News and Updates

Hey flyers, all is well here weather is a little weird, cool one day and warm the next , different spring that normal. The old people say Thunder in February mean cold weather in April !! Just a note there are 73 birds in the coup and more coming so thanks again entering the Cajun Classic 2018 . Any questions just call or email. Good luck to ya'll in your Old Bird races. Thanks Again. Dave


We at the Cajun Classic want to thank those who have signed up for the 2018 race series , we have 30+ birds in and all look healthy except 1 and the owner has been notified to replace the pigeon. I have a bunch of pigeons  to pick up this weekend and more next week . There has been a few changes to the payout so look on the website and see the changes . Any questions just e-mail or call . I am still getting calls to enter the Cajun Classic from people that are not signed up so it's still not to late .  Thanks again for entering the Cajun Classic. 


Hello flyers , I am accepting pigeons for the 2018 Cajun Classic now and will so until May 15th . When you send the pigeons , please tell me with a note if you allready PMV the young ones and if you have I will wait a month and revaccinate . I don't want to vaccinate to soon after their first shot, just to much to me, to put in a young pigeon. Also I have had some calls on the replacement pigeons , you have untill June 15th to replace pigeons that are lost . I will contact you on any pigeon that has been lost or injured. It was on my website but not on there now. Looking forward to a Great year for the 3rd Annual Cajun Classic,          

Yours in the Sport Dave


Hey flyers , just a few changes for 2018 . The 175 & 225 mile races will count for Average speed only . The 275 mile race will pay the first 5 pigeons through the trap 10% of the money. [ Prize money is based on how many pigeons qualified from the activation race] The 350 mile race will pay 40% of the prize money, to the top 10% [in trapping order ]. Then the Average Speed will pay 50% of the prize money to the top 10% of the Activated pigeons. Any Questions just call or e-mail me.

Thanks Dave