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Current Training & Races
Multiple Loft Users:
Race Name
Liberation Station
Breeders Fall Classic
23 Miles
27-Aug-2014 09:48:00 23 Miles
Pacific Northwest Challenge
19 Toss 30 miles
27-Aug-2014 08:30:00 19 Toss 30 miles
Hoosier Classic
38 Mile Trainer
27-Aug-2014 08:15:00 38 Mile Trainer
Blue Bucket Stampede
Toss Mi Post 12 37Miles
27-Aug-2014 08:12:00 Toss Mi Post 12 37Miles
Texas Shootout
27-Aug-2014 07:45:00 HAND CHECK
The Southern Belle
35 Mile Toss
27-Aug-2014 07:10:00 35 Mile Toss
Shasta Classic
T-14 Chico
27-Aug-2014 07:00:00 63 Miles
Sierra Ranch Classic
TRAINER - Boomtown
27-Aug-2014 07:00:00 73 Miles
Gold Country Challenge
Loft Fly Inventory
27-Aug-2014 06:55:00 Loft Fly Inventory
California State Race
loft inventory
26-Aug-2014 10:00:00 loft inventory
Edmonton Classic
26-Aug-2014 09:30:00 cHIPMAN CORNER #8
Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge
26-Aug-2014 08:30:00 Trainer
Oregon State One Loft Race
willow lake
26-Aug-2014 07:48:00 willow lake
WFA One Loft Race
26-Aug-2014 07:40:00 TRAINING TOSS
SF Bay Area Triple Crown
26-Aug-2014 07:00:00 T10
Winners Cup USA
26-Aug-2014 07:00:00 inventory
Pigeon World Series
INVENTORY 08262014
26-Aug-2014 06:00:00 INVENTORY 08262014
Minnesota Flying Aces One Loft Race
TRAINER-30 Miles
25-Aug-2014 11:20:00 30 Miles
Empire Classic Triple Crown
25-Aug-2014 10:33:00 BANCROFT
Blue Angel Classic
25-Aug-2014 06:37:00
Utah Valley Invitational
24-Aug-2014 08:00:00 PLYMOUTH,UT
California Classic San Diego
24-Aug-2014 07:15:00 INVENTORY
C-Hines 120 Miles-Unlimited
23-Aug-2014 07:00:00 Hines OR
B-Rome OR 200 Miles
23-Aug-2014 07:30:00 Rome OR
D-Hines 120 Miles-Unlimited
23-Aug-2014 07:30:00 Hines OR
Mt Saint Helens
A - Rice Hill 150 Miles
23-Aug-2014 07:30:00 RICE HILL OR
A-Rome OR 200 Miles
23-Aug-2014 07:00:00 Rome OR
Route 66 Race
Loft Inventory
19-Aug-2014 08:00:00 Loft Inventory
M & M Classic One Loft
Loft Inventory
05-Aug-2014 17:30:00 Loft Inventory
Toronto Trifecta
04-Aug-2014 10:00:00 INVENTORY BY HAND
RMCIC Silver
26-Jul-2014 08:00:00 INVENTORY AT LOFT
22-Jul-2014 08:30:00 Inventory
Fall Classic Futurity
30 miles
08-Jul-2014 09:00:00 30 miles
corp club Utah Valley Invitational Grants Pass RPC
Shasta RPClub First Coast ORCA Combine
EWOC SOAZ Combine FVC Snowbird Mutiloft Race
Oregon Trail Combine Mt Saint Helens Combine East Course Combine



Pigeon Race Database Software
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Upload Your Birds, Races & Training Directly to the Web
to be seen Around the World!

Complete Race Management System
from beginning to end

  • Breeder Registration
    • Register
    • List
    • Update
    • Delete
    • Mailing Labels
  • Bird Registration
    • Register
    • List
    • Update
    • Delete
    • Email Breeders payment receipt upon registration
  • Races
    • Create unlimited Races and Trainers
    • Live Clocking
    • Dispaly results live, private or public
    • Instant race Report
    • Instant Bird Average Speeds
    • Instant Class Results
    • Instant Bird or Breeder points as the birds clock
    • Instant Inventory (every day you turn on your clock)
  • Classes
    • Any Class type, WTA, X for 1, Belgian etc
    • Record Classes
    • Balance Class entries and payouts to the penny
    • Create Display Class boards from the computer
  • Accounting
    • Track every payment from your Breeders
      by check number and date and amount
    • Remittance statements for winnings on each race.
      They balance to the penny instantly
    • Display Breeders complete financial history for the series
    • Create a bank deposit slip to balance your checks


Upload the Winspeed Merge file (No typing)

  • Populate the Flyers table
    • List the Flyers
    • Manually Add, Update or Delete
  • Populate the Station Table
    • List the Stations
    • Manually Add, Update or Delete
      Distances created autom,atically via GPS
  • Populate the Bird Table
    • List the Birds
    • Manually Add, Update or Delete
    • Display Birds flying history
  • Populate the Races Table
    • List all races
    • Create New, update and delete
  • Populate the Clockings Table
    • Live Clocking
    • Race report instantly created
    • Instant Points
    • Instant Average Speeds
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