Good Morning Breeders, we have heavy fog at the loft this morning. If it burns off we will go on the road, if not I will let birds out later today at the loft for a loft fly. Tomorrow looks to be a good morning and then they are calling for rain Monday again. Tuesday looks better. We will go any day that the weather is good. It has been my experience with  YB if the sun is not  shinning brighlty and blue skies cannot  be seen  thru the clouds you are looking for trouble going on the road. I will rather be safe than sorry. Have a great day.

Update: Fog burned off at about 9.45. Birds are out loft flying right now. We will go back on the road in the morning if weather is good. Have a great day.



Good Morning Breeders, I will loft fly the birds this morning. We have too low cloud cover for any training tosses no matter how short the toss. I was able to loft fly the birds yesterday in the afternoon and the birds enjoyed being out after rain on Tuesday. The next couple days look unsettled so we will wait for better weather to go back on the road. We have time on our side and if need be the schedule is easy to move back plenty of time alloted for the race series. Have a great day.



Good Morning Breeders, I was not able to let the birds out yesterday. We have had a pretty steady rain for the last 24 hours.   It is raining heavily at the loft right now so there will be no toss today. If weather clears this afternoon I will loft the birds. Have a great day.



Morning Breeders, I was planning on our 4th toss today, however we have a low cloud celing with rain forecast. May loft fly but more than likely birds will be in the loft today. Have a great day.



Breeders, check the loft flying tomorrow evening if you have a birds missing that was here in the last inventory, the birds were pretty thirsty when they landed and stormed the traps. All good at the loft.





Good Morning Breeders, we have fog at the loft this morning. I have delayed letting the birds out at my normal 6.30-6.40 time slot, will see how it looks at 7.30. It is supposed to burn off a bit later, they will be out this morning but it may be after 7.30. Have a great day.


Update Birds will be out at 9.30am we had heavy fog here this morning and only got worse as the sun rose. Looks  better now birds will be out shortly.


Morning Breeders, the birds had a really good fly this morning. I was only able to let them out at 9.30 . When I opened the traps to let them in they really stromed the traps so I am sure it missed birds. There are still about 20 pigeons out flying around. They will be back out this afternoon and we will catch any missed birds then. Have a great day.



Good Morning Breeders, the birds have been out since 6.40am. Just before I opened the traps I had  a Coopers hawk hit the loft, it scattered the birds in all directions. We have 428 in with about 30 on the loft and some flying around. I will have the clock on and see what comes in here later today. Have a great day.

Update 11.15am. We have 443 birds in. The Coop just kept making runs at the birds, it appears she has now left. I suspect the birds have taken cover in the pines as it is very hot at the loft right now. I will leave the clock on and we will see what we have at dark.



Good Morning Breeders,   we have had another wet week in Georgia. The moult is almost done and has gone very well. I have handled a bunch of birds and no fret marks in the flights.  The team went on a respiratory treatment this morning and I will continue it for 5 days, in preparation for getting everyone going. Birds will be back out again on Wednesday and every day from then on weather depending. I love this time at the loft, all the birds have their flight feathers the same and nothing but open road lies ahead until  the races begin in October. All birds are now settled, there are no birds in sick bay and the birds look very healthy and content.

I hope all of you have a fantastic Independence day with your families. I love cooking the burgers and dogs and having the family around. I will update again soon, have a fantastic week.



Good Evening Breeders,   we have had a very wet week in Georgia, many of you in the south eastern US are in that same boat.  I have had an extra keen eye watching the team to see if any are looking bad. To date it does not appear to have been a factor. It has played havoc on their grit and minerals which just suck up the moisture. Instead of giving them the grit and minerals once a day, I gave it to them twice a day this week but in smaller increments. 

The moult is going very well, center deck feathers are about 2  inches out and the flights about the same, I feed the birds well but keep and eye on them getting too heavy. My plan is to let the birds out again in early July, I would like to start road training in August with the 125 mile activation race scheduled for late September and first race in early October. The start of road training will be begin once the team is all routing and leaving the loft for at least 45 mins and preferably over an hour. I will get them there and it will allow me plenty of time to prepare the birds for the series.

The rain looks like it is gone for the next 5 days so we can dry out a little. I hope you all have a great week and I will update again soon.