News and Updates

Hello Fanciers! Hope everyone is doing well!


We wanted to inform everybody that this year the hawks in the area have been very aggressive and have been coming frequently. Due to this we have sadly lost some birds. Just a few have lost themselves right next to the house and days later have returned home. All those who have returned have been taken care of according to thier needs and once recovered sent out to fly with the group again.


That being said, they are all in good health, strong and always ready to fly. In the beginning like 5 or 6 were going for the trees when they didn't feel like flying but now as they progress into the road tosses they have lost that bad habit and have incorporated themselves into the group. We have also finished their respiratory treatments and cure for canker. As many of you have seen on our instagram account we just reached the 10 mile toss and we will continue pushing forward while watching how they do with every toss. 

Everything is turning out well and we hope all continues that way.


Good Morning Breeders,


Good News! Today, this morning is officially the first day of road toss! Laughing

We are so excited and I'm sure you all are too! The tosses will be done gradually for the birds to start adapting. So far everything is going great, we will keep you all updated on this new stage of training.

Hope you all have a great day and happy racing to all!


Hello breeders!


Hope all of you have been doing well!

We had hoped that yesterday we could have flown the birds on the road but they were still not ready. 

We are hoping the that soon they will be ready and we will be keeping you updated on when that will be.

As always best wishes!


Hello Breeders! 


We know you all have been wondering when the road trainings are going to start, so here is it. If all goes to plan we are hoping, starting July 5th we are going to hit the road and start with the first 5 miles. We will be working up from that step by step.

So far the bird's feather molting is doing good, they have a silky feel to them. They are in great health and flying fast and with much strength.


We are working hard for everything to continue as it has been so far.

Best wishes for all! 


Hello Breeders, here is a quick update to let you all know about the trainings.

We apologize for the delay on the loft training updates, we are working on putting it up very soon so you all can see how your birds are doing.

All the birds are going great, none of them have gone missing. All have been returning safe and sound and things are getting very exciting over at the loft. We can't wait to share all of it with you all! We greatly appreciate your patience.

Also we ask for you all to please check out our gallery, alot of new pictures and videos will be posted today.

Again Thank you and best wishes for all! Laughing


For all the Breeders that have sent in their birds, they are getting strong and healthy.

Monday April, 20th I will be letting them fly so they start getting a feel of their new surroundings. 


Just to let everyone know, there have been many lofts that have cancelled due to Covid19, I´m still going to continue with the races, the plans have not changed.  


The Race Station Activation for 100Miles at Shalllowford Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37421


First Race Station - 125Miles at New England, Chattanooga, TN 37421 Elavation - 675ft

Second Race Station - 200Miles at Steele, AL 35987

Elavation - 557ft 

Third Race Station - 250Miles at 8101 4th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35206

Elavation - 643ft

Fourth Race Station - 312Miles at Knoxville, AL 35462

Elavation - 289ft


Amara Loft Elavation - 885ft



Hey there Breeders! Smile


As soon as the birds arrive I will be calling or texting to let you know they have made it safe and sound. I will also provide pictures for your peace of mind. At the same time, the birds will be treated for any dehydration they may have gotten from the shipping process. They will be given pills for canker and vaccinated to protect against Arcanobacterium Pyogenes, Escherichia coli, Pasteurella Multocida and Salmonella Typhiimurium Antibody.


The birds will be quaratined for 3 to 4 days in a separate section to ensure they are healthy and happy. According to how they do, the birds will then be passed to the race loft where they can get to know each other and know the loft.