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Hello Everyone, 

I feel like the birds are doing very well so far, I have been pleased with the way they are coming home.  I am not pleased with Mother Nature...  I have had terrible windy and rainy weather to deal with last week and this week.  I would like to get a 50 Mile training tomorrow and Race Sunday.  But the weather is calling for 30-40 mph winds and rain for the next four days.  I will keep a close eye on the weather and train or race as soon as it’s good.  I am not going to jeopardize losing birds to bad weather.  I will keep everyone updated and if the weather breaks enough to get a 30 or 50 Mile training in I will.  

Thank You

Daniel Carter


Hi Everyone ,

I was able to get a short 30 mile toss in Friday and today the birds loft flew for about 30 minutes.  The Weather looks like it will finally break and we can have the 2nd race tomorrow. It will be partly cloudy with a 5-10 mph headwind.  Birds will be released at 7:30am weather permitting.  This weather has been anything but cooperating to say the lease.

Best of luck Everyone



Hi Everyone,

it looks like we will get a 50 Mile Toss in tomorrow and maybe a 50 Mile toss Friday. We are supposed to have very windy and rainy weather from Wednesday to Sunday.  Friday might be a day to get a 50 miler in but at this time it doesnt look like a day for the 200 Mile Race.  I will continue to watch the weather and if it changes I will let you know.  

Thank you and Best of Luck to all of you

Daniel Carter


Birds up at 8am, mostly cloudy, no wind, 45 degrees.  Should be a great day for a race!!! 

Best of Luck to Everyone!!


Hello Everyone,

It looks like we will have the 1st race this Friday or Saturday. I have received a lot of the Entry fees and have heard from almost everyone. Please make sure your Entry fees are post marked before Friday.  Or pay on the website with PayPal. We will have a race about every Seven days depending on what the weather is like.  We will have a 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350. There will be a 10 to 14 day rest between the 300 and 350. I will post a pay out as soon as all the checks are received and clear.  

Best of Luck to Everyone!!!



Hello Everyone, 

We have had a few days of bad weather here. I will train the birds one more time before the 100 mile Activation toss. 

Entry fees will be due after the 100 miler. Entry fees will be refunded if bird is lost before the 1st race that will be about 7 Days after the 100 Mile Activation Toss.  

Entry Fees are $200 per bird and you must activate all your birds (No Cherry Picking)

Mail Checks to: and make checks Payable to Spring Break Race or Pay on the website with PayPal 

Spring Break Race

P.O Box 331

Beaver Utah 84713


Hello Everyone,

i feel like the birds are doing very good so far, I have been trying to train everyday that the weather has been good.  They have been to 70 Miles twice now and I was very pleased with the last 70 Mile Toss. I would like to have the 100 mile activation training within 10 days.  I would like to get Entry fees collected by March 1st. So please try to have your Entry fees sent in on time. We are a little ahead of schedule which is a good thing.  We are expected to have a storm here tomorrow and high winds the next day. If anyone has any questions please let me know.  

Thank you

Daniel Carter


Hi Everyone, 

Hope all of you are doing good and surviving the Winter!! We have had a very mild winter here this year.. Training has started and I have been posting about every other toss live.  The birds are doing ok other than a few sitting out and playing after they get home.  This will not happen as the birds get out further.  I will be jumping the birds to 50 Miles within a week or 10 days.. The 100 mile activation toss won’t be until the 1st part of March. I feel like we are way ahead of schedule but that is always a good thing. We will keep on trucking every day the weather is good.   Best of luck to all!!!!



Hello Everyone,


We would like thank all of you that sent birds in this years race. Bitds are being trained every day that the weather is good. We will post a training every so often for inventory and when we get out passed 20-30 miles we will post all trainings.  Don’t get to worried at clocking times until we get out further.  Birds are being let go in groups of 25 and about ten mins apart.


We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thank You

Spring Break


Hi Everyone,

Complete Backup File has been sent to Terry Gillmore at Wincompanion, I should have everyhthing going in a day or two.. I will post a live Inventory as soon as I get it going... Thank You


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