News and Updates

Hello there breeders,

We wanted to update everyone on yesterdays training. I'm sure some of you saw that some of the pigeons didn't come in and it was only do to our clock getting cut off because of technical issues. Everything is now fixed and todays training will show if any went missing. At the moment we aren't sure if some stayed out but all that came back went in to the loft. We apology for the error and thank you for your patience.


As always we hope everyone is doing well! We will be in touch soon.  




Hello Breeders, 

We are happy to let everyone know that the birds are all done with their molting and next week thursday or friday we will start letting them out again. We know all have been patiently waiting for this moment so we wanted to let you all know as soon as possible. Thank you all for being so patient. 


Hopefully when we let them out next week, everything will go smoothly. Thank you all again and best wishes for all. Stay safe out there, we'll be in touch with you all soon.


Hello Breeders we hope you all are doing good!

We wanted to let you all know that the reason you all haven't seen anymore trainings is because the pigeons in the process of cutting and growing out their new feathers. Also most of the first bird we received are done with their molting phase and others are getting there. The molting process has been going smoothly. The birds are in perfect health and we hope it all remains that way. We are happy with the condition of the birds.

For the Breeders that sent their birds recently we will soon be doing trainings for them and you will be able to see that on Wincompanion. Once they have had 2 weeks of adapting we will then join them with the rest of the group. Soon we will be doing an inventory of all the birds so you all can see which of your birds are here and we will also do that inventory before letting them out for training again.

We hope you all have a great rest of your day! We will soon be in contact.



Hello everyone we hope you all are doing well.

We wanted to come on here and let everyone know as a reminder that after May 1st we will not be accepting anymore birds unless we are directly contacted by all those who haven't sent their birds yet. 

If we are not contacted please DO NOT send birds after May 1st.

Also if anyone is interested in entering our One Loft Race and haven't registered yet please contact us.

Thank you and best wishes to all.


Hello everyone we are back!

Its good to see new breeders and ones from last year as well! 

Today is the first day of adaptation for the first drop we have as of yet, hope everything goes well and that we don't run into the hawk or lose anyone.

Hope everyone is as excited as we are for this year!


As always take care and best wishes for all! Laughing