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Hello Breeders,

As most of you have seen we have been doing the loft trainings but not been able to do the races as planned because these past days it has been raining and tomorrow there will also be rain so we will be postponing the next race for Monday the 11th.


Thank you for understanding.


Hello Breeders, as you all have seen it was my intention to do the 40 mile road trainer this morning but I had to let them out at 25 mile instead because there was fog at the 40 mile mark and it was very dense. 


Hello breeders,

Well, like you all have seen we just did the 105 mile activation race,

We hope to recieve all the money as soon as possible, this week we are training, today we did one for 30miles. all the birds arrived but we weren't able to post it on Wincompanion but we did the training, so tomorrow we will take inventory with a fly loft so that way you guys can see the birds clocked in, with Wincompanion. We have planned this Friday the 1st of October to do the 150mile race. 

(This is what will happen every week)

Weekly Training/Race Schedule

Monday - 30miles

Tuesday - Fly Loft

Wednesday - 40Miles

Thursday - Fly Loft

Friday - Competition Races

Saturday - Rest Day

Sunday - Fly Loft

If there are any inconveniences we will delay the races.

We hope that everything will go as planned, without any problems.

We thank all the breeders for your patience and support, we are doing everything we can to keep the birds in good conditions, we are sorry for some of the pigeons that went missing, but that was out of our control. 

We hope that eveyone stays safe and best wishes to all.


Hello Breeders,

Tomorrow, Wednesday will be the last day of rain. As you can all see, we have kept the birds busy at the loft waiting for the rain to pass, keeping them in shape.

Thursday we are going to do a 30 mile road trainer and Friday if everything goes as planned we will be doing the 105 mile activation race. The birds all look well and healthy so we are hoping they race well!

We hope for the best to all the breeders and their birds!


Hello breeders just a quick update to let eveyone know that it looks like we are going to have to postpone the race for a couple of days since the area where the drop is made will have lots of rain for the next couple of days.  

We will let eveyone know what day we choose to do the 100 mile activation but for the mean time we are going to be flying short miles to keep them going until the day comes around. 


Hello Breeders hope you are all doing well.


As you all have seen we have had some problems with the 60 miles and we do not know what is wrong with that area but we are considering avoiding that area in the future. For those reasons we jumped to 80 miles and we have seen that the birds have arrived well and fast. Tomorrow we are going to repeat those 80 miles and hope that they return well as they did the last time. Thursdays we will be keeping the birds in to rest. 

And for Friday or Saturday we are planning to do the 100 miles activation race, if weather is good. We will be watching the weather since there is some rain showing at the moment. 


We hope everything turns out well and happy flying!


Hello Breeders, just a quick update to let everyone know that we were not able to let the birds out at the exact 30 Miles due to bad weather and alot of fog, so I came back and let them go at 20 Miles. The time on the training wasn't change we left it as we put it in but we did want to make you all aware of what took place this morning.


Hello breeders,

As most of you have noticed the last race that we had didn't go to plan. That morning everything was looking good as in weather and the birds were ready to go. Our best guess about what could have happened along the way is that the group got attacked by hawks and they got split up. 

Thankfully most have returned and still coming. Because of the intense heat and humidity we have been experiencing they have been returning early morning or later in the evening. The birds that have been arriving are all being recuperated in the order they have been arriving and as they do recuperate we will be joining them once again with the rest of the group. 

Also the trainings will be put on hold because of the hurricane that is coming our way, the days that are good and we can, we will be flying them over the loft to keep strengthing them. This Hurricane that is coming will also give all the birds time to recuperate fully. We have received a few calls of birds being found in Georgia and because the winds could be favorable we hope that it will push those remaining bird up our way if some are still there. We aren't completely certain about this but it could be a possibility. 

Stay safe out there and best wishes to all!


Hi Breeders,

we wanted to let you all know that we haven't been able to do trainings out on the road due to so much rain that has been passing by here and for the following 2 - 3 days we will not be able to do road trainings since the weather seems like its going to be stormy and rainy as well. If the weather changes then we will go on the trainings like usual.

We'll be talking to you all soon.

Stay safe out there and best wishes to all! 


Hello Breeders,


We know most of you are waiting to know about the training for tomorrow Wednesday 11, 2021 and are anxious to see your birds in action but the weather isn't looking favorable for tomorrow as there seems to be bad weather on the forecast. 

On the other hand we are super pleased how the birds are doing in training and how they are health wise. 


Best wishes to all! 


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