on over there and check out the new changes. 

RACE #1 (150 MILES)

Hello everyone! 

Updating today to let everyone know that tomorrow will be Amara One Loft's first race of the remaining 3 that follow. Tomorrow Thursday 10th we will be tossing at the 150 mile mark. We are sure everyone is excited and so are we! 

Best wishes to all!



Hello Breeders! 

We hope everyone is doing good and staying safe!

I wanted to hop on here and explain what we are thinking of doing and how we will be moving forward.

Now that most of you have all your birds back and ready for activation we wanted for everyone to know that the faster the fees come in the faster we can move along with the next race. If we have all the activation fees in and the weather is willing to cooperate with us then Thursday of next week will be the 150 mile race. 

More updates to come about the prizes and how it will all work. 

Thank you, hope everyone has a great weekend!Smile


Hello Breeders!

We wanted to hop on here real quick to let everyone know that after the activation race on Thursday everyone has 7-10 days to pay the activation fee.

Everyone can pay which ever way is more convenient to them but to make you all aware, we have been having some problems with paypal charging fees so checks or money orders are an option if you'd like. If not paypal is still an option for does who choose to use it.

Thank you and happy racing!Smile


Good Morning to all! 

 The day everyone has been waiting for has finally come! This Thursday Sep. 3rd will be our Activation Race. We noticed that Dove hunting season has started already and the days permitted to hunt are friday, saturday and sunday so for that reason we have moved it down a day and even the weather looks to be good for that day too. 

We hope for the best and can't wait to see the results! Laughing


Hello again everyone!

We wanted to update everyone on the 100 Mile race. We had said we were thinking of doing so on Monday but due to hurricane laura and the bad weather that has followed won't let us do the race on Monday so we are going to plan for Friday the 4th. The weather seems like it will be good on Thursday, so we are going to do a shorter toss that day and then jump to 100 miles Friday. Hopefully everything goes to plan.


Hello Breeders! 

Just a quick update here. Today we will be tossing at 80 miles but because there is alot of fog where we are at we are going to wait for it to pass. The weather says it will be around 10am and around that time is when we will toss.


Good Morning Breeders,


Today we will not be able to toss due to dense fog. Tomorrow we are hoping to do 80 miles if the weather permits us. Lets hope for the best! Monday if everything goes as planned we will be reaching the 100 miles! We are also watching the hurricane and how that may or may not affect our weather. If monday we are not able to reach the 100 miles, the final race will be moved to October and later we will let you all know the exact date. We'll keep everyone posted. 

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