Edmonton Classic Racing Pigeon Derby


Edmonton Classic 2018


Sept 2 , 2018

Hosted by

Fred & Dori Goodchild

55029 Range Road 233
Sturgeon County
Alberta, CA, T8L 5G1

Phone: 780-973-4614  
Cell: 780-394-3015  
Email: fdlofts@albertacom.com


ENTRY FEES: Team of 5 birds for $1350. This is an increase from last year but the total increase is going towards prize money for the Average.  A single bird may be entered for $300. Of the $1350, $450 will be perch fee ($90 per bird), and $900 for Prize Money -$250 ($50 per bird) will go towards the Average Speed prize and $650($130 per bird) will go to capital prize money.

PRIZE MONEY: Based on 60 teams (300 birds being entered) Prize money will be a Total of $54,000. $15,000 for Ace Bird based on Average Speed and $39,000 for Capital Prizes for the 300 Mile Edmonton Classic.

SHIPPING: Please CONTACT Fred at 780-394-3015 before shipping and please ship birds between 40 – 50 days of age. This reduces stress on the young birds and we hope reduces the possibility of sickness. We will accept birds from April 1stto May 15, 2016. As before, if you are shipping by air please try to ship on Fridays. If you are delivering birds, just phone ahead to make sure we are home.

AVERAGE RACES: This year we will have 5 races for the Average – A 90 mile, 110 mile, 150 mile, 200 mile and the final 300 mile race.  Based on 60 teams (300 birds) being entered, prize money for the Average will be $15,000 paid out at $5,000. for 1st, $4,000. for 2nd, $3,000 for 3rd, $2,000. for 4th and $1,000. for 5th. Capital prizes will be posted soon.

Birds will remain the property of the flyer; there will be no buy-back.  After the final race, birds will be shipped back to the owner at the owner’s expense.
All training tosses will be live streamed on Wincom. All birds with health problems will be reported to the breeder. All birds will be put on the darkening system starting May 16 and running for 6 weeks.

*If all of your birds are lost before the first 90 mile race, you will receive a free Team Perch Fee (value $450) for the following year.
*Birds will not be shipped further than 300 miles
* The Ace Bird based on Average Speed will be calculated on a 5 race series.

KNOCK-OUT Entry fee is $100 and must be received before the first 90 mile race. The Knock-out will be calculated over the same 5 Race Series as for the Average.  In this option the last 50 % of birds returning from the first 90 mile race will be eliminated from the knock-out, in the second 110 mile race the last 50 % of birds will be eliminated from the knock-out,  in the third 150 mile race the last 50% will be eliminated from the knock-out, in the 4th 200 mile race the last 50% of birds will be eliminated from the knock-out and finally in the 300 mile final race the first 3 birds that have not been eliminated from the knock-out will win the prize money paid out on a 50% to first, 30% to second  and 20% to third bird.
2 BIRD TEAM AVERAGE Select 2 of your birds, pay $100 for the team and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams with the best average speed over the 5 races will win the prize money based on a 50%, 30% and 20% basis. You can enter more than one team if you have 2, 4 or 6 birds still left before the 90 mile race. Please note that prize money for the Knock-out and the 2 bird Average will be cut by 10 % to go towards costs.

Thanks for your support in the past and GOOD LUCK to all!  

Fred and Dori Goodchild