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Good Day Breeders, there are 518 birds in the loft and 369 are settled. The past two weeks we have seen our biggest intakes to date. We have 11 days till the race closes and I fully expect the next two weeks to be just as busy based on the emails and phone calls I have received about birds coming in. 

Your pigeons were out all but one day this past week, we have had some rain which we sorely needed but it has had a very limited effect on our flying time. The health continues to  be absolutely outstanding, I am very pleased with the health regime I have the birds on this year. I have come up with neat design on a trailer that will be manufactured over the next 6 weeks. It will be a dual purpose trailer that can  take individual baskets and can be speed loaded for training where birds go in without having to load them in individual baskets. This will really streamline training and allow for much faster loading in the mornings. They will still have access to water troughs in both situations. 

The quality of birds in the race are outstanding and over the past 6 years I have noticed without a doubt the quality of pigeons in the race are just getting better and better. It takes a few years for new breeders to find their feet as it is special pigeon that is needed to face the rigours of a one loft race and come out on top. The one loft races give you an opportunity to test your birds "apples to apples"

Breeders I want to personally thank you for helping the Southern Belle race grow each and every year. We have surpassed last years intake and have grown steadily from our first year of 98 birds and 22 breeders. 16 of those breeders are still with us and of that group of 22, 3 have passed away. I do my best to retain as many of you as possible and each year make changes to improve the race and condition of your birds. We have 115 breeders that have already sent birds and there are quite a few more that will still send. 

A weekly video has been posted on our Facebook and YouTube. Have a fantastic week. 


Opportunities are on every hand; what we need is, not a new chance, but clearness of vision to discern the chance which at this very hour is ours, if we recognize it.
"Katherine Krieger"

Good Evening Breeders, there are 456 birds in the loft and 338 are settled. We had the busiest week at the loft this past week with new birds coming in since we started taking birds. I have already heard from several of you that are shipping birds this week, going to be another very busy week. 18 days and the race closes.  The birds are doing great, they were out everyday this past week and weather looks great for the week ahead. I will do another hand inventory on Wednesday to see if we have any missing birds.

I got a call on one of our birds that a homeowner found in his yard and took the time to contact the breeder and then me.Still good people out there.  It had been grabbed by a Coop and was about an hour away from the loft. I am always amazed at how tough a racing pigeon is, this particular bird had a great deal of its breast muscle eaten and was still standing and It is now eating and drinking on its own. The owner has been notified and will send another. I suspect it went routing and got into trouble. 

Health continues to be outstanding, to date only 4 birds have been replaced due to health issues. I am still amazed at how good it has been this year.  Group 10 is out and settled.  I am looking forward to the race closing and getting your birds into a fine tuned  team.

I have posted a video this past week on our Facebook page and one on our YouTube channel. Have a fantastic week and thank you for helping make this 2018 season a great one.


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Good Afternoon Breeders, there are 402 birds in the loft and 314 are settled. The race closes in 25 days so for those that have signed up now is the time to get your birds in  and be a part of a very exciting series that lies ahead. We already have over $30,000 in the kitty for payout on the race series.  Weather continues to be perfect and the next 10 days are much of the same, 80's low humidity and no rain. It has been a windy spring but has not slowed us in any way and the birds have really enjoyed flying in I daily. I will post a hand inventory later in the week so we know where we stand, as of last weeks hand inventory on the settled birds only one bird has been lost off the top of the loft to date and the breeder has been informed. The health is excellent, I walk thru the loft several times a day looking very carefully at your birds. Experience has taught me that a YB that is caught early if something is coming on can be turned around quickly and be back flying in a matter of days with the right treatment.

There are groups of birds leaving the loft each day and returning after 10-15 minutes. The birds will have their 9,10th flight and center tail feathers pulled in early June. We get them back out again in early July with a clean molt and then start pushing the birds to stay airborne. We start road training in August and will have well over 1000 miles under their belts before the race season starts, last season we had over  1200 miles before we started. The activation race will be in late September and the final race will be the first week in November.

I have posted a couple of videos  video's this past week on our facebook page and one on our YouTube channel. Have a fantastic week and thank you for helping make this 2018 season a great one.


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Good Afternoon Breeders, all is well at the loft. We have 374 birds in the loft, 262 are settled. On Tuesday's inventory we have lost 1 bird off the loft so far this season in the settling process. I could not be happier with the way it has been going and lady luck has smiled on us with not hawk visits. We will see hawks but usually it is later in the year when the birds are strong on the wing.

Health is great and birds coming in continue to be top notch. It is going to be a great series, always fun to see which birds come out on top. The weather has been fantastic with the birds out everyday this past week except Monday. I did post a short video earlier in the week of the settled birds.

On a somber note one of our Breeders Allan Catoe of Perseverance Loft passed away a few days ago. Our thoughts and prayers  are with his family and friends.

We had a busy week this past week with many birds coming in. Thank you for letting me know if birds are on their way. Have a great week and I will update again soon.


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Good Evening Breeders, firstly this week the pigeon fraternity lost a really special guy. Ron Steinbrenner form the Triple Crown race passed away. This is the 30th year that Ron had run his race in San Diego. I was fortunate enough a few years ago to attend the great week those guys put on in November, I attended Ron's race and the California Classic with John Timmerman. Ron was a great promoter of the sport and until last week was still flying in the local club in San Diego and clocking good birds. As a handler running a race I am well aware of the challenges that face us in hosting a One Loft Race and for Ron to have done a great job for 30 years is  very commendable. I know the pigeon community in California especially will really miss Ron's can do spirit, and I know I will miss him. RIP Ron.

Things are going well at the Belle, we have 231 birds settled ,  and 341 birds in the loft. The health continues to be great, I pulled a bird on Thursday that was a recent arrival that started going light on me. It appears the bird has turned around and should be back in the loft later this week, the breeders was informed. It appears to be a case of perhaps stress of being in the box and adjusting to a new loft. We have had great weather the past week, windy but not too strong to fly birds and they have loved it. We do have rain this evening and the whole day Monday, birds should be out again on Tuesday.

I posted a few videos on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel of goings on at the loft this past week. Have a great week and shoot me an email or text if you plan on sending birds.


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Good Evening Breeders, we have had a great week at the loft. Settling is going very well and birds are starting to take more serious loft flights. They still go up and down most of the time they are out from landing board to roof and back again. Once the group grows as I have seen over the last few years each successive group that is added to the main flock find it easier to settle in. The reason being so many more birds are airborne and landing that when they do take their first nervous flight they are sucked back into the loft a lot faster than the first few groups when there are not many birds settled. There is roughly 8 weeks left to send  birds, we have 558 birds signed up and 262 birds already in the loft. 182 of those birds are out and settled.

Health is great, only 2 birds removed from the loft to date, certainly hope it continues, much of that comes done to healthy birds being bred. Also I have had no birds this year that I have taken out the box and thought wow that bird is young. I have received several birds that were at least 60 days old and I have been able to settle them, it takes a bit more time.

Get your birds for a chance at that $60,000 guaranteed first on the final 325 mile race.  We have 8 weeks left before the race closes. As always I have posted some videos on our facebook page and youtube channel for your viewing. Have a great week


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Happy Easter Morning to all of you. I hope you are all able to spend time with your families today. It was a beautiful sunrise in Georgia today and a magnificent day lies ahead.

The birds are doing well and settling is going great, groups 1-4 are out. They have been out most days this past week. There are 232 birds in the loft and 532 signed up. Health continues to be great, only one bird has been pulled to date, it is still early yet so we hold thumbs for continued good health. I posted a short video on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

Breeders I wish you and your families a special day together. Thank you for the support and communications when shipping birds. Have a great week.


Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts
"Sir Winston Churchill "

Good Evening Breeders, our updated mobile friendly website is up and running. It will allow you to view it on your smart-phones. We added  the option for you to pay online using our Paypal platform and updated our photos and a few other changes. You can now view our Facebook page and  our YouTube channel all from our homepage including our link to follow our trailer once training begins. There may  be a few small bugs in the site that may have to be ironed out over the next few days.  

We have 196 birds in the loft with 89 birds settled, group 4 will be out this week for the first time weather depending tomorrow and then join groups 1-3 late in the week. Health is great, I realize it is early on but we will take any day without any health related issues. Still happy to report no hawk visits and settling continues to go according to plan. It has been very windy this last week so I was not able to let the birds out as much as I wanted, they were out Friday, Saturday and today and we have a decent group that are starting to really explore their skyward domain. It is great to watch the exuberance of young birds tearing up the sky.

This is the 6th year I have been running a one loft race, we ran the race as North Florida One Loft race for two years, started with 78 birds,  this will be the 4th year as the Southern Belle two years in Florida and then two years ago we moved to Georgia.  I run the race full time and love what I do. The race has grown each year and we take great pride in that fact.   I go thru the loft several times each day to keep a very close eye on all of your birds, if a bird looks a little dumpy it is pulled out of the loft immediately.  Past experience has shown that it is critical to pull birds as soon as it look like they may not be right, this practice really helps keep any health issues that may arise at bay.

I have posted a short video of your birds starting to fly around that I took earlier in the week. Thank you for your support and I hope all of you have a great week. I am always available if you have any questions, you can email me thru the contact page on our website of call me. I do my best to get back with you the same day.


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Good Evening Breeders, there are 151 birds in the loft. Group 3 was out this week for the first time, they will join group 1,2 on Tuesday if weather holds. The birds continue to molt heavily and the health of the birds is good. We have been fortunate not to have any nasty aerial visitors to date. Last year we had very few hawks visit us due to loft location and hopefully it will be the same this year again.

I have posted a short video on our Facebook page and YouTube account of the birds out this past week. We have a busy week ahead of settling more birds and getting our first groups into the sky. We have been working on our new website that will be mobile friendly and should be up sometime this coming week.  Have a great week and I will update again soon


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"Ralph Waldo Emerson"

Good Evening Breeders, there are 133 birds in the loft and we have 500 signed up. Groups 1 and 2 are now out and in the process of being settled. Several birds have begun to fly around on small flights around the loft and onto the roof. Weather ahead looks great and by late week we will be in the upper 70's.

Many of the birds are molting heavily, usually birds coming from more northern locations tend to dump feathers when they come down south. All birds that are in are looking great, Group 2 will have their vaccinations boost shots this coming week that is roughly 21 days after arrival. We will continue trap training groups 3 and 4. Every year I witness things at the loft that make me admire these birds we love so much even more. On settling group 2 a bird that was out for the first time in its life, came to the trap was about to trap and promptly turned around flew up in the air circled the loft higher and higher and then left to the South not even turning back once. I thought well there goes one we probably will not see again. Two hours later it was back at the loft landed on the landing board and trapped. Could be a good one.

We have a good group of birds due in this week, thank you for the communication when you ship them. Have a great week and I will update again soon.

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